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My oc is keldeo since 2012 when it first came out yea *sigh* I am so unoriginal

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Sweetie Belle has been having a hard time improving her dueling skills. Even after several lessons with Princess Twilight, she is still the weakest of the CMC. One day she returns to Rarity's to discover that she has hired a new pony: a bat filly named Night Stitch. Not only is she skilled with a needle and thread, but she is also a former champion! But, why did she leave Manehatten? And why is she so scared?

Night Stitch does not belong to me

Chapters (4)

You know, after reading many displaced stories I never imagined that buying a scaled Koenigsegg one:1 would land me on the same situations of those stories, only that I do not have any cool powers but some really good skills and a very rare and expensive earth car. Even though, Celestia did not like any of that and thought that by stoning me and confiscating my car I would change. Well, she is going to learn that she must not piss off a human as he will give a sh*t if you move the sun or not.

Even though I am really mad at her, I have more important problems to solve.

Starting by the butterfly effect that my car caused.

While pissing off the princess and another human.

Also, who is that misterious unicorn mare that had almost beaten me in a race?

Expect crossover with racing games such as need for speed and asphalt.

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Button Mash is very lucky to have such a good family and a good friend. He lives in Manehattan trying to live life to the fullest every day. But when button is forced to move away to Ponyville leaving his best friend behind, he has to learn how to befriend new ponies.


This is my first story and my first big introduction to the fandom! Please give feedback that will help me improve my skills. I also am writing this story on an iPad so give me a break:rainbowkiss: :) I also will not be proofreading every word after each chapter because I'm too lazy so please point out any errors to me if you find any!!

Chapters (1)

Kirby is an unknown phenomenon. His powers confused the inhabitants of Dreamland and foiled the plots of evil masterminds. Over all, he's a super tough, pink puff.

After a warp in Kirby's spaceship, he is rocketed into Equestria, where he must adapt to the strange land and find a way to fix his ship, but not before shenanigans ensue...

Cover Art:
Fimfiction: KlutzJellyfish
DeviantArt: http://daschnookle.deviantart.com/

A/N: As Kirby is an enigma, I will be placing it as either 3rd person Kirby, or 1st person for one of the main six. POVs will alternate.

P.S. I'm basing this off of the show "Kirby: Right Back at Ya'!" and "Hoshi No Kaabi"

Chapters (18)

Pinkie's new to Ponyville, She's just been invited to work at Sugar Cube Corner and live with the Cakes while she gets to know the town. But on the way she meets a strange, blind creature with no fur, no cutie mark, and no place to live. Seeing her chance to make a friend, Pinkie quickly decides to help him, but how will this affect how the other ponies will see her with this strange blind thing? Possible Romance later.

Picture was made by my friend Escopeto. Also, not a fallen soldier story. The AU tag is because I'm setting this before Pinkie's arrived in Ponyville and things may turn out different for her, she may or may not even get Gummy.

Story is on hiatus until I get The Tale of Lord Barleycorn completed. Current chapters will be expanded.

Chapters (8)
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