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The Changelings have descended upon my small town. We all know they're here, but nopony is willing to actually do something about it. Except me. They call me mad, but I'm their salvation! The only one who can rid us of this infestation. I'll get rid of them. Yeah, I'll kill every last one. Who cares if a few of the townpony get caught in the crossfire?
This is war.

A fic inspired by the mafia-style Changeling Panic group.

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So that's what you're doing instead of writing Syncopation... :ajbemused:

This story makes me happy. Just plain happy.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh, quiet you. I should have the next chapter of Syncopation up by the weekend :pinkiehappy:

Best. Story, EVA

I'm glad that my little group could inspire others. Thanks for writing this. It was really entertaining!

Pretty good. Especially when you remember there's an actual mental disease about people thinking their loved ones have been replaced with imposters.

You should make a series out of this, one for Mare do Well, One for Executioner, and one for a double agent (A hybrid would be your best shot.)

“I was upstairs reading a book. And when I came down there was this mare. So I stabbed her thirty seven times in the chest.”

Is this a Llamas with Hats reference?

3504997 But I had to kill them! They were hogging all the crescent rolls! :scootangel:

Really well written! :pinkiecrazy:

I just reread this story for the first time in several years. Due to the picture I had always assumed the storyteller was Twilight. It surprisingly doesn't change much.

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