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[Reading this blog will help in understanding the plot up until this point]
Six months after Duskshine and his friends traveled with the Doctor, Celestia discovered a way to change them back into mares.

However... Bubble Berry discovers a horrible truth about the princess and vows to stop it in order to save the world he loves.

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2914234 I'm glad to see you liked it!

Anyway, I'm typing up it's continuation at this very moment. It is going to be a little different though.

But the end was basically the start to Equestria Girls, just saying.

This is an Amazing Story!!!! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:
I LOVE IT!!!! :rainbowkiss: :heart:

3637984 Good!

I've got something similar (musical of sorts with my favorite bands) in mind that I'm gonna try working on soon.

Instead of just Skillet, it's gonna have Skillet, Fireflight, Lecrae (I'm sure you haven't heard of these bands/artists, but whatever), Superchick among others.

I'm really itching to get on that.

:fluttercry: Poor Derpy, That Song Fit Perfectly to this Chapter.
Good Job. :twilightsmile:

3638066 Thank ya!

I personally really like the 'Rise' and 'What I Believe' chapters.

Whoa! :pinkiegasp: :rainbowderp:
That... was... AWESOME!!! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:
Seeing Bubble Berry Fighting Princess Celestia in your Story is Awesome!!! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss:

3638142 Thank ya!

I enjoyed writing the 'Circus for a Psycho' chapter immensely. For whatever reason, I REALLY don't like Celestia.

3638142 Oh, and at that point, Berry had changed back into Pinkie.

Hmmmmm, sunbutt making crispy ponies.
Ashes and dusk, souls are not enough.
The evil voice, raged against me.

Under ground passageways...
I dig it.

"Hey flutter shy you dead yet?"
"I'm sry, I didn't die"
"Na i'm board here lets go"
"Oh, ok Pinkie"
-a hoof pushes them out side-
"Nothing to see here y'all move along"

Pinkie given Applejack CpR.
Internet happened.
ApplePie every where.
Pinke slams hooves into AJ tummy.
"Oh, yummy" Aj juggles
"Do that again Pinks," This time AJ's brows wiggles.

The three heros walk into town.
"I wonder what's going down"
Everypony is having a Violent rave party.
They walk to a dark cornor, there dusk is cowering with a sign that read 'I'm OverPowered Help Me'
"Umm, Pinkie I think Twilight needs help"
"I got got this"
Bubble tosses a banna to side of the darkness.
Dusk jumps for it and downs it in one go.
* Bing you have one more in your party*
Bubble raises a hoof "Just as I thought, Sunbutt again"
The sign falls and turns to ash.

Bubble walked in to a bouquet.
She heard whining.
She walked next to the source. .. it was Elusive.
"What did you say" she leaned in
"G3 ponys"
Bubble pulled her right hoof back.
"Wake UP" -Smack-
Elusive hit the floor, but looked up a sec later.
"Don't thank me, thank Faust"
Bubbles hoof Glowed white and steam hissed into the air.

The heros walk into the darkest and dirtiest ally.
There is a guard holding a knife , sitting at a Blood donation Box.
"Looks like a legit business, let's go guys"
They start to leave, "waiitt, i'm lonely"
Derpy runs out of the darkness.
Right into a hug.
Bubble slaps a Save derpy sign on her flank.
The Guard looks the other way.
The heros walk away... as a new volunteer walks over.

3663274 You. You're taking this in an ENTIRELY different direction. :rainbowlaugh:

Bubble walked out into the middle of the town crowd.
She looked around and put down herBoomBox.
Her friends joined her.
She fliped the swich,the music boomed and everypony looked.
"We will fight," he pointed to Flutters
"F-f-for our right" she gestured to everypony
"To Parrrrttyyy" they pointed to the castle in the distance.

3663347 :rainbowlaugh:
I was wondering how you'd do this chapter.

Bubble walked into the throne room, reached into a mirror, crushed the fourth wall,and brought out dust.
Sprinkling it on the stallions in the group.
She changed back inher self.
Sunbutt walked from behind the throne.
Pinkie rolled her eyes,took a deep breath, walked over, and blow her out like a birthday candle.
She trotted over and sat on the throne.
Her friends Gasp!

The candle relit.
Pinkie spit behind her and the candle went back out.
A second later the doctor showed up and kicked the candle.
It dripped wax on the floor and spelled out 'I'm sorry'
The heros gasped again.
The doctor opend his mouth to speak, but was slapped with a rubber chicken.
He tryed to look back but was shoved into the tardis.

A dark figure jumps into the Tardis as it ddisappears.

Pinkie pulls out the script on her throne.
"Twilight... it's always twilight. Where is my screen time"
She looks over her shoulder at her friends.
Sunbutt was sticking out of a cake and words magically wrote upon it.
'Please my Bad student, stole from my good student please spank her'

Pinkie pointed to Derpy and then a mirror.
"Deliver that over here Lonely"
Pinkie tisked "meh, that thing is only good when it can deliver my mail."
Derpy put the mirror in frount of pinkie.
Pinkie looked at her friends, who were spanking sun butt or eating the cake...
Twilight was doing both. ..and giggling like a school girl.
"Girlssss, here"
She pointed infrount of her.
They instantly went over... Twilight got one more good spank in.
"So, what do ya'll want pinkie"
Pinkie played with her straight hair.
"Gulp, pinkie?" Aj looked around nervously.
Pinkie stood up, walked to her friends, looked at twilight still staring at sun butt...
Pinkie kicked Twilight into the mirror and yelled.
" Go get me my crown"
After Twily fell in, she opend up a portal to watch her and jump Universes when her part in the script showed up.

Mean while she told her friends to serve her dinner,
Blowing out candles , is hungry work.
Spike lay forgotten in time.

((I enjoyed the adaption of this music into story, fight scene fun, good evening to you))

3663632 Al-alright... :applejackunsure: :rainbowlaugh:

(Thanks! :yay: Glad you enjoyed it!)

3687854 *offends

Ah. Makes sense. Oh well. It happens. Just gotta move on and ignore it (although, it DID make me laugh).

We're too awesome to be brought down by haters, remember? :yay:

3687898 The sky what-now? :rainbowderp:

I dreadfully confuzzled. :fluttershysad:

3687952 I actually think FlutterDash is the worst... How could they do that Fluttershy? HOW COULD THEY DO DASHIE?

3707859 Ah, but there is no paradox.

I introduced the Doctor to the MLP-verse in my story, 'Of Scotch, Gender-Switching, Doctors and What Have You'.

Well, I have no idea what I just read. Is there a story prior to this, or something?

Either way, and I do not say this to be mean, I really really don't, but this was boring. I just kinda skimmed through.

Please don't be mad.:fluttershbad: I really don't say that to be mean.:fluttershyouch:

I just want to be honest, and I told you I would read and comment on this.

3852155 Oh no, thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

And yes, there is a little backstory that I failed to explain. :twilightsheepish: In a nutshell, Luna died and the ponies traveled with the Doctor. :twilightsheepish:

I like to connect my stories in a single universe (although, admittedly, it's turning into a multiverse:twilightsheepish:), but I've only recently learned how to tell people what's happened without actually forcing my other stuff down their throat, which is seen in a fic I'm currently writing.

But that's only after this one was finished :twilightblush:.

Admittedly, my original assertion of what I thought people would do was pretty dumb... :twilightblush:

But, yeah I REALLY appreciate the constructive critisism. There's no way to get any better without bumps in the road, right?

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