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  • Reviewed 234 stories Stories I have reviewed. Please read the blogpost on my profile and check the links in the bio.


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Vinyl can’t sleep, but, as she will find out, she is not the only one.

Inspired by the song β€œTenebra Γ¨ la notte” by Murubutu

Biggest thanks to TheAncientPolitzanian
For taking on the arduous task of proofreading my crappy writing

Cover image by pandan009 on derpibooru

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"This night was going to be perfect."
--Prince Blueblood


An entry for the New Blood Contest, featuring a bug in an unusual matchup.
Check out Bean's Writing Group, tell me if you find anything good: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/215333/ (checked)

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The Great War is over, but not all is well at home. Equestria, though victorious, was devastated by the conflict. Equestria was dragged into the modern way of life, kicking and screaming, to build the guns and machines to fight the Changelings. In peace, the ponies of Equestria struggle to find their place in a world after the war.

In a small frontier town in the south, one hired farmer comes into town for repairs for his mechanical cotton picker and sits down to talk to an out-of-work pony. They reflect on how the town changed with Equestria's industrialization. If only they could keep the land, and if only the soil would stay on the ground.

Written for the Sixth Annual Equestria At War Writing Contest, and is set in the Equestria At War universe. Equestria at war is a mod for the video game Hearts of Iron IV. https://www.fimfiction.net/group/212917/equestria-at-war/thread/517837/the-sixth-annual-equestria-at-war-writing-contest

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Twilight finds a restricted forest fenced with wires outside Ponyville. When a guard chases her away, she's eager to find the answers for the mystery behind it.

Huge thanks to RB_ for prereading this fic!

Updated description part: This fic is inspired by SCP-2316 written by "djkaktus".

Now with a Russian Translation by NovemberDragon | [ponyfiction.org] [tabun.everypony.ru]

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Pipp Petals is many things. A princess. A drama queen. A fan of anything paranormal. But most of all, she is an entertainer, and after she and her friends had a spooky adventure renovating the abandoned Canterlogic building in Maretime Bay, she had an idea. Why not livestream a full-scale paranormal investigation? More than that, since they now know where it is, why not hold said investigation in the ruins of Canterlot Castle? It's rumored to be haunted, after all! Oh yeah, this livestream will blow the Pippsqueaks away!

If only Pipp knew the true nature of Canterlot Castle, or the things that still dwell within.

Sometimes, history is better left alone.

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In the wake of another hedonistic sleepover, the Cutie Mark Crusaders wile away the last of their weekend lounging about the clubhouse, reading comics, listening to music and stuffing their faces with junk food. However, their after party revelries come to a screeching halt when an unscheduled rainstorm rolls into Ponyville that turns creatures into twisted nightmares. There is much they don't know about the situation but one thing is clear: never touch the rain. Now stranded without adults by a storm seemingly without end, the three must try to survive in a leaky shelter on nothing but the leftovers of their sleepover aftermath. As the waters continue to rise, the status of Ponyville or even the Apple family, just yards away, remains unknown.

A comfy horror story based on childhood memories of rain, floods, parties and classic kids' games spawned from overactive imaginations.

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The Cutie Mark Crusaders must square up and get to the root of their substitute teacher's confounding curriculum.
Featuring A apples and Apple Instruments.

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Fluttershy thought Discord's gift- a day all by herself as a tree- was a dream come true.

Then she heard the voices of the Everfree...

An entry for the Arboreal Yearnings contest.

Part of the Remember Fort Libris print anthology, thanks to our Kickstarter supporters!

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Pinkie Pie is invisible. What shall she do?

(Have fun reading this!)

An April Fool's story, and an entry in OPERATION: CRACKFIC-STORM - 2023 ( post | entries ).

Featured 2023 April 1-5 - I am a monument to all your sins. Also, as of July 6 2023, this is the most disliked story of the year! Thank you all!

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Most ponies assume that something is wrong with Ditzy Do's eyes. Theories range from a head injury to a genetic disorder to muscle damage behind her eye. The crueler folk suggest she's just retarded. Nicer ponies say it's just a party trick she never got tired of.

They're all wrong. They're all very, very wrong.

I discovered the truth one day in conversation with her. One eye would always look at me, and the other would wander. At least, I thought it was wandering. So while we were talking, I followed it. Goddess in heaven I wish I had not. Never follow the other eye. Ever. Because Ditzy Do's eyes work fine.

She's just watching something. That... thing that's always in the corner of our eyes. And if she looks at you with both eyes?

Goddess save you.


Preread by BrastaAAura17, Chase Cosmicwing and dreamingnoctis. Cover art also by dreamingnoctis. Guy's a bro.

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