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Spitfire is afraid of nothing, nopony, and certainly not of meeting Fire Streak's family for Hearth's Warming.

Written for Vivid Syntax for Jinglemas 2023

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This was adorable!!! Thank you so much!!! I love the direction you took Spitfire. It fits 100% with her personality, and all the little details about how she would handle a situation like that are just perfect. The interactions between her and Streak were fantastic, too, and they very much felt like a new couple: in love, but still figuring things out. This made my day. Thank you for such an awesome story! :twilightsmile:

Spitfire listened with intent. She could recite rosters and exercise schedules; recall minute details of choreography from any show they’d performed more than once in the past three years. This should be child’s play.

I'm sure you got this

(The blocks looked…squishy? And they didn’t seem upset? She assumed one of the other adults would have separated them if there was a problem.)

I mean as long as nobody's not getting hurt so yeah I guess it's okay

Wow this is actually a pretty nice story and also nice to see Spitfire story so it looks like she was about to get ready to leave but then fire streak but it looks like they've been going out for a while invited her to Hearts warming eve which she never expected but she still goes and she was not expecting how many family he has but nevertheless she still makes it work and I do like the interaction between Spitfire and fire streak very cute shipping and it's always nice to see the softer side of Spitfire when it comes to little ones and even hanging out with the family this was pretty nice keep up the good work and Merry Christmas

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