Scootaloo discovers an empty cardboard box behind the post office.

This is where her day begins.

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When a young foal goes missing, it's up to Carrot Top to step in and save the day. Based on the 1980's/90's Choose Your Own Adventure book series.

Originally written April/May 2011; now available for the first time ever on FiMFiction!

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When space-time breaks in a way it usually doesn't, Discord and Applejack end up racing through dimensions, trying to find a way back home. If home still exists...

Written for the November 2015 Writeoff Association contest, "Out of Time," this story didn't reach the finals.

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This story is a sequel to Ascend

Congratulations, Twilight. With Celestia and Luna on their constitutionally mandated vacation, you're in charge of Equestria. The position of Regent is an honored and hallowed one. But maybe it's a bit early to congratulate you. After all, whether it's a nobility jealous of your ascension, or a military unhappy with Celestia's decisions; one thing's certain: your reign will be anything but peaceful.

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Loyalty; Generosity; Laughter; Honesty; Kindness; Magic;
These are the pillars upon which Equestrian society stands. Upon these principles, Harmony is maintained, and civilization flourishes.

But there are other magics in this world. Intelligent life requires three things:
Wisdom, to decide upon an action.
Courage, to go through with the action.
Power, to carry out the action.

An individual with Wisdom, Courage, and Power... can change the world.

Evil unlike any Equestria has ever seen has come to the Everfree, and through proximity, Ponyville. The Mane 6 must attempt to overcome the darkness they are faced with; it will not be easy.

But they will not face such evil alone.

The Hero has come.

A Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and MLP crossover.

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On Hearth’s Warming Eve, the reluctant Night Guard Pumpernickel has been assigned an escort mission in the northern part of Equestria that will take him away from his wife, friends and family for all of the night.

And he will remember it forever.

Based on the long standing tradition of the U.S. Air Force escorting Santa Claus on Christmas Eve to ensure his flight across North America is unhindered. Starting in 1955 by way of a wrong number, it has grown into an international program where the nations of the world unite in a spirit of peace and friendship for one night. You can track the jolly old reindeer by way of the Norad Tracks Santa website. Even though it does not show Equestria, all good little colts and fillies can be assured that Luna’s Night Guard are hard at work on this special night.

Editing assistance by TheMaskedFerret, and Tek

Merry Hearth’s Warming to all, and to all a Good Night.

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When a young Diamond Tiara gets lost in the Everfree Forest, she meets the most terrifying creature that inhabits the haunted trees; a lone Timberwolf.

Now with a live reading! The catch is you gotta scroll down to find it.

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The world's going to end in one week. It's been doing that for a while now.

Someone in Equestria's broken the world. They've taken time along with it, trapping everything into a single, indefinitely repeating week. Only the elements' bearers move forwards in time, but they've got problems of their own. For each cycle drains their talents from them, each conversation twists old friends into enemies, and not a single one of them knows how to save the world. Some of them have even stopped trying.

And then Twilight finds a way. All that's left to do is gather everyone back together.

Story arcs written about an apocalypse cycling in perpetuity and the effect it has on Equestria. Not as dark as it tries to be.

Additional: Story formatted to look its best in Font Serif, Size Normal, Colour Medium-Dark, Paragraph Spacings 1.2; this as the banner image; no interactive pony, Snow Default, css color #8c8691, Background Pattern Stars and Background Image Night Town . Reading otherwise will expose you towards rogue spacings, silly typography and a severe lack of Luna.

Featured on EQD for crimes against humanity.

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Three hundred years after the fall of Princess Luna, Equestria teeters on the brink of disaster. Bitter political infighting and power-hungry nobles threaten to tear the country apart in a bloody civil war, while in the south old enemies prepare to reclaim their ancient homeland from the ponies.

As Princess Celestia desperately strives to hold together her splintered nation, she sends a young pony on a quest to the northern lands that border Equestria in order to plead for aid against the threat of Grypha. This unlikely messenger is Rye Strudel, the flightless, magicless, half-breed son of a guard and a baker. Rye must do the impossible and unite the thanes of the north... for if he cannot, there may be no home to come back to.

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Celestia has a dangerous creature held in the deepest of Canterlot's high-security dungeons. It can create ponies (with full backgrounds and histories) with it's strange and often-times prophetic powers. The Princess does her best to keep it under wraps, but its only a matter of time before it's "creativity" will get out of control.

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