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Ponyfic Roundup reviews summary, #121 to #130 · 7:02pm Dec 19th, 2016

Previous: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-90 | 91-100 | 101-110 | 111-120 |

Bad Horse's survey follow-up makes interesting reading, as do the comments. The results themselves tell me, among much else, that 20 people said they used my reviews, either here or on Louder Yay itself. A far cry from the hundreds that use the big guns like PresentPerfect or the RCL, but it's still more than I was expecting. Thank you to all who are included in that figure, and I hope you've found at least some of my ramblings useful and/or entertaining. :twilightsmile:

I'm getting close to the end of these catch-up posts now, which will doubtless be a relief to everyone. (It certainly is to me!) In this batch, I not only give a story five stars, I award that accolade to a second-person fic. Yeah, I'm sure some of you will have guessed which one it is already. Also under review this time around are the likes of Five Hundred Little Murders, It Spills Over and Lyra Beyond the Walls of Sleep. As always, please follow me past the break to see the details.

PR 121 -- 24 Aug 16
Sandbox by Summer Dancer: ★★★
Lyra Heartstrings and the Hand of Man by Between Lines: ★★
The Late Twilight Sparkle by InsufferableUnicorn: ★★★★
Five Hundred Little Murders by Estee: ★★★★
Raven by SaintChoc: ★★★
Milkshakes by punzil504: ★★★

PR 122 -- 31 Aug 16
The Mill by RazedRainbow: ★★★
Spike's suicide by RoseTheChangeling: ★
Blink by zaponator: ★★★★
The Royal Olympics by Derpyx0: ★★★
Balance by Lunaric Enigma: ★★

PR 123 -- 7 Sep 16
I'd Do Her by Fire Gazer the Alchemist: ★★★
It Spills Over by ambion: ★★★★
Pancakes : The Pancakening. by A Rare Sight: ★★
Rainbow's Bad Fanfic by Jay-The-Brony: ★★
Change in the guard by JediWyrm: ★

PR 124 -- 14 Sep 16
Maybe by JohnPerry: ★★★★
I'd Kiss Her by Fire Gazer the Alchemist: ★★★
Flight by Secret_Shadows: ★★★
How to Preen Your Chicken by Drakkinth: ★★★
The Moony Maiden by Dubs Rewatcher: ★★

PR 125 -- 21 Sep 16
Pinkie Pie Is An Eldritch Abomination by PonyAmorous: ★★★
A Fledgling's Struggle by BillBooks: ★★
Uncle Dave's Coffee Shop by SugarPesticide: ★★★
For Whom We Are Hungry by Cold in Gardez: ★★★★★
Forever Faithful by Konseiga: ★★★★

PR 126 -- 28 Sep 16
That Changeling's a Pony! by Raugos: ★★★★
Tower of the West by Lasairfion: ★★★
Butterscotch by Silvermoons1: ★
Relinquishing by Chris: ★★★★

PR 127 -- 5 Oct 16
Igniting the Flame of a Rainbow by Rumble: ★★
A Stormy Night by Saberking2012: ★★
Bar Only the Mind by n: ★★★
Lyra Beyond the Walls of Sleep by Cynewulf: ★★
Rated Arg for Pirates by Aprion: ★★

PR 128 -- 12 Oct 16 -- Fics with the Number Seven in the Title Edition
7 Minutes by P0nies: ★★
Pick Me Up At Seven by Jondor: ★★★
Canterlot Seven by LightOfTriumph: ★★★★
The 7 Keys by dashiedash: ★
Seven Months by Brawny Steed: ★★

PR 129 -- 19 Oct 16
The Worst Clopfic Ever by Noir de Plume: ★★★
One Step Closer by InvaderSplorch: ★★
Fluttershy's Nice Fanfic by Jay-The Brony: ★★
Story of the Blanks by Aoshi Stark: ★★
Toola Roola Paints a Picture by Captain_Hairball: ★★★

PR 130 -- 2 Nov 16
Pinkie Pie Gets A Credit Card by GeodesicDragon: ★★
Appellation Mountains by FanOfMostEverything: ★★★
Sail of the Vampire by Dramapony: ★★
Nothing is Scarier by DuncanR: ★★★
The Epic Battle Of Good Versus Slightly Less Good But Still Pretty Good In The Long Run by Akumokagetsu: ★★★

Comments ( 6 )

How exactly does a story qualify to be mentioned in these posts, if you don't mind my asking?

4347454 A variety of ways. Sometimes I've seen a story recommended elsewhere, eg by Chris or PresentPerfect or the Royal Canterlot Library. Sometimes I'm looking for fics on a particular theme -- eg PR 134, which will be in the next batch, was an Amethyst Star special. Sometimes they're fics that appear in the "Also Liked" or "Similar" bars. Sometimes they're by authors whose fics I've had have a good experience with already. I also get the occasional author requesting to be reviewed, though I'm not well enough known to get many requests. All the above methods go together, and are a reason why I have 480+ stories in my Read it Later queue! :rainbowwild:

Also, people who interact with me via comments, reviews etc have a better chance. For example, I'm now looking at your own stories to see if there's something I'd like to add to my RiL list. :twilightsmile:

4347770 Oh, okay then. Thanks for letting me know, and good luck! :twilightsmile:

4348077 While you're here, though, are there any of your stories you're particularly proud of? I'll read nearly anything (except foalcon) if it's complete, non-crossover and not stupidly long. (The Project Horizons review is not happening!) I take suggestions into account, though don't actually promise to read them if I find something else that interests me more along the way.

4348079 Well . . . I suppose if you're interested, you can look at a few of my stories. For long stories, I'm particularly fond of "One More Dance", "The Phantom Pony of Everfree", and "Pride of the Apples", and for one-shots, you can try "Roaring and Screaming", "Can Ya Fix Her?", "Attachment", and whichever Steam Collection stories you might prefer most. Thanks for considering my work. I hope you enjoy them! :pinkiehappy:

4348194 Thanks for the pointers! :twilightsmile: Your two best-rated stories (by Fimfiction algorithm) are Can Ya Fix Her? and Roaring and Screaming, so I'd guess one of those would be the first I'd look at. As always, I make no promises -- if I get a review out, it'll simply say what I thought, and that could be anything at this point. Given the size of my RiL queue, it's likely to be quite a while in any case. But I do promise to be honest. Thanks again!

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