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Spitfire is afraid of nothing, nopony, and certainly not of meeting Fire Streak's family for Hearth's Warming.

Written for Vivid Syntax for Jinglemas 2023

Chapters (1)

AKA Chrysalis vs The Rolled-up Newspaper of Harmony

AKA How To Unalone Yourself At Hearth’s Warming

Chrysalis has been inexplicably spared the wrath of Discord and the Princesses, although frankly, she'd really rather have preferred the stone! Now burdened with an awful, dreadful, wicked curse that... gah, fills her with love and joy any time she tries to think a vengeful thought! And worse! Now she's been roped into pretending to be Applejack of all ponies on some errand to the middle of nowhere with a filly named Diamond Tiara and some lovely wretched mare named Cherry Jubilee.

Not that she'll fail at all in this. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

Plus, it beats getting lost in the woods in winter.

Written for Camaleao for Jinglemas 2023!

Co-written with SoloBrony. Thanks for helping me out, man.

Chapters (5)

Maud and Trixie get each other gifts. Chaos ensues.

Inspired by "The Gift of the Magi"

Written for Timegal25 for Jinglemas 2023

Chapters (3)

This story give a look into Zephyr Breeze. What he found out that Rainbow Dash could not love him the way he loved her? What if there's more the Zeroy than even Zephyr knows, and what would Neighsay do with the page.

This is a story all about love.

Chapters (4)

Ever since the Book of All Stories was revealed, countless groups have raced to obtain the mythical magic of the pages. Spitfire, on orders from Princess Celestia and a tip from Discord, heads off into the White Tail Woods in search of one such page. After stopping at the village of Pinegrove along the woods' border, she's surprised to cross paths with none other than Lightning Dust. The two realize they are searching after the same prize, and a race to the finish ensues: one under orders to return the page, the other desperate to change her past.

My contribution to the Ponyville Ciderfest "Scattered Pages" book! For those who were unable to get the physical copy, we wanted to make sure we could share our love and passion with everyone. Everything we did is for the community, because of the community, and we hope you enjoy <3

Art: @IRUSU_kun

Chapters (1)

(This story is set during the events of the Ponyville Ciderfest 2023 Storytelling Adventure, when the con mascot Fizzy Glitch uses a powerful artifact to make the characters of the show come to life and drag the con into their world.)

Diamond Tiara is a bright, young filly. She may have had a troubled past, but she's moved on now. Things are just a little stressful at the moment, with a magical artifact calling her and everyone in Equestria to this strange new world. She can handle it though - she's a tough cookie! The nightmares of her own face smiling back at her don't mean anything. Nor do all those people who seem to know her despite coming from another world. Nor the fact that - no! No, everything is fine.

Plus, she has Luna, princess of the night, to hang out with, and plenty of adventures to be had in the world of dreams.

Everything is fine.

Preread by Solobrony and Cynewulf

Edited by Solobrony and Sonicsuns

Cover art generously made by Gleamy Dreams. You should check out her Etsy here.

Written for the Scattered Pages Story Collection. You can check out more stories from the collection, and stories written for the con here.

Chapters (1)

After a mining expedition seemingly goes wrong, Maud and Trixie find themselves on a movie set using less than safe practices. But not all is as it seems, with most of its cast and crew seeming to be ripped out of an entirely different era! Can this odd couple figure out what's going on, or will they simply be sucked in by the lights, cameras and action of the world of motion pictures?

This story was originally written for Ponyville Ciderfest 2023's anthology book: Scattered Pages: Tales from the Book of All Stories! Super Special thanks to Sonicsuns and Skywriter for all the extensive editing and feedback to help make this piece work so much. You seriously rock!

Chapters (1)

The Book of All Stories has been opened. Fizzy Glitch, a kirin in crisis, has opened a box that cannot be closed. And all of this has unraveled at the site of Ponyville Ciderfest 2023. You are now part of an effort to find the scattered pages, each containing the power to change the narrative. Will you restore the past, reshape the present, or control the future?

A series of short vignettes—app stories written for Ponyville Ciderfest 2023.

Included are all the endings to each story as well as the code word associated with the story in the app.

The stories were structured to be bite-sized interactions for consumption by attendees. Attendees were then meant to select endings for each scenario, furthering a faction of their choosing.

Chapters (3)

These are a series of short stories that I wrote for the choose your own adventure Ponyville Ciderfest convention in Milwaukee. It will include the multiple ending that a con attendee would be able to choose from so anyone who reads it can see all potential outcomes.

Chapters (12)

Pipp Petals has a big problem. She's fallen in love with Maretime Bay's Sheriff, Hitch Trailblazer. However, when the Book of All Stories is opened, Pipp and Hitch are brought backwards in time via the Time Stitch Crystal to help Barley Tender, Caramel Malt, and the one and only Daring Do rescue some of the pages from the Book.

Can Pipp and Hitch help save the pages from the Book? Will Pipp be able to confess her truest feelings for Hitch? All will be revealed in The Lost City of Abyssinia.

This story was written as part of the "Scattered Pages: Tales from the Book of All Stories" physical book that was sold at Ponyville Ciderfest 2023. It utilizes some elements of in convention lore and convention mascots, specifically the usage of the "Time Stitch Crystal", a plot device used to bring ponies forward or backward in time and its connection to the Pris-Beam Lantern.

This story also takes place during the events of Ponyville Ciderfest 2023, when Fizzy Glitch opens the Book of All Stories and sucks all of the convention inside the world of the Book.

Special Thanks to:
Skywriter, Sonicsuns (Editing)
LuckyStar (aka my wife) - for doing some super awesome cover art!

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