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Nightmare Moon's takeover was swift. The kingdom, the night and day, the guard, and even over the ponies who wielded the elements against her. Each one under her hoof in some way.
Except one.

Applejack has been leading a resistance group for a couple years but only now is it something needing to be truly squashed.

Nightmare's most loyal right hoof mare Captain Rainbow Dash is assigned to take her little rebellion down, but it doesn't go quite how dash expected. For one, she didn't think she would fall for her enemy.

Surely nothing good can come from heaven and hell uniting?

Lunaverse Appledash
CW: Violence, torture, blood, psychological horror, emotional manipulation, implied death, references to dismemberment.
-Temp cover art, expect art one soon-

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 20 )

Good premise. I love dark AU. Really interested to learn more of their backstories, and how this ship will sail! :ajsmug::rainbowderp:

we really need more badass!AJ :ajsmug: excited to see where this goes

An interesting premise, and more than a few story hooks laid there !
Didn't see any egregious spelling mistakes, maybe a few times the tense was off ? But nothing to detract from the story :pinkiehappy:

I've def got some stuff cookin :pinkiehappy:

Yeup! Strong mare :ajsmug:

Thank ya kindly :)

Awesome! AppleDash is the ship that sailed me into the fandom, way back when. :yay:

And now FEATURED, 2023-12-05! :twilightsmile:

This is such a interesting idea!!! I really love their dynamics and can’t wait to see what happens next!

Hum... There's definitly something about Fluttershy. There might be some link to this whole "Public execution" thing mentionned earlier :twilightsheepish:

Good back and forth, I'm wondering what Nightmare Moon will have to say when Rainbow get back there. Having nothing to show short of a wound probably won't please her ruler :rainbowderp:

Something ab em indeed! Also yep I'm trying to expand the story beyond just appledash, def developing more characters in the story! Some of the m6 and I have something cool for flutters later :rainbowkiss:

Also on nmm, remember dash is an overachiever. Think back on what nmm said in the instruction letter :raritywink:

So glad ur enjoying it!

Flutterdash?!! :pinkiegasp: Now that's something you don't see often (at least not in appledash fics lol)

I wonder what could've happened to em :twilightoops:

You're right, I kinda forgot the details of the letter, and... mission accomplished (sorta :pinkiecrazy:) !

Still, quite the blow on the ego... and the main mean of transportation, I shall had. The kind that leave marks, and not the cuty kind ^^

Please please please tell me that there won't be rarijack

Err not sure where u got that from? Rarity is def a more minor character in the story and aj and rares only became actual friends after the pilots which obv didn't happen here lol.
Generally the friend structure I'm going with of pre nmm takeover is:
Dash and aj good friends, Dash and flutters besties, and then pinkies good friends with everypony bc obv.

I do see Applejack going home from time to time, attached that she is to it. And in the traditionnal fashion of opposite attracting each over, a meeting might be happening soon enough :ajsmug:

looks like i ought fufill that request!

You know it's a bad universe when Dash give Scootaloo a (verbal) beating ! As always, curious to see how it plays out !

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