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A joy as always to help and read your work!

I guess even douchebags deserve somepony in their lives. I pray for the sanity for that poor mare. :derpyderp1:

I'll admit, I've really been into Blueblood lately, which is why this fic caught my eye (and the fact it's the only one where he's not a cannabilistic sadist doesn't hurt matters). I like the idea of him being less a jerk for the sake of being a jerk, and just... kinda tragic. The ending was quite touching, and it gives the idea that momentum is Blueblood's true enemy.

"Face it, BB, you’ve spent so long being a caricature of the snobby prince, that’s become your default setting."

The only point of contention is Celestia handling the Galloping Gala situation. I think both Rarity and he were in the wrong in that situation, and I disliked the ending of that episode. But that's just me.

I hope you get lots of Thumbs Ups for this fic. I've given one.

horray character development!

this is brilliant

I'm not sure 'strangle' is the right word. It usually takes a different type of character to elicit that kind of responce from me. No no, Blueblood here was more... pitiful. A petulant little boy in a grown man's body, who's usually in the wrong place at the wrong time, with life kicking him in the teeth over and over.

Agreed. There are several problems prevalent in almost all the confrontation scenarios between Celestia and Blueblood after the Gala, actually. Since the episode very heavily implied that Celestia didn't care about anypony attending besides Twilight's friends (who destroyed the Gala), any criticism she levels at Blueblood for "being rude" feels hollow. And it's never once pointed out to her, because nopony would be in a position to. In extreme cases, she hands out horrendous punishments to her nephew, the worst of which I can remember had been tearing out his soul and replacing it with that of a human interloper from Earth.

Saw it was a story about Blueblood.

Read a story about well characterized Blueblood.

Wasn't disappointed in the slightest.


where the future prince could learn to socialize with other foals his age.

Here, I would've inserted some inner dialogue: 'More like fools than foals.' Just to kick that done-to-death pony pun where the sun don't shine.

FYI, Cadance's name is spelled with an 'a'. It's written that way on the toy packaging and it was spelled that way in Crystal Heart Spell.


FYI, Cadance's name is spelled with an 'a'. It's written that way on the toy packaging and it was spelled that way in Crystal Heart Spell.

While I spell it the Hasbro way, it is Cadence in the show credits, including in season 3. With DHX on one side and Hasbro on the other, sort of makes 'em both canon.

And just his luck, the moment he decides to send Penny the note, he gets a letter inviting him to her wedding with another colt.

Blueblood, as we see him, is a snobbish, self-centered jerk - sort of like Rarity without any of her good qualities :duck: - but it behooves us to ask why he is such a lout. And this is a good answer to that. He's definitely strangleable (is that a word? :facehoof:) here, but... there's a maybe open there for him. Loved the character of Penny; it can't be easy being the best friend of someone who doesn't allow himself to realize you are his best friend.

i...ummm....LOVE IT! I simply loved the ending! I can't really tell if Prince Blueblood changed at the end.

This needs a sequel. I'm not just saying that, I'm just really interested in how Blueblood's life will continue after Penny reads the letter.

I absolutely loved this story! You wrote Prince Blueblood perfectly and made me really feel for all of the characters. This NEEDS a sequel right now! Pinkie will cry if you don't make one. Do you want that on your conscience? DO YOU!? :pinkiesad2:


that ending really hit me.

2762461Have you ever read "The Colour You Bleed"? It is a 'redemption' fic yes, but it is handled very well. I consider it one of my favorite stories on this site.

If you aren't one to shy away from risque humor, another one I would suggest is "The Prince and the Workhorse".

This story, it is simplistically beautiful. We see just how empty his life is and how he denies it, again and again and again. Penny was there for no matter what. Even after she left, she didn't want to entirely sever ties because she knew she was all he had left. His father, the late, great Blue Blood III, (presumably)Duke of Whinneyton, and Bad Penny were the only to ponies to always be there for him.

Do I love this story:
[:heart:] Yes
[] No
[] Maybe

I'd say maybe for the sake of humor but that would downplay how much I enjoyed this story.

2765537 I'm trying to get my own Blueblood fic up. I don't really want to read too many others for fear I will end up copying. I will keep those in mind though, for when I am done. This was just because I was bored and I had just read an... awful BB fic where he was a cannabilistic cult leader... or something. I am so thrilled to have read this though. My Blueblood is so different there is no risk of copying, but... this is so beautiful still.

