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    I feel like I should write something.

    Dunno what, not a continuation of any of my stories yet, just something to prime the pump. The plump pump. The pleasantly plump pump of doom.

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    On the art of Not Writing.

    I've been in a weird limbo for the last couple of years. The simplest, and maybe even the most honest thing to say is that I've lost interest in writing, but that doesn't feel right to say. I have lost my interest, but I still want to be interested. I've wondered if maybe it's time to move on from MLP, but I don't know what I'd even move on to.

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    I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike.


    Yesterday I decided that I wanted to take my shiny new mountain bike mountain biking. I obtained it through perfectly legal means (no, really) about two months ago and so far I'd only really used it for grocery shopping. Yeah, there was that one trip in the mountains about a week after I bought it, but that was only one trip and I'm getting fat.

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    My goal is to write 5,000 words by the end of Saturday.

    Just letting you guys know because I gotta be held accountable for my work. Wish me luck.

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    It really is.

    Twilight Sparkle was humming to herself as she placed the last skull at one of the points of the pentagram on her basement floor when Rainbow Dash walked in, surveyed the candle-lit scene, said “Uh...” and backed slowly out again.

    Twilight looked at the empty doorway, looked down at the pentagram, looked back up, connected the dots, and scrambled to catch up with her friend.

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Somebody please write this fanfic! · 5:16pm Oct 2nd, 2012

I know it's kind of an older picture, but I can't stop thinking about it. I want to know this pony's story.

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Hell, it almost looks like Apple Bloom...is it?

397476 I dunno, it could be.

If I write it, that will be a butt plug or dildo she's making and the little metal arms will be bolted directly into her spine, causing constant pain and bleeding.
Also, does she not have forelegs? Could just be small screen size, but it looks like she's somehow supporting all her weight on just her hind-legs, which would be really painful and bad for her back muscles.

397529 Nah, they're just hidden behind the apron. Her right one is bent and her left one can be seen at the bottom right corner of the apron. They're harder to see because she's wearing black boots that match the apron.

She can only afford two boots? :fluttershysad:
I think I see now, yeah, my perspective is just all messed up.
Although all those leg bandages would support a masochistic interpretation. I can appreciate beauty, but I cannot create it.

Ordinary town blacksmith is forced to go on an adventure? She has spent her whole life in a single, isolated village yet yearning for something more. She lives near the southern, desert borders where raiders and bloodthirsty tribes lie beyond, so there's always a market for weapons near her village (So that's why she's making the spearhead). Character kinda looks like a rather cynical, un-friendly, serious pony that doesn't need anypony and is more inclined to ignore or insult you, rather than greet or smile. One day some stuff may happen and she may be forced to go on an epic adventure, where stuff happens, and her character changes...and all that good stuff.

Well that's an idea, I don't think I could write an entire fic, but it's here anyway.

Those are robotic arms, and she's an Earth Pony... is she a cyborg of some sort?

And why is it that when I saw this image I got the feel that not a single skyrim-MLP crossover pic has given me... that of hearing the background, über-manly chorus of the Skyrim Main Theme going HAH, HUAH, HEI! HAH, HUAH, HEI! with all the huge drums and everything. Just that part though, before the brass gets in goes all pompus high epic on the previous brutal, rythmic strength.

Anyway, I'd totally do it, but that would need researching smithing and all that. Trouble is, I'm busy right now researching stuff for my own fic.

397579 Hmm, what if it took place in the Old World before Equestria was founded, before the uniting of the three tribes?

397739 And now that song has got me thinking that it can't be anything but an Epic Poem.

Poetic Form: Epic
An epic is a long, often book-length, narrative in verse form that retells the heroic journey of a single person, or group of persons. Elements that typically distinguish epics include superhuman deeds, fabulous adventures, highly stylized language, and a blending of lyrical and dramatic traditions.

Heat. Heart. Hate.
Heat. Heart. Hate.
Heat. Heart. Hate.

The Anvil is hard,
The Hammer is strong,
The Smith strikes Her Steel,
And the knell sings Her Song.

Heat. Heart. Hate.
Heat. Heart. Hate.
Heat. Heart. Hate.

The ring of the Iron,
The hiss of the Forge,
Are Her Testament, Her Witness,
Her Covenant, Her Lord.

Heat. Heart. Hate.
Heat. Heart. Hate.
Heat. Heart. Hate.

Earth of the Old World Equus,
Born of the Anvil and Flame,
The Smith left her Forge,
To assuage Her brother's Shame.

Heat. Heart. Hate.
Heat. Heart. Hate.
Heat. Heart. Hate.

I think I could try this. Having some inspiration will help, since this would be the first story I write.
Challenge (tentatively) accepted.

Well there's an idea. That could make quite the good story if written by the right person. Sadly, I am most likely not that person.

398450 Awesome.:eeyup:

I'll give it a shot.

I have a billion other projects going on, and this does not particularly make my muse bite.

399017 Double awesome.:eeyup::eeyup:

402604 Holy hell, that was fast!

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