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Rainbow Dash's weekend had started out great, however, after taking part in Trixie's magic show, Rainbow started acting differently. Little does the pegasus know that there was more to this change then just a random coincidence.

Story contains: Adult Foal themes, hypnosis

Chapters (10)

Contains ponies being cute in diapers and a a subtle messing scene. You have been warned.

A long-coming sequel to Twilight and Rarity go to the Spa

Rainbow Dash is not a foal. She's never thought about it, imagined it, or even given the idea of acting like a foal a passing thought. Which makes it all the more ridiculous when Twilight invites her to go to a spa specifically designed to make ponies feel like foals. Much to her chagrin, Rainbow Dash is talked into visiting. Much to her delight, it was nowhere near as bad as she thought it was.

A simple fluff story that was also a long-waiting commission. I hope you enjoy it for the snuggles.

Chapters (1)

To Princess Celestia, her subjects are also her children and, for them, she strives to be a beacon of integrity and friendship. To Prince Blueblood, she was even more than that, until duties stole her away and his parents naturally filled the role in her absence. They taught him to uphold his family's honor and accept no reproach on his brithright. Their example showed him how to snub his peers if they outshone him and exercise his authority without regard for his subordinates.

To see her own nephew become so cruel pains her. All those around him suffer, and so does he, the pain hidden beneath an unremorseful sneer at those quivering before his hooves. Luna's presence grants Celestia the time that had been denied to Blueblood many years before, and she vows to use it to help him rediscover the loving, happy colt she once knew. Determined and hopeful, Auntie Celly enacts her plan for helping her nephew learn once more what it means to love, and be loved in turn.

Warning: Has a adult pony wearing diapers and snuggling.

Chapters (1)

*More goofy pony stories involving weird things friends might or might not do, even in jest or fantasy. Diapers and willing bondage ahead. You have been warned.*

One Night, White tries desperately to write a story or some words. Anything, really. He's worked so hard, trying to craft something for his good friend. Bothered by something, memories, life, it doesn't matter. He almost destroys the little work he's made.

Black won't have this, and knows just the way to stop him from doing any more harm.

Chapters (1)

Sequel to Pinky Dinky Pie. Contains a pony in diapers. You have been warned, but I ask you give me a little bit of leeway in that regard and give it a shot.

Pinkie loves just about everything, big or small. It’s not a matter of whether she loves something, but rather how much she does.

Today, Pinkie isn’t in a very loving mood.

The pep has fled the pink pony, leaving her as sweet as a raw lemon and a mane less poofy than a deflated souffle. She’s grumpy, grouchy, her posture all slouchy, and the Cakes want nothing more than to help their newest ‘daughter’ back to her usual boumcy self. It’s no easy task, figuring out the nuanced and indescribable thoughts of Ponyville’s partier, but Mrs. Cake has plenty of experience in figuring out what her foals need. With lots of love, more than a few snuggles, and a small fleet of balloons, she might just be able to help her Pinkie Dinkie Pie back to her old self.

Chapters (1)

Warning: This story contains diapers, diaper usage, sexual themes, and AB/DL themes. If these do not appeal to you, then please do not read any further.

The Canterlot Diaper Club, restricted to the elite. What occurs behind its doors is something special. Tonight a well known stallion pays a visit to this club. As he traverses the walls of this establishment he submits himself to the truth of his character, as taboo as that may be.

Once again I tricked a drunk Lphooves into drawing diaper art,
sadly I forgot I had also agreed to write something on it...
So go and harass the sober guy here.

I want to thank all of crinkleponies for editing.
And making me question why the hell I keep agreeing to doing this stuff.

Chapters (1)

Fluttershy has kept her little secret for too long. When her friend Twilight finds out about her habit, she feels more than obliged to trust her friend. As time goes on, the two friends discover more about each other than they might like to have known.

(Note: This story contains a decent amount of age play and other aspects of it)

Cover Art: http://derpibooru.org/tags/artist-colon-rocket+manatee

Chapters (14)

This story has a pony in a diaper, and consists of a fetish know as being an 'Adult Baby'. If this doesn't appeal to you, I warn you to turn back, but also ask you don't write this off too quickly.

One fine day, while working in the orchards of Appleoosa, Braeburn is approached by a very dear friend, Little Strongheart, as she returns for her tribe's annual run. After a day of working himself to the bone, accepting a little help in exchange for teaching her a thing or two about taking care of foals seems like an easy peasy trade. Little does he expect, the kind of Strongheart needs in hoof-on experience, and Braeburn is perfect to be practiced on.

Chapters (1)

*Warning: This story has ponies in diapers being silly, and very few adult baby elements. If this displeases you, I implore you to take this with a grain of salt.

Spas are supposed to help a pony relax, yet the close Starling gets to the one in the pamphlet, the more stressed he feels. The printed words say his secret is safe, but for a pony who's never shared his deepest desire, no amount of papered reassurance will calm him. Fortunately, though, he finds more than a confident in Ponyville's newest spa; he finds a friend.

Chapters (1)
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