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This story is a sequel to We don't go to Sub-Level Five

With the nightmares of the Silos behind them, Astral and Sassi begin to adapt to a world that lacks any understanding of the horrors now buried underneath glass and stone. The only creature in their life who can serve as a confidant is Arcane. However, the chaos-unicorn is busy learning to adapt to a world and society now alien to him. But they have each other, and their lives start to settle into a form of pleasant normality.

As life in Equestria and the Gryphon Empire continues on, Twilight and Tanzil are forced to confront troubles both within and outside their borders. Sometimes peace is but a thin, false veneer over chaos, and the two rulers quickly discover that their budding relationship may be the least of their troubles.

When a familiar horror emerges from the shadows, Astral, Sassi, and Arcane are forced to confront a terrorthat looms not only to engulf their new home, but all of Equestria and beyond. With their nightmares no longer confined to their minds, the three ponies desperately try to save who they can from the oncoming storm. When faced with some threats, all you can do is run and pray that it doesn't find you.

But for the two Thestrals, a unicorn, and their friends, they're sick of running. And they've got lots, and lots of ammunition.

Spoilers for We Don't Go to Sub-Level Five, Timeless, Sunspots, and Cure for a Toxin

Chapters (3)

"Sub-Level Five doesn't exist." That's the official statement of the Stairway company.

Washing out from the Night Guard program is usually a death sentence to any similar career. When Astral Sentinel was asked if he was interested in a security job, the Thestral obviously jumped at the chance.

There was just one oddity about the job. Well, there were quite a few, but mainly just one.
He just never, ever could acknowledge the existence of Sub-Level Five.

When a complete lock-down traps the Thestral inside the odd facility, he has to break that one rule. As the security systems begin to eradicate all life inside the building, Astral has to venture down to the elevators that officially don't exist, to a floor nopony alive will speak of.

He soon finds out that some things are best left buried beneath rock and stone.

*Warning. Hitchhikers may be escaped convicts.

"This story is simultaneously horrifying and adorable." -Witchery

Takes place far after Season 9. Although, it could take place at any time...(or in the Radverse, as some people call it.) This thing took on a mind of its own.


Read on if you want to join Astral for the ride.
I hope you brought your crowbar.

In later chapters, loose spoilers for Timeless, Sunspots, and Cure for a Toxin
Warnings for creepy atmosphere, gore, violence, and brief mentions of sexual content/assault (nothing explicit, only implied.)

Despite this being a horror story with unpleasant elements, it's not grimdark or a depressing tale. Lots more ups and downs, but overall it's a positive read of good vs evil, love and fluff; those are the types stories I write, after all. I just want to let everyone know what they're getting into, and don't want any readers blindsided due to some of the content.
(Not a romance involving a 'herd')

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You and Twilight have been best friends for the longest time. It was surprising, considering that a literal Princess would ever consider you, the social outcast that you are, a friend. But for that, you were grateful. And you have never been happier than when you were with her, and vice versa.

One afternoon, Twilight approaches you looking all nervous and flustered. Naturally, as her best friend, you want to help in any way you can.

Featured on 7/25/2023 - 7/26/2023!

Chapters (2)

Equestria and the Crystal Empire have fallen to the Changeling Hegemony, led by the brutal Queen Chrysalis at the head of a mechanized horde of guns and tanks. Princess Cadance stayed in the Crystal Empire; Princess Twilight stayed in Equestria. Chrysalis rules the continent, only defied by Nova Griffonia, the poor Griffon colony in the north.

Across the ocean, the Griffonian Reich pledges to reclaim its lost territory, sundered by revolution a generation ago. While the Alicorn Sisters retreat to New Mareland, Princess Flurry Heart and Shining Armor turn to Aquileia, the Republic born out of the ashes of the Griffonian Reich. The Kaiser of the Reich is only a child, subject to a regent bent on war and conquest.

Flurry knows the Reich and Chrysalis have worked together.

She knows that war is coming to Aquileia.

She knows that Celestia and Luna abandoned her mother and Twilight Sparkle.

She knows that the world is on fire, and she is the last true Princess of Ponies.

She knows she will go home.

Cover Art by Opal Radiance, commissioned by Sunstreaker.

Chapters (117)

This story is a sequel to An Alternative Ending

Gregory Graystone faces a monumental task. He must repair the bridges between several nations. Pull the former elements out of their sorrow and light the banner of harmony and friendship once again. And, maybe, help his fellow man out of his malaise. Meanwhile, groups behind the scenes work to undo the changes happening in Equestria.

Written in collaboration with


Chapters (21)

When Doc awakens in Stable 85 he has no memories. Soon enough he is thrust into the North Equestrian Wasteland, where danger waits to devour him at every turn. Can he find a path of light through the darkness and stay true to himself, even when he learns the truth of his past?

Chapters (66)

No friends, no cutie mark, no future. The life of Muddy Waters could be measured in teaspoons, but who's to say a lone scavenger pony couldn't live more than one life? After a chance find underneath the Centennial River Wetlands, Muddy Waters will discover an ancient treasure so valuable that the only one she can trust with such a treasure is herself. But who's to say the treasure is the most valuable thing to gain? As the saying goes, the real treasure is the sisters we made along the way.
Now that the winds of change roll over a dead Equestria, safe harbors are few and far between. How long can a single scavenger hold on to what's rightfully hers? More importantly, how long can she hang on to herself?

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to I Owe You One

"I must admit I wanted you to save me,/Now I'm sat on the ground, feeling half crazy./I don't want you to go." -Arlo Parks, 'Softly'

Prequel: "I Owe You One"
Sequel: "When You Know You Know"

Awaking in the middle of the night, Gallus finds himself next to Ocellus, and the two discuss the situation, their relationship, and their future.

Pre-read and edited by Striving for Harmony.

Chapters (1)

For as long as Sunny can remember, there have been tales of a strange hermit living deep in the Everfree Forest, the most dangerous place in Equestria. Of course, nopony could ever prove if this was true. After all, who in their right mind would actually go there? Unfortunately for Sunny, she may not have a choice, as during a test flight on the Mare Stream, she and Zipp crash land in the middle of that very forest. With no way out and timberwolves just waiting to pounce, what else can she do but hope that the tales are true?

And just who, or what, is this hermit supposed to be, anyway?

Chapters (1)

So, I got blasted by some mages in my world, and now I'm in a completely new one. I'm something called a 'kirin', and I've lost my opposable thumbs. Surprisingly, it wasn't a polymorph spell either! My magic has gone completely wack. I burned down a forest. And apparently I'm the first ever Kirin to have alicorn magic, which sounds awesome right? Well, not when you're constantly combusting into flames! I never wanted this! And for some reason these ponies keep treating me so nicely. Even after I keep screwing everything up. How hard is it to act like normal for once in my life?

What? There's nothing wrong with me! Please don't send me back...

Cover art by: Ziper Ace
Featured on: 2023 - 4/13, 4/17, 4/22 and quite a few more... Thanks everyone!

Chapters (17)