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Pinkie comes upon a method to help her arguing friends make up, they just need to see everything from the others viewpoint.

And so Zecora gives Pinkie a potion that will make everything better.

For the Mane Six, the rest of Ponyville... maybe not.

[Surprise, double feature! A second longer story coming your way, I wanted to post this ASAP since it needs commenter aid to progress, I fear that my promised stories will take some time to arrive, but I will make you all more stories I've been itching to make while we wait, enjoy!]

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Nightmare Moon's takeover was swift. The kingdom, the night and day, the guard, and even over the ponies who wielded the elements against her. Each one under her hoof in some way.
Except one.

Applejack has been leading a resistance group for a couple years but only now is it something needing to be truly squashed.

Nightmare's most loyal right hoof mare Captain Rainbow Dash is assigned to take her little rebellion down, but it doesn't go quite how dash expected. For one, she didn't think she would fall for her enemy.

Surely nothing good can come from heaven and hell uniting?

Lunaverse Appledash
CW: Violence, torture, blood, psychological horror, emotional manipulation, implied death, references to dismemberment.
-Temp cover art, expect art one soon-

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A griffon with a Cutie Mark? This does not bode well for Equestria. If the Cutie Mark Crusaders have achieved what was previously considered unachievable... it could have tremendous consequences for the future of Equestria.

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In the first hour of total sensory deprivation, anxiety and paranoia sets in.

After the first two days, hallucinations start to appear.

After the first week, subjects begin to experience total psychosis.

This one has been in sensory limbo for a thousand years. She'll need a lot of help.

And so will I. After all, we're not even the same Maker-damned species.


[Luna x OC] [Starts after S1E02] [Fluffy romance]

Artwork: http://marbleyarns.deviantart.com/art/Luna-Introspection-309849854
LysanderasD, for help on Luna's archaic speech patterns

Chapters (13)

The Text, an odd and capricious being that only talks by printing words into your mind, seems to quite enjoy teleporting people with no preparation into Equestria and seeing what they do. Most get some help almost immediately after reaching there, or get into problems with the denizens, but what happens when one person brings their own problem with them? Surely magic, or perhaps friendship, is the answer!

This takes place in the SilverVerse and like David's works is a self-insertion fanfic. Read on!
You don't have to, but you may want to read his stories for another (the original) perspective on this particular little idea. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/245393/clueless-in-equestria

Additionally, I have begun filling in some more of the 'not teen rated' scenes that in this were a 'fade to black', you can find them over here but be warned, this is Mature rated. You have been warned.

See This Blog for licensing.

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Fluttershy (Princess Fluttershy, recently) is one amazing pony. She taes care of dozens of animals, stared down a dragon and a fair-be-damned cockatrice. She's overcome obstacles that many ponies might quail at.

But when a distress call comes from a foreign island, Fluttershy's services would be called upon again.

Crossover with Kitten Sanctuary, set somewhere within the events of The Great Alicorn Hunt.

Contains: lactation, pesky aliens and adorable kitties. Rated C for Cute.

Chapters (4)

When Rarity is invited to a fancy party, Rainbow Dash surprisingly feels the need to go with her, though not able to explain why, herself. Rarity laughs at the notion, but challenges Rainbow to make the effort anyway.

Now, Rainbow knows that she's not a high-class mare. So, seeking aid, she turns to the princess of love herself for aid. What follows will make her question her life choices.

Contains: beautification, personality adjustment.

Cover photo is by by ELZZombie, on deviantART

Chapters (2)

Zesty Gourmand hasn't been living up to her name, title or Cutie Mark, so an inspector is dispatchedto set her back on track... or give those three gifts to somepony new who deserves them more.

After storming out of the Tasty Treat, there is a perfect opportunity to do so. This time, a third option is considered....

Trigger warning: Transformation.

Tags will be added as necessary.

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What was really going through Celestia's mind while she was waiting for a dinner with Twilight and Starlight that would never happen? Well, might as well find out.

*Written at Everfree Northwest 2016 in Seattle, WA

Chapters (1)

When Fleur receives a romantic dinner invitation from her marefriend, any expectations of sharing a lovely meal quickly change into an unforgettable evening for both of them.

Editor: Rego

Written for the New Blood Writing Contest

This is my attempt at:
Bonus #2: "Include a Bug."
Bonus #3: "An unusual matchup”

Selected for "Best Representation of Unusual Matchup" in the New Blood writing contest.

Live reading done by Bean
Part 1
Part 2

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