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Equestria has practiced cloud clearing for thousands of years, employing pegasi to use their flying abilities to break up and blow away clouds to make sure the sky stays clear. But the condensed water doesn't just disappear. After spending centuries plagued by constant torrential downpour with only a few days a month without rain, a certain nation finally decides to figure out where all the clouds are coming from.

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Where do clouds go? Don't worry, I have a source.

The water moves round in the water cycle: it evaporates, rises with the warmer air, and collects in clouds, cools and alls again as rain.

Source: http://scienceray.com/earth-sciences/meteorology/where-do-clouds-go/

liked and faved 5eva

that's more den 4eva ;_;


"Squeak squeak, squeak squeaka squeak."

Is that from what I think it's from? :rainbowlaugh:

That... That was not even a clever pun.

That joke wasn't very bunny. :facehoof:

that pun at the end literally hurt me but overall a good story

That was long way to go for a pun...
I approve. :yay:

Also, the story took an unexpected twist. Also of which I approve.

That wasn't even a good stupid pun! :twilightangry2:

All of this leading to a stupid pun, That is one long winded joke I guess. I shall tell it to someone sometime.

Seems forced. All this in service of a poor pun? No thanks.

... that entire story... for that one pun... I LOVE IT!:pinkiehappy:

So based off the number of carrots the bunny's wanted their kingdom was cursed with constant rain for at least 399.28 years.

Oh and your pun was lame, and I like puns.

What the actual f*ck?

It was an awsome story, then the pun killed it.

Thank god. I'm not the only one who writes stories based on horrific puns.

Reactions in chronological order:
Interesting premise. It can work as a drama too if not as a comedy.
...Hrr, that better not be one clumsy Chekhov's gun.
...Woo, a twist. But still not exceeding my slapstick threshold, besides, the OOC-ness's kinda distrac--
...Wait, huh? What??
...(silently pushed the like button)

2241126 I regret nothing.

you must be "pun"ished

Great story but why puns why why!?!?

2245189 I'd like you to read this story: this one right here

:rainbowlaugh: oh god :rainbowlaugh:

"Oh my," said Celestia,
"That's hare-able."

Celestia that was bad and you should feel bad :facehoof:

I can imagine this being a cute comic.

verry punny:ajbemused:

"That's hare-able."

Death by firing squad. Get over here.


What is... I... I don't even... No words. There are no words.

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