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This story is a sequel to Of Fever Dreams and Falling Stars

A young Celestia is tired of her life as a wanderer and longs for all the luxuries of home. She knows that she is ill-suited to the wilderness. Thoughts of discomfort always nag her, and all she knows how to do is put on a happy face. Her best friend Discord is unable to see anything but the best of her.

Maybe one day, she'll see all that too.

Preread and edited by TCC56. A shortened, unrevised of this story was scrapped and presented in a chapter of a now-deleted short story collection on September 29th, 2016. Cover art edited by me. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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The summer season was just about over at Stella Lacus adventure summer camp. Amie and her younger brother Wes were eager to return home. Unfortunately for them, their adventures had only just begun.

All at once, the entire summer camp and the mountain it was built upon shifted universes, leaving Earth behind for a far stranger world. In the same moment, every camper, counselor, and staff-member transformed into strange insectoid creatures, with unknown powers and incomprehensible needs.

Instead of returning to nursing school, Amie has a new goal: keep her little brother alive. If only the other campers didn't look at him like food...

Updates every Tuesday. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail.

Awesome cover by SimonDrawsStuff.

This story was sponsored by Canary in the Coal Mine on my Patreon. Thanks so much for your support!

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After losing a bet, Soarin is forced by his friends to spill the well kept secret of how he met the love of his life at the Wonderbolt Academy.

Proofread and edited by my good friend Pseudobob Delightus
Cover Art by the wonderful Little Tigress

Chapters (3)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are a team. Even now that they're adults, their friendship has never wavered.

So when something arises to threaten that friendship, Sweetie Belle will do everything in her power to protect it. No matter what.

Written as a Christmas gift for Wish, who has been trying to force me to write Sweetie Belle for years.

Chapters (1)

The Elements of Harmony have freed Princess Luna from the clutches of Nightmare Moon, and she could not be more grateful to their bearers. For her first Hearth’s Warming since her return, Luna wishes to give each bearer a gift in thanks. However, having not spent any more time in Ponyville, she knows very little about them, and thus has no ideas on what to give them. 

Having regained her power to dreamwalk, Luna decides to search for inspiration in the Element bearers’ dreams, but upon her first foray into the Dream Realm, she finds someone she never would have expected.

This story was written for Reactception as a part of Jinglemas 2021! For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

Cover art by (and story title totally stolen from) the incredible Little Tigress!

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When you've been using that front wheel drive rental for a year straight, one that barely makes 80HP, having to deal with the rental costs, you get sick of it.

Tempest Shadow has been driving such a rental into the ground and decides it would be cheaper to shell out some bits for a properly reliable car. She's heard a lot about a technology called VTEC, so maybe she'll get something with that. Sounds interesting.

SOMEHOW featured between 11/10/21 and 11/12/21. YAY!

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Seth and Izzy like to play-fight. They do it a lot. Perhaps more than your average pair of mismatched roommates should, if one were to take stock of the opinions flying around Bridlewood, that is.

While this was fine, maybe even arguably platonic, before the reunification—it quickly becomes a whole lot less fine, not to mention a lot more awkward, when magic is suddenly part of the equation.

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

Silly little story because I freakin’ love Izzy and she is best G5 pony. Takes place after the events of the movie. Also has movie spoilers.

Cover art by Maren. Pre-read by JimboTex.

Chapters (1)

When a unicorn infant is born in Zephyr Heights, young Crown Princess Haven must carry her to Bridlewood and convince the unicorns to raise her as their own. 

An entry in Imposing Sovereigns III, using the prompt Queen Haven/Integrity. 

Prereader thanks: Mockingbirb, Samey90, daOtterGuy, Roxylalolcat
Title suggested by Greymane Shadow
Chapter title suggested by Mockingbirb
Several OC names suggested by Damaged.

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Do you ever regret things you did in the past? Whether it was accidentally insulting someone, or waging war against a concept with chocolate rain and licorice trees? Well, Discord doesn’t “regret” it, but he can admit he made a mistake or two.

But his past certainly disagrees.

Audio Readings.
Read by StraightToThePointStudio
Read by Pony&Wolf Productions

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