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Local human Jamie is having trouble sleeping at the house of some friends of his. His friends are ponies.

In his feeble attempts to get to sleep he meets the other member of the household that he had never actually met before.

She's very friendly.

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When the alicorn princesses are taken by a sudden illness that prevents them from raising the sun or setting the moon, Raven and Spike discuss alternatives. Suddenly, Starlight teleports in and announces she has an idea.

This probably won't end well.

Idea by TCC56.

The shitposter's back.

Not to be taken seriously.

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The School of Friendship's first annual Graduation Dance is taking place, and everyone is excited to be there! Everyone except for Gallus.

Also, Smolder spiked the punch.

Also, she may or may not have a liter of vodka tucked away somewhere in her dorm.

Also, Gallus might not be in the best possible mood to be drinking.

Proofread by semillon, Jack of a Few Trades, MissytheAngy, and Bandy.

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“Hey, Rainbow?”


“Are we gay?”


Written on a whim after a weird dream and a bout of insomnia. I am not sorry.

Now with a reading.

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An earth pony healer is given responsibility over an injured unicorn. All eyes are on them. Maybe even those of Windigos.

Honorable Mention in the contest A Thousand Words.

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Pinkie's parents are missing, presumed dead.

Applejack is there to pick up the pieces.

Please heed the content warnings! This is a story very explicitly about grief, loss, and depression. Suicide is also an important recurring theme, and cannot be avoided!

Amazing coverart by my sibling, cereal (fimfic | twitter)

Preread by Otter and Sleps

For Bike's Applepie contest (folder | info)!! I love this ship and it's so so so rare, so I'm super happy to be contributing!

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With time ticking out, and no other options left to them, the rulers of Equestria turn to the lone human in Equestria to save them from Chrysalis' plot.

Warning, this story contains discussions of torture.

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Today, you're watching your neighbor build a wall.

Maybe today, he'll be your friend.

And maybe today will last forever.

Written for the contest A Thousand Words.

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Back in Equestria, the spring equinox is a hard line, the last day of snow, winter is over, full stop.

On Earth, that’s not exactly the case. The equinox might have come and gone, the clocks might have been set to a summer schedule, it might be April and still snowing in Missouri.

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio

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