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just a guy who likes mlp, I write some stuff now as well


This was my entry into the 2023 Ponyville Ciderfest convention book, "Scattered Pages: Tales from the Book of All Stories."

When an all-powerful book with the power to rewrite anything is discovered by the esteemed Dr. Whooves and his stalwart companion, Derpy, great care must be taken to ensure it is not used irresponsibly. However, the temptation to rewrite inconvenient aspects of herself proves too much for the curious pegasus mare to resist, causing Derpy to change an important part of herself and re-writing much of her life. Derpy must then discover a way to undo her the changes made to her life with the help of Doctor Whooves, who no longer has any memories of his former companion.

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So.... Cute.... Love it....

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