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Hello my dears. I enjoy narrating stories and producing dramatic readings. It's a lovely time~ https://www.youtube.com/user/yeahshorts

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Applejack has fallen ill lately. Worse yet, her condition only seems to be getting worse by the day. Can her family and friends uncover what's wrong? Or will the farmer succumb to this strange disease?

Inspired by a story from my youth. Not a romance fic, but there is a shipped pairing in-story.

[Special thanks to ObabScribbler, TheLostNarrator, and Thornquill for pre-reading!]

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Random Task is your not-so-average Ponyville resisdent who lives up to the full extent of his name. He is a pony of all trades doing odd jobs and deliveries for Pinkie Pie, who has secretly developed a crush on him. But little does anypony know of his alias Mix Tape, who is renowned as one of Equestria’s premiere music reviewers for a number of top tier music magazines, which always attracts the attention of music artists and their colleagues. And if there were anypony he has started to love writing music reviews about, he was biased towards a local DJ he’s never met. That is, until he discovers that this DJ is the mare of his dreams.

But when fate allows the two to meet, Task learns there’s more to this mare than he thought! She has a dark past, filled with flaws and triumphs in her own musical endeavors. And that past comes with six bitter ponies who have all shared a romantic history with her. Can Task overcome her six evil exes and win the mare's heart? Or will he be condemned to being just another stepping stone of his crush’s past?

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