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On a dark night filled with sparkly magic, a group of unidentified enthusiasts of some sort attempt to give Nightmare Moon some sizzle, utterly separate from Princess Luna. But, when the spell is interrupted by Celestia's slav... guards, something totally expected is created.

Now, a little black alicorn filly named Nyx finds herself held captive by Twilight Sparkle, only to be haunted by memories and emotions from her past. Is she Nightmare Moon reborn or is she simply a science experiment? Can Twilight Sparkle protect Nyx from those who would call her out on fillynapping?
Or, will Nyx be forced to inherit the poor fashion sense that may not even be hers and become the greatest evil Equestria has ever known?

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Regidar #1 · Mar 16th, 2013 · · 6 ·

Oh god yes
I love you.

I might love you a little

only a little tho

HA! I may not have read Past Sins, but I am very tempted to give this story a read though.

A story by Discord himself (just by the description)

Yes!!!!!! This gon be gud!:ajsmug:

i.imgur.com/hRqZN.png dabuq did i just read

in all honesty though this is a good story

I love her giant hat.

2275690 Me too. I think it's gangsta!:rainbowdetermined2:

Oh my.

I am reminded of the first time I read "Bored of the Rings." Yeah, this one goes on my list.

Better than the original? Indubitably. :moustache:

Hell, tumbleweed! This looks amazing!

Let's see if a certain author gets mad at Regidar, shall we?

damnit... this piece was readable, and crafty. I'm only saddened that Rarity isn't the main protagonist mother figure in this version. I wonder what Nyx would have grown into had she been raised by a mare with a real set of ovaries to smack some real world fabulousity into her.

I dare not expect you to rewrite this whole story in your glorious 'what if fabulous' happened. But should you dare, read more I shall.
Good day, sir. Makes me wonder what Rarity would do if her Sweetie Belle was actually an alicorn born from the essence of some wicked mare of so and so and raised her this whole time without even twilight and even Sweetie Belle knowing...

What if stories are awesome. Need more!

Huh. Guess I'm not surprised.

You know, I've never read Past Sins and I probably won't read this.
But that cover image is my next wallpaper.

Pimpmare Moon has too much class for me.

What goes on in your brain to create these masterpieces?

My response goes as follows: Huh, another Past Sins parody? I hope it's better then the last one. Huh, Redigar? Unicorn Jizz? Hipsters? Jokes about rationality? HIPSTERS?! If this story isn't fabulous, I'll find a large edible hat, a bottle of Heinz 57, and a cardboard box. I'll eat the cardboard box while pouring Heinz 57 on my fabulous and delicious hat.

2276701 Redigar is pleased :ajsmug:

Dat cover:rainbowlaugh: Twilight is taking her death like a sir.

I want to read this, but at the same time, I fuckin' LOVED Past Sins... I'm not sure I want to see it completely and utterly destroyed in a multi-chapter trollfic. :applejackconfused:

Yet another Past Sins jokefic?

2276914 But this one
This one has CLASS.

2276876 The choice is yours and yours alone.

Fancy hats + mustaches = CLASS

I loved past sins to death- but this is hilarious. You've got a fave.:rainbowdetermined2:

Nexus felt as though he was about to faint. The scarves were obviously fuschia and nutmeg! Any fool with eyeballs could see that.

You misspelled fusha fushia fuchia fucha fyusha foosha fewsha MAUVE. You definitely misspelled mauve. :rainbowlaugh:

Actually, it's fuchsia. But NOBODY knows how to spell it. There is actual scientific research to back this up. This is one instance where Hooked on Phonics doesn't work for anyone. :facehoof:

2277264 That is a little bit scary. I'll let TheOnly know, though.

Well, if Regidar likes this fic, then I guess I'll try it too.
Hard to imagine he would like any fic with Nyx in it though.

2277313 >implying I didn't help write it

I haven't read it yet, but...

I think you broke my brain.
Nice job breaking it, hero.

2276914 I honestly haven't seen a legitimate parody of it yet...

Thumbs up just for the cover pic

Dear god this is entertaining. Just like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I wouldn't be amazed if this sparks other writers to write parodies of other great stories.

Lololololololololololololololololol. That is all.

But seriously that cover pic drew me in.

Sooooo good. I am not disappointed in any way.
I crave more. :ajsmug:

That image led me to fave this :rainbowlaugh:

This made me laugh out loud. Definately a favourite and thumbs up! Great job, keep up the good work guys! :heart:

So... A parody of one of THE BEST stories on the site, and you got permission first. Well, you aren't disappointing so far!
THIS CAN ONLY END WELL! :pinkiecrazy:

With this parody, I declare Past Sins to be Brony Fanon until the end of time itself! :trollestia:

As the great and powerful KoS i declare this Fiction worthy of my attention.
For any fic with monocles is worthy
No go forth "Only" Entertain me and I shall make you great. Even death will not stop you now.

2278190>>2278162 hey, play nice you two :trixieshiftleft:

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