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A Note to Those Brigading to Downvote "Detritus" · 4:42pm Mar 9th, 2017

(Edit: I feel it is worth mentioning that I have no intention of making any more blogs of this type regarding Detritus. I've said nearly all I have to say on it now, and they likely serve no purpose to anyone who actually wanted to track the story.)

The downvotes start comin' and they don't stop comin'. :rainbowlaugh:

This blog probably won't reach the addressed party, for they likely didn't put Detritus into a notification-yielding bookshelf, but I would feel a little more settled regarding this if I said something publicly, so I write.

To those of you downvoting my story without commenting on it or at least upvoting the comments already on it that state your gripes: although I think what you're doing is a little piteous, I can safely say that you are not discouraging me.

First of all, none of you have said anything scathing to me. The legitimate criticisms I've received on this work have not indicated to me that I have failed in what I was truly trying to accomplish with it. I wanted to put my ending to the series out there, write for a truly nefarious character, exercise rhetorical devices I hadn't used in a couple years, and write something where each sentence counts. I doubt this is hard for you to believe, but this story is one of my first major rodeos in creative writing (for various reasons not pertinent to this blog).

Second and similarly, I barely write anything anyway and write only when I feel inspired to. What you're doing will never silence my typically mute muse, so you're not impeding my flow at all. I do audio readings; I don't need your downvotes to tell me that I'm better at that than I am at writing.

Third, the reception of this story, regardless of what the reception means to me, was far better than the votes tell. As I may have mentioned, I'm getting a lot of notifications from people adding this story to their favorites without any upvoting occurring in tandem. :ajsmug: The vote count used to be a lot worse, but people still read it and enjoyed it. You're not even discouraging many people from actually reading it, if that was your goal.

Fourth, I suspect a lot of you are downvoting it because the vote ratio bar was partly red when you first found it and added your own vote as soon as you found something you didn't like because, after all, other people must have disliked it for very good reasons so yours must be just as legitimate (And why would I need to know about your reasons? I'm a heartless bastard worse than Luna for making her do what she did in Detritus; I must know what I did to warrant the downvotes! :ajbemused: No one with good intentions could have written what I did.).

Fifth, if it wasn't nitpicking, you may have downvoted it simply because it was featured in the Overly Stupid Fanfiction group/library. Again, you must've figured it had been featured there for legitimate reasons, so you felt free to downvote my story to discourage others from reading it. I won't presume that you didn't read it yourselves; however, given that this blog is addressed to those who downvoted and neither said anything nor bothered to corroborate what others already commented, your lot (I do presume) is the likeliest to have not read it at all.

And to all who are viscerally compelled to downvote Detritus because this blog comes across as whining or unprofessional or whatever, I have this wonderful little group to share with you. (Link)

I'll be working on my next audio reading for most of today with breaks intermittent. I'm hoping to finish Part 2's editing today.

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Report TheDizzyDan · 247 views · Story: Detritus · #downvotes #lol
Comments ( 13 )

The downvotes start comin' and they don't stop comin'. :rainbowlaugh:

Cant.... Resist.... THE URGE!!!!


I'll raise you a "so much to do, so much to see" than worry about the haterz.


And I will bring it back with "In the end"

I don't even know how to respond to that. :rainbowlaugh: You win.

4449421 XD, I just randomly found it and thought it was funny

Oh, it is funny. But is it majestic?

Watch your back, Dan. By now, Celestia has gotten wind of Detritus, and is assembling a squad of Royal Guards to silence you.



...gotten wind of detritus...

Would you say she's going to make a big stink about it? :trollestia:

4449448 You win this round Dan,,,,

Thanks. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, your icon is really cute.

4450311 Thanks :3

You're welcome! It's least I could do for the warm smile it brings me every time I see it. :twilightsmile:

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