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Profanity Warning: Sunset Shimmer isn't afraid to use pony profanity and expect that to spread to others later. While it is essentially kid-friendly profanity, profanity is still profanity.

Two weeks after her fraternal brother had gone missing, Sunset Shimmer encountered Twilight Sparkle, and ended up becoming the purple unicorn's surrogate big sister. This not only caused things to change for the both of them, but also it healed the hole in Sunset's heart in ways even the orange unicorn was unaware that she needed.

Welcome to the rebooted version of the "When Friendship Shimmers" universe. Things will be starting of differently here, with some fun HCs, a few surprises, and an altered opening. The surprises will be starting right out the gate though, if the fact that the story starting with "Season 0" wasn't already an indication that things are not the same from the original version of this universe. And here's hoping this time, people will enjoy the story I wish to tell. Oh, and let's just say...I've taken some creative liberities out of the gate.

Currently revealed HCs:
Sunburst is considered Sunset's baby half-brother, both sharing the same mother but two different fathers
Sunset has her own dragon companion known as Ray (named after the lizard pet she has in the Equestria Girls world from the original cannon, though only the name and color match)
A land north of what will become the Crystal Empire is part of the grand Eeveelution Kingdom known as Icicle Vally; making the kingdom neighbors to Equestria itself. Lightning Town & Team Strikers being from outside Equestria, but Raiden's fame of being a hometown hero is enough to basically allow them to be in equestria without any problems.

Currently revealed relationships:
Sunburst & Sunset being half-siblings
Sunset being Twilight's surrogate older sister
King Throsten; formally Prince Throsten; being an Equestrian Ally alongside the entire Eeveelution Kingdom.
Dragon Ray and Spike treating each other like brothers because of their unicorn companions being surrogate sisters
Scootaloo being Rainbow Dash's Biological LIttle Sister

Notice: While Throsten and his eight Eeveelution wives are part of this reboot, they will only appear in non-plot relevant episodes as side characters. This story is not about them, this story is about an alternate MLP:FiM world where Sunset Shimmer becomes Twilight Sparkle's surrogate sister

Update 8/12/2023 - This story now has a cover art, but this one isn't the long-term one. I did find the cover art that is up right now and thought it'd be nice to have up as this story before certain events happen. Plus, I think by having cover art for before Sunset becomes an alicorn in this universe, it adds to the progression of the story.

Update 8/14/2023 - Fanfiction author "Sunset JJ" is trying to repost this story on Fanfiction without my permission. The next chapter will have to now include the "Rob Snowden Production" notice to deter them away from copying more of this story. Please only read the version on this website as this is the only true official verison. The one on Fanfiction is being created by a story stealer.

Update 8/25/2023 - This Story has entered the featured story section as of today. Honestly, looks like this has become the popular story of this account.

Update 8/28/2023 - Someone made a comment about the way I'm portraying DID in this story. If you want the behind the scenes info, and have issues with what I'm doing with DID, read this blog post: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1021373/marana-milissa-and-did-behind-the-scenes

Update 10/19/2023 - A death tag has been added for saftey reasons. Not all chapters will contain instances of death though. Only chapters with the specific warning attached will actually have deaths in them. Better to be safe then sorry though.

Update 12/19/2023 - There currently seems to be an ongoing issue where trying to change the cover of the story breaks the site. Until this gets fixed, you guys are just going to have to deal with the temporary cover. I apologize for this inconvenience, but right now, this is beyond my control.

Update 12/22/2023 - While trying to figure out how to upload the cover I wanted to put on this story, I came across this one, and this is much closer to what I originally envision AS the cover in the first place. So I consider this a win.

Update 5/21/2023 - Story has been cancelled. Read the author's note in the latest public chapter to find a link to a blog post explaining why. Also, story is not up for adoption. As in no one is allowed to finish this story for me. And I better not get PMs asking about adopting it. The answer will always be no.

Chapters (109)

This story is a sequel to Spike's Mark

In “Spike’s Mark”, Spike confessed his love to Rarity and gave her a Mark of Love. It was supposed to be a ‘Happy Ending’. However, Rarity’s adventure was just beginning. Starting where Spike’s Mark left off comes the next chapter In Spike and Rarity’s relationship. A tale of romance, drama, and humor. One that will make you both laugh and cry just like its predecessor. It will most certainly have moments that touch your heart...I guarantee.

In this story, you will see most of the Mane 6 return as well as Sassy Saddles, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and a few other special side characters from the series. You will learn how Rarity’s family reacts to Rarity dating Spike. You will hear the tale of how the Carousel Boutique was first created. You will see special moments where sisters bond together…and playfully team up against a little dragon.

But the big question will be the ultimate choice Rarity must make.

Confronted with the fact that some ponies still fear dragons and the idea of a pony and dragon being together is considered ‘unnatural’, Rarity must choose which path to take. Finding the love she has searched for or fulfilling the dream she always desired. Can such a union truly exist or will Rarity lose her Spikey-Wikey?

Spoiler Alert if you have not read “Spike’s Mark”. Fortunately, you do not need to have to read “Spike’s Mark” to enjoy this story since all the side characters will be learning about the events as well.

Chapters (17)

Another year, another miserable holiday season for Misty and Opaline. However, once Misty mentions a certain jolly pony with a belly full of jelly, it might just change things forever.

Featured on Christmas Day 2023!

Chapters (1)

When Rainbow Dash needs somepony to pretend to be her date for a social occasion, the choice is obvious. When she develops feelings for that friend, things aren't so simple. But Rainbow might find her inexperience ending their new relationship before it begins.

Edited by R5h and Space Jazz
Special thanks to Tailspin and Flareshard
Cover art by ShiroPoint

Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to Obsolete

Everypony wants to believe their romance is a perfect one. Fluttershy wants to believe that very, very much. And Rarity is perfect for her; if only that were true the other way around.

Second in the Flarity "O" Series.
Listen > Language > Lust (NSFW)
Obsolete > Oneirology > O——

Edited by Void Whisperer and Eloquence. Proofread by Steel Resolve and Nova Quill.
Cover art by Nova Quill.

Chapters (5)

Fluttershy and Rarity have been going on weekly spa trips together for a while now, since even before Shy and Rainbow Dash started dating. Rainbow begins to get suspicious about the nature of these visits.

Written for One-Shotober.

Chapters (1)

Discord finds himself grappling with a profound dilemma. He worries that his unconventional relationship with Fluttershy may have deprived her of the joys of motherhood. He sits down with her to find out the truth.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Sheriff and the Princess: Together?

Pipp and Hitch were accused of being a couple after Sparky made a video of Hitch caring for Pipp while she was sick. Now they realize they have feelings for each other and start dating. Their friends also begin dating other ponies, as Zipp is required by her mother to pick a suitor and produce a royal heir. Meanwhile, Misty continues her efforts to get Sparky for Opaline and get her Cutie Mark, but is her destiny really to serve to the evil Alicorn Queen? Find out.

Main Story in the Love Mark Verse.

Couples Include: Hitch x Pipp, Zipp x Thunder, Izzy x Rufus, and Sunny x Fireforge Destiny (OC).

Featured 3/28/23!

Chapters (30)

In an Equestria where Princess Luna was never possessed by the Nightmare the world thrived under both Celestia and Luna's rule. As such, the timeline diverted. After rigorous evaluations, Sunset Shimmer was chosen by Princess Celestia to be her student. Twilight Sparkle, having been glossed over by the Sun Princess, was selected by Princess Luna to be her pupil. One day, the Immortal Sisters send their protégés on a mission to a small town. When the villain named Starlight Glimmer appears all of their lives will be changed forever.

New cover art a birthday gift from my friend Heavy Mole

Chapters (66)