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just a guy who likes mlp, I write some stuff now as well

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These are a series of short stories that I wrote for the choose your own adventure Ponyville Ciderfest convention in Milwaukee. It will include the multiple ending that a con attendee would be able to choose from so anyone who reads it can see all potential outcomes.

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This was my entry into the 2023 Ponyville Ciderfest convention book, "Scattered Pages: Tales from the Book of All Stories."

When an all-powerful book with the power to rewrite anything is discovered by the esteemed Dr. Whooves and his stalwart companion, Derpy, great care must be taken to ensure it is not used irresponsibly. However, the temptation to rewrite inconvenient aspects of herself proves too much for the curious pegasus mare to resist, causing Derpy to change an important part of herself and re-writing much of her life. Derpy must then discover a way to undo her the changes made to her life with the help of Doctor Whooves, who no longer has any memories of his former companion.

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An earth pony named Squiggle attempts to gain fame and renown by writing the greatest fanfiction ever. However, he soon finds the task to be more difficult as dumb shit gets in the way.

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This story is inspired in theme and overall placement in its respective world by The Silmarillion by J.R.R Tolkien. It takes place mostly on an alternate continent from the one Equestria is on and details the history of how the world came to be and its early history leading up to the canon history and lore of the show. It talks about how each race came to be and in some ways how they came to be where they are in the world. It uses mainly characters that I, myself came up with and is a purely imagined story by me that I had fun writing and I hope someone will find it just as enjoyable. The Story follows the Royal line of Alicorns who rule over the kingdom of Marillion and their descendants. It talks about the development of early pony culture and interactions with kingdoms ruled by other races. The story Culminates with the last Alicorn of the original royal line, Terria and her own experiences fighting against a great evil that eventually causes the inhabitants of the old kingdoms coming to what is today Equestria. It also explains the origins of various other races and and the Elements of Harmony and the Tree of Harmony.

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