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just a guy who likes mlp, I write some stuff now as well


These are a series of short stories that I wrote for the choose your own adventure Ponyville Ciderfest convention in Milwaukee. It will include the multiple ending that a con attendee would be able to choose from so anyone who reads it can see all potential outcomes.

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Helping the power ponies is a fantastic idea. Nice work!

Oh? It this a sequel to the first story? That's awesome! I like how this one is a difficult choice asnwell.

I'm sensing a theme with these stories! Another hard choice too! I get the feeling you love the power ponies. It is a shame we only got one episode with them.

Using Fizzy's Nirik nature for good forces....kind of makes me think of Flutter-hulk. I like that the saga continues. I wonder if one story lead to another at the con.

Okay, I love this. Poor Humdrum sounded like the writers didn't pay him a lot of mind, and it's nice how in either choice, he gets a reward for trying his best. Good for you, Humdrum!

I like how this one has three options. I could only imagine the chaos of going to P9nyville. That would be a neat new story (If it isn’t the next one XD)

Svengallop was a good manager in some respects. It's too bad he also tried to go too far by forcing only his will. I loved the first song too. I wonder if his tune would change if he knew that all he had to do was let Rara have some creative control and be herself...a nice middle ground.

I can only feel bad for Rara for the Villain option. I can only imagine never being able to fire somepony like that >>

Iron will having a conscious? I never thought I would see it, but I suppose a magic altering page that can do anything would be the one thing so powerful that even Iron Will would give pause. Wonderful writing!

Thank you for giving a spotlight to these adorable creatures from The Best Gift Ever, and giving reasoning to possibly use the page before they even find it! Great work!

Awww, Cerberus. He is the best boy. I want to give him the biggest dog bed. I wonder what the implications of freeing himself would be. Possible sequel opportunity?

Ah, Flutter-Rex. I loved the moment in the sonics where you see this. The idea of it being just as timid as Fluttershy is amazing! Thank you for a wonderful story!

This reminds me of my two hearts tory. It's cool we both used the cockatrice to make more statues. I also like the ideas of the statues moving. What else could they do, I wonder?

Hey, thanks for taking the time to comment for each story! It was a blast writing them and super weird seeing them let loose to the public at a convention, lol.

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