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Soarin, ex-Captain and now a regular member of the Wonderbolts, is having troubles finding a reason to care.

Maybe he'll find something to care about in the mysterious wrestler Golden Victory.

Yes, this is a gay romance.

This story is heavily inspired by VividSyntax's story Sensation (you should go read it. It's amazing)

This story takes place in the same universe as Side A - The Guard.

Teen for some heavier material, later on, profanity, and suggestive sexual content.

Profanity tag for mild swearing.

Sex tag for suggestive material and half of what comes out Soarin's mouth.

Art credit goes to me.

Editted by LuckyChaosHooves
Preread by Milo_Chalks

Chapters (1)

Winter time brings about the frigid cold and, in Ponyville, this may be the coldest winter in a long time. Bright Sight is Ponyville's newest resident and he aims to settle down in the small town while concealing his biggest secret. Big Mac finds himself with a lot of downtime after the harvest season had just ended. Both stallions find friendship in each other and, perhaps, in time, it may grow into something even stronger, something that makes even the most freezing winter warm.

(Cover art was created and is owned by me.)

Chapters (4)

Bob has an unremarkable life. A job that wore on him more than anything, depression, and a sick mother, to say nothing of not doing what he really wanted because he is unable to see any colors. Could life get any worse? Well, apparently it can.

How will he handle being transported to Equestria?

Other art provided by Rainb0wDashie (https://rainb0wdashie.deviantart.com/)

Chapters (13)

Logan and Shirley Parker don't have the best life. As teenagers they don't have a family of their own or someone to turn, that is until both of them entered the land of Equestria. When there they meets two ponies named Soarin' and Braeburn, but what happens when the two people that there trying to help can't remember their past.

After a bit of time Braeburn and Soarin' ask them a question that could change everything.

Chapters (1)

Kevin is the first of his kind to enter advanced studies at Celestia's School of Magic. He's also the first one to leave—under less than ideal circumstances.

No matter what the cause, Princess Luna isn't about to let her former protege leave without saying goodbye.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "In Over Your Head" contest.

Chapters (1)

P&R Volume 1
Rumble is a late teen. Finishing school, going on to better places, yet he would be most thankful for his special somepony he will be spending his future with. Moving out, easy, starting his new ambitions, a piece of cake, being the best brother ever? Yeah, it's alright. But setting up a romantic date with said special somepony? It's amazing how difficult that can be.

The first of a one shot series featuring the adventures of Pip and Rumble.

A huge thanks to my friend TK for the amazing cover image. An ENORMUS thanks to the stunning Alternate Universe for being my editor and making my work somewhat acceptable.

Chapters (1)

Whether it's a drink or a slice of locally made apple pie, the Salt Block Saloon in Appleoosa is the place to go. Come on down, have a local cider or imported bourbon or whiskey, and relax with music and entertainment in the company of a few good friends.

Or, if you don't have any friends, you're likely to make a new one by the time you leave.

Starts after S1's "Over a Barrel", will eventually progress through S7's "The Perfect Pear" unless a new western episode comes out.

M/M Braeburn x Sheriff Silverstar.

Chapters (1)

On Hearts and Hooves Day, a lonely construction pony needs a friend's help to get through another rough evening.

Written for Whinny City Pony Con (3/31 - 4/2) for Hearts and Hooves Day (mostly because I love their mascots). You can register here!

You can also follow the characters on Twitter:
Hoof Work
Deep Dish (DeeDee)
Mustard Mark

Characters used with permission. Thanks to Note Worthy for help with proofreading!

Chapters (1)

Big Macintosh and Caramel are asked to come to the Ponyville Schoolhouse one day to discuss a picture book that Apple Bloom made for a class project. The story is about how her big brother Mac, and her Uncle Cara, are both secret agents. On the surface, the story itself seems innocent enough. But when Cheerilee asks the two to read what's inside, the couple get a lot more than they expected...

Huge nod to HoodwinkedTales for providing the cover. If you want to check out more of her work or ask about commissions, check out her DeviantArt account here.

Chapters (1)

Apple Bloom gets out of school for the day only to be disappointed by the fact that Big Macintosh's boyfriend, Caramel, is yet again not with her brother to pick her up. Three days prior, an incident occurred at that same schoolhouse that led to Caramel shutting himself in his home. While trying to understand why, Big Macintosh finds it best to explain to Apple Bloom that some ponies are simply against the idea of the two dating. Some ponies, such as Caramel, find it hard to simply shake off the words of others. Regardless, she tries her best to understand.

Chapters (1)
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