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My heart will sing no other name! Jesus! Jesus!


Twilight and her friends fall victim to yet another one of her spells, sending them to a dimension in which they must trust a strange pony who only goes by 'The Doctor' in order to get back.
And a drunk pony wants scotch.

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I see what you did there with theAngel Beats reference. :-)

You forgot the Angel Beats reference.

2650916 I told you I and forgotten about things! Thanks for reminding me, I'm going to fix that now.

It was a very good and enlightening story.

Ha very nice ... Im working on a doctor whooves too with vinyl and octavia .... You also had the same idea i had exept instead of leaveing donna i have where he just left rose the first time before donna

That was rather interesting. :twilightsmile:

I feel he need to point out that Derpy's Rule 63 name is Dopey Hooves, Celestia is Prince Solaris and Luna is Prince Artemis. Otherwise, nice start.

.. What the hell just happened?:rainbowhuh:

4770066 I mean, I never usually dabble in gender-bent things. Just kinda made it up on the spot. I thought I used rather nice words for names.

Is this a sequel to something?

6550732 Dude, I don't remember. This was a few years back, so your guess is as good as mine.


Be sure to separate the Dusk and the Shine.

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