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My heart will sing no other name! Jesus! Jesus!


When Twilight and Zecora create a magic potion to help Fluttershy, something goes awry and Derpy, Jeremy, and I must fix it while Isaac and Ben do... Stuff. In other words, they didn't help us and they went off to do their own thing.

2017 EDIT: *cringe* I actually wrote this crap...

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Funny shit dude. Can you put in an oc because if you put me in there it would be annoying.

2389091Thanks! Yeah, the only oc's are myself and my friends. I'm not gonna use people that I don't know, so don't worry. Now this is the part where I say to go read my other stories, but honestly, I don't really care to much.

2390039 I read all you stories. So I bid u. A moustache :moustache:

2390402 I do enjoy a good moustache. Now if you'll excuse me, I must kill a wyvern in Terraria whilst my comrades die repeatedly. Good day.

2390748 ok I gotta try and not fall off mountains in skyrim.

2392454 HAH! Good luck! One does not simply not fall off of mountains in Skyrim!

2392582 I think celestia made the giants in skyrim. So that they have the power to banish you to the moon!!!

2393667 I go read story now :coolphoto:

2393709Don't let me stop you.

2395253 lol. Hey dude are we friends or just acquaintances

2399689In my opinion, I'd say you are a fan. Don't get me wrong, I love interacting with people who actually like and appreciate my work, here and on YouTube. (Hint, hint. YT is EpicNinjaGamer)

I could not stop laughing at this. Hilarious!

I'll be reading this tomorrow as its currently 23:28 hours here. :trixieshiftright:

4080141 So, in about 32 minutes? :duck:

4080153 maybe, or at 5:00 if I fall asleep considering my sleep cycles are completely FUBAR.

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