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This tale follows the memoirs of a Mother whose daughter's greed and lust for love endangers her entire Kingdom. She is left with no choice but to choose between her daughter or the people she ruled for so long.

Co Authored by Admiral Stoic Rum
Cover art by Inuhoshi-to-Darkpen on deviant art

Chapters (1)

Derpy finds a letter in her incoming box that is improperly addressed. Unsure of what to do, she decides to read it in order to find who the letter is for.

This was not my idea originally; the credit for the idea goes to Daniel Scott. Additional development for the idea was aided by Chris Sergeant and other military bronies.

The art is not mine either, I'll find the source. No, I didn't know Daddy Loves You existed before writing this, I was just told about it, it’s a really good story. THIS story is about Derpy, the letter is just a plot device. I’ve cleared it up with the author, so there should be no issue.

Chapters (1)

When Queen Chrysalis returns with vengeance, leading a campaign of terror, violence, and deceit, unheard of in the peaceful land of Equestria, what will it take to protect harmony? Celestia gathers her sister Luna, and the most powerful weapon at her disposal, the elements of harmony, and launches a desperate plan.

Chapters (7)
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