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My oc is keldeo since 2012 when it first came out yea *sigh* I am so unoriginal

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After winning a few races and running away from the cops, the racer decides he should customize his car to make it more unique and unexpectedly(or as expected from you guys) wounds up in a world filled with cartoon horses who have no idea what a automotive is. With a tournament ahead he teams up with another accidental transported racer to go for gold. However will they be fast enough or will just be some wannabe racer.

This will be a fanfic crossover between MLP:FIM and Need For Speed. mostly Most Wanted with a few hints from Underground 2 and some hints from Fast and Furious 2.

Rated “T” for teen: For some Adult language

Self insert tag for self inserting my brother and both our dream cars.

trigger warning: incorrect grammer, and incorrect facts

Chapters (6)
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