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Fluttershy never thought she would be called "Cute" before. Now that she has, she doesn't like it one bit.

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Contains spoilers for Episode 20 - "The Washouts"

A redo of the ending to "The Washouts" where Scootaloo's trick, and the reactions and behaviors of the ponies involved, go a little differently.

Unashamed fixfic to help the awful ending to an otherwise great episode.

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Spike is growing up, a little bit at a time. It has its upsides. He can carry Rarity's luggage more easily, he gets to have a bigger bed, he doesn't fall asleep all the time, and, hey, wings are pretty cool, too!

Unfortunately, part of growing up is outgrowing things you used to take for granted. Alicorn Princess or not, Twilight's still a pony, and ponies weren't built with carrying adolescent dragons in mind.

Something random that popped into my head while rewatching some of this season's episodes. It could be read as something of a tie in to my previous story, "Seven Hour Bubblebath", but it can be read as a standalone story as well.

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Now, the idea of seeing someone argue who was the "best Princess" in Equestria was hardly a new thing. In fact, such talks had appeared in articles across Equestria for some years now. And every Princess knew what it meant when another one turned up. They'd read it, they'd have a debate amongst themselves over what was said, they'd maybe argue, and then they'd laugh over it afterwards. But today, they come across one such article that causes no argument. In fact, it genuinely surprises them.

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*Revised on 9/2/18!

Cruel. Heartless.
That's how some would describe what those two did. Maybe they're not wrong. But, we were just foals, and after everything I've done since then, how can I possibly consider myself any better?

These thoughts have plagued Fizzlepop Berrytwist, a.k.a Tempest Shadow, ever since the Storm King invasion was thwarted several months ago. Unable to run from her demons any longer, Tempest returns to the place where it all began in the hopes of reconnecting with all those she left behind.

My first one-shot! :yay:!
WARNING! Contains spoilers for the movie! (kind of obvious from the description though)
Careful of spoilers in the comments.
Edited (eventually) by, Scootareader (he said it was okay to make the eventually joke! :trollestia:)
Cover art by, markelsmith866
1/10/19. Inspired my buddy, The Bricklayer, to write his own story where Tempy returns home and reconnects with her past. Check it out! A Simple Truth One Must Face

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"So to summarize, your Princess Celestia could beat up an invading army all on her own?"

"Well, yeah I suppose..."

"Then what was up with the mind-controlled zombie teenager army?"


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Lightning Dust blew it. Everything she had worked for, hoped for, bled for: gone. All in a moment of blind bravado that nearly ended up harming innocents. With that weighing on her mind, Lightning Dust seeks to lighten the weight on her shoulders.

She loves to fly, foals need to learn to fly, so what's the harm in teaching the fillies and colts to share the skies?

Dedicated to IJAB, who drew this art piece for me many a moon ago.
Editors: Draconian Soul and SpaceCommie. Really nice guys, but brutal. Talk about tough love. Now go give them some!
Preread by RainbowBob. The Spongebob to my Patrick.

EVNW contest submission.

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Tia agrees to make her little sister Luna a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but she makes Luna work for it. Does Luna have what it takes to get the sandwich she craves?
Then, 1000 years later, Celestia brings Luna another sandwich to help recreate the bond that was broken with Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon.
Just a quick fic that I wrote in a couple of hours, based on an idea that I had while at work.

Cover Art belongs to TehResistance on deviantART

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Rainbow Dash's duties as a full Wonderbolt have found her in an unexpected role: officiating an annual race across the San Palomino desert. After learning that the race has a Wonderbolt legacy behind it, she discovers there is one racer there who has the stated aim of breaking that tradition: Lightning Dust, her old expelled fellow cadet from Wonderbolt Academy. Determined to protect the Wonderbolt record, Rainbow Dash enters herself in the race with the specific goal of keeping her old rival from winning. But when a disaster causes the two to end up stranded in the middle of the desert with no food, water, or shelter, will they be able to work together long enough to get out?

Cover art is property of Hasbro and DHX Media.

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My Little Pony Pony Friendship Is Magic
Suri Polomare
By Alex Warlorn

Suri faces the horrors of being 'deleted' now that she's serve her function as a one-off antagonist is now just taking up disc space.

With BIG help from Kendell2 (this is NOT related to the Pony POV Series IN ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER! So Kendell2 was willing to help with this one BECAUSE it was not part of the Pony POV Series).

2014 06 12 Image by Ichiban Gravity. http://ichibangravity.deviantart.com/art/TFW-444876256

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