This was pretty good! A long history of the snobby twit and just enough pathos to make him sympathetic enough to not hate while not at all completely redeemed. A fun read through and through.

2765559You are? Okay! Any clue when it might be up?

Also, cannibalistic cult leader? That sure beats pedophilic, rapist murderer(but just barely). To this day, I am clueless as to why I read that 'story'.:fluttercry::pinkiesad2::pinkiesick::flutterrage::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad::ajsleepy::raritydespair::raritycry::facehoof:

I'm left in two minds by this story. Just why does Penny keep popping up like a bad penny (I see what you did there!) in his life? Yes, she might find it fun to needle him, but - for c.20 years? Really? To the point that even when she's moving away she wants to keep in touch with him and/or more? If there was some sort of indication that he'd ever had a more normal friendship with her, then sure, but he's never shown as being anything other than monumentally self-absorbed, bigoted, and an unrelenting, unremitting, complete and utter asshat. What is his attraction? He's an upper-tier noble with money and status and not a lot else, and she is slightly further down the food chain. The obvious conclusion is that she's exactly what he accuses her of - a social climber trying to marry her way to the top. Which isn't necessarily to say that she doesn't care for him but it's still pretty damn sad. And yes, I have been called cynical before :-)

Even at the end when he finally seems to gain a slight fissure in his self-centred worldview, I had an uncomfortable feeling that it was more a childish snit at Cadence's slapdown than a revelation. Maybe it's a start. Maybe he'll gradually become a better pony. Or maybe he'll have forgotten about it by next week when his Griffonia-sized ego has healed a bit.

This all sounds quite negative and I apologise for that. Most people are getting Redemption - I'm not so sure. The beauty of this story, other than your usual high standard of writing, is that it works equally well either way. And for that, I say - extremely well done.

Apologies for long, incoherent ramble.

2763038 I can see where you're coming from, but I will say that this is a rather different interpretation of Celestia at the Grand Galloping Gala than what I have. In my mind, it's not that Celestia didn't care about anyone else at the gala, but that she was simply tired of the rigid formality of the event. So she invited Twilight and her friends in the hopes that they would shake things up a bit (which they more than succeeded at). So while she's not going to feel sorry for the gala being a disaster, saying she doesn't care about the other ponies there feels like a bit of a stretch (after all, they're her subjects too).

2763194 I can safely say that I don't often get suggestions to do tired, done-to-death puns. I usually just do them. :raritywink: Anyway, it sounds a little sarcastic for the sincere young Blueblood.

2764771 In my mind, it's not really that he changed by the end, but that he took that first little baby step which could potentially lead to a real change.

2765764 What I like about this comment is that I really can't outright deny any of it. To be quite honest, I'm not entirely sure what to make of what I've written, so I'm basically putting this out there saying "...what do you think?"

To offer a more optimistic interpretation (just to give a sense of what was going through my head, not to deny anything you said), Penny sees past Blueblood's veneer and recognizes him as the rather lonely guy he is, and takes pity on him. Something I was definitely trying to imply was that it's not so much that Penny keeps coming to Blueblood, but rather that Blueblood keeps coming to her, in spite of himself, since she's the only pony who will give him the attention he so desperately craves. It isn't towards the end, when Penny fears that Blueblood is engaging in self-destructive activities, that she approaches him. (Not to paint Penny as the perfect, self-less character - she's sarcastic and finds enjoyment in needling Blueblood, a foil to his sincere arrogance. Neither of them are very pleasant in my mind, it's just that it takes a hardier mare to withstand and deprive Blueblood his abuse.)

The nice thing is that there's all sorts of ways you can take this story.

2765764 I took it as "morning after regrets", more than anything else. I doubt he'll ever really grow up - not after twenty years - but there's a glimmer of hope.
I'll admit I can't stand Blueblood, but I haven't characterized him this way. He's clueless, but not that arrogant. Can't believe his dad would have allowed that to happen, personally. :eeyup:

I was almost worried that this story would simply be Bluebloods endless snobbery and that's it would end. With nothing taken away from it.
However, I'm glad to say that that didn't happen and I was pleased to see, not the complete redemption, but the possibility for redemption. I loved this story, and I have to say I like Bad Penny. :twilightsