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29, live in Missouri. Love mlp fim, rainbow brite. Works at a daycare. Have wonderful bf. I love to make friends and try to be kind to all


This story give a look into Zephyr Breeze. What he found out that Rainbow Dash could not love him the way he loved her? What if there's more the Zeroy than even Zephyr knows, and what would Neighsay do with the page.

This is a story all about love.

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Cadance sighs, “my magic doesn't work that way. I don't make ponies fall in love. I only remind them of their best moments together.”


Yaaaaaay, this is the only time I'm happy I picked the Hero option. Don't tell Sombra. XD

Very cute little story! And huzzah for Spearhead!

Glad you love it! Also, I think Sombra would understand. He would probably look at Neighsay with disgust and go, "I may be a villian, but you, sir, are a MONSTER!"

I am so glad I came across this; I love choosing your adventure stories. Man, more people need to write stories like this.

I'm so glad you liked it. If you love choose your own adventure stories, you should check out the Ciderfest group. It has tons of choose your own adventure stories!

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