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This story is a sequel to Silent Ponyville

Octavia is being tormented by horrific nightmares. No longer able to deal with them by herself, she seeks out the help of her sister.

After all, Pinkie had suffered from nightmares just like this, so she must know how to get rid of them. But will that have been the best decision when she finds herself alone in an abandoned, fog filled Ponyville?

Silent Ponyville 4 is a DIRECT sequel to Silent Ponyville . You do not have to have read Silent Ponyville 2 or 3 to understand this story as events from those stories are not referenced. Spoilers for Silent Ponyville if you don't read it first.

Significant Note: The Silent Ponyville Universe follows a pre-Season 2 headcanon that Pinkie Pie and Octavia were sisters (as Octavia's colors looked very similar to Marble Pie's as a filly). So sorry if that is confusing to newcomers to the story!

Audio Book Version Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbRIyRQZ9Iw

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Twilight shares a secret place with Rainbow Dash on her first birthiversary since they became a couple. [TwiDash]

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There is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation. An old pony tale about a gruesome story-teller that was used to scare foals into listening to their parents.
What if I told you the story of The Lost Narrator was actually true?

A little Halloween special for you all here on FimFiction.

Dramatic Reading can be found here!

Cover artwork provided by LiiflessWolf

Special Thanks to Magpiepony, GutiuSerenade, and Obabscribbler for helping with prereading and editing.

Make sure to check out the sequel to this story: A Beloved's Curse

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While in the Ponyville Psychiatric Ward, Lockheart receives a visit from a friend.

Full Cast Dramatic Reading can be found here.

Beta Reader: Obabscribbler

Cover art for this story was provided by PurpleRoselyn

Very special thanks goes to Magpiepony for helping with character concepts and development.

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After some deep self-reflection, Rainbow Dash concludes that she is indeed a flaming homosexual.

Now she just has to tell her friends.

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One early morning Twilight is woken up by the sound of somepony knocking on her door. To her surprise she finds Rainbow Dash on the other side, only the mare seems off. Disgruntled and panicked, the more she talks, the more Twilight is convinced there's something wrong. What happened to her?

Cover art generously provided by the wonderful Angelic Flight over on DA. Go give her some love.

Spoilers in Comments. Read before the story at your own risk.

EDIT: Now with a Youtube reading! Link
EDIT: Now with TWO Youtube readings! Link #2

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When Bon-Bon has to leave Ponyville for a while to deal with a family crisis in Manehattan, Lyra writes her a letter every day. And every day, she gets a letter back. What could possibly be wrong with such loving devotion?

So why is everyone growing steadily more worried about her?

Written for the 2014 Friend-Off on EQD. Based on this picture.

Reviewed by Singularity Dream here.

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It is the day before the Fall Formal when the beautifully decorated gym erupts in a mysterious slime explosion. Rainbow Dash, although innocent, is sentenced to clean up the mess, while the Fall Formal is being postponed, much to the chagrin of the other students.

Twilight offers her help to the distressed Rainbow Dash. As they start cleaning the gym, they also have to face the angry reactions of the other students together. But Twilight has a secret agenda that Rainbow must not learn about.

Set in an alternate Equestria Girls universe where the events from the movie have not happened.

Written for Blundy’s Framed Challenge.

Rated Teen because sometimes Rainbow has a potty mouth.

Thanks to my prereaders: Invisible Pink Unicorn and He Who Wishes To Remain Unnamed.

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After only five minutes of marriage, Twilight comes to her senses and realises that Flash Sentry is actually really, really boring. It's time to lawyer up and get a divorce!

To navigate the complex Equestrian legal system and not lose all her money, Twilight needs the best lawyer in all of Equestria. Unfortunately what she has is Fluttershy.

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When Lance Strongshy's medical career is endangered due to relentless nightmares depriving him of sleep, his daughter Fluttershy once again overlooks the horrible past she suffered at his hooves and enlists the help of her friends to cure him. But, when the only sufficiently expedient solution turns out to be a certain spell that Twilight was instructed to never cast again, it becomes uncertain if their efforts will save him, or utterly destroy him.

A sequel to JakeHeritagu's Silent Ponyville 2, read that first if you haven't already: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/4868/Silent-Ponyville-2

And THAT one is the sequel to JakeHeritagu's Silent Ponyville so if you haven't read either here's where you should start: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/106/Silent-Ponyville

(First cover art by http://manwhomurderedtime.deviantart.com/ )
(Current cover art by http://www.fimfiction.net/user/SamRose )

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