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Here you go .  


Meh.  No big deal.

Looking forward to new things and backwards at all my other... things... and hoping to improve.  It's been a good year.  Hopefully there will be another good one.  

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Latest Stories

  • T Shining Armor is Too Handsome

    Shining Armor explains to his children how being too handsome led to the ruin of his life and eventual marriage of their mother.  · TheOnly
    6,352 words · 2,945 views  ·  240  ·  15
  • T Class Sins

    A humble parody of Past Sins.  · TheOnly
    5,887 words · 4,265 views  ·  304  ·  53
  • T Where Do the Clouds Go?

    Pegasi have been pushing clouds around the sky and breaking them up for years and they never really worried about where the clouds went, or who it would anger. They also weren't prepared for war.  · TheOnly
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  • T A Wild Far Fetched Appeared

    Humans that are Pokemon that are ponies that are Pokemon are going to Equestria, all because of acorns, and math gets them there.  · TheOnly
    4,371 words · 1,912 views  ·  103  ·  26
  • T Coffee Shop

    Bent on bringing coffee to all the corners of Equestria, two experimental stallions arrive in Ponyville and open up a coffee shop. Unluckily for them they haven't met the residents.  · TheOnly
    9,643 words · 483 views  ·  37  ·  1
  • E Halo Beach: GMFOH

    A brave and valiant spartan warrior finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Unable to form any signal to base, he is stranded on a beach inhabited by an odd species, with only a high powered assault rifle to protect him from their cuddles and hugs.  · TheOnly
    2,925 words · 725 views  ·  30  ·  7
  • E Brown Box

    Canvas can't get a job.  · TheOnly
    5,252 words · 1,121 views  ·  107  ·  19
  • T The Democratic Election of Equestria

    Democracy and ponies don't work out too well  · TheOnly
    6,354 words · 1,265 views  ·  52  ·  2
  • E Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

    Mirrors are creepy  · TheOnly
    3,245 words · 784 views  ·  18  ·  2
  • T Nothing Gold Can Stay

    Twilight must leave  · TheOnly
    1,367 words · 1,738 views  ·  104  ·  16
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>66 weeks

that feel

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ragdr pls

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>>1546579 I might take it up as i was supposed to

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I'm so upset you're gone and Class Sins will never be finished. :(

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New to my stories? Here are some "good" ones to get you started, if you can't decide what to read first.


Q: What's your name?

A: TheOnly

Q: What's your favorite food?

A: All of it.

Q: Who is best pony?

A: I do not objectify ponies.  It is Rarity, however.

Q: Can I advertise my story on your user page?

A: No.  Now run before I get the spray bottle.

Q: Why are you only following Chromosome?  

A: I do what I want.

Q: Will you follow me?

A: Are you Chromosome?

Q: What color pants are you wearing?

A: Black.

Q: Do you write clop?

A: Define clop.

Q: Sensual pony fan fiction?

A: No.

Q: Will you?

A: Will you?

Q: What's your favorite word?

A: Defenestration

Q: How big is your vocabulary?

A: Twelve words

Q: Are you a gorgeous piece of man-cake?

A: Yes.

Q: Did anybody actually ask you these questions?

A: Of course they did.

Q: Really?

A: Sure.

Q: Okay.

A: Okay.

Q: No seriously, it isn't an FAQ if none of these questions has been asked, right?

A: It's okay, probability says somebody's bound to ask them.

Q: But that doesn't make them frequently asked, correct?

A: Get out.

The Idea Mill

Need a story idea?  I have plenty that I've completely abandoned for reasons that should be too obvious.  Feel free to steal these.

1) Pinkie Pie is a train.  Choo choo motherfucker.

2) Second person fic that stars you as a saddlebag.

3) Rainbow Dash sits in a room and watches a piece of dust journey across the floor.  An introspective fic about the beauty of moving slowly.  Things blow up at the end.

4) Spike starts reading a book about cooking and gets really good at cooking.  He becomes chef spike and gets his own cooking show.  Hilarious.

5)  Pinkie Pie does something funny.  

6) Twilight steps on a piece of glass and realizes that she's actually made of metal and a robot.

7) Pinkie Pie is actually half-chicken

8) Rarity goes into town and buys something.  She returns to her boutique and uses her bought item to complete a task.  The funny part is the anti-climax.

9) A story that devolves into a race between Rainbow Dash and a rainbow.

10) The earlier years of Tom the rock, when he was a young buckaroo going to parties in high school and getting wasted.

11) Twilight is actually a top level general of the Equestrian military.  She attacks everything on sight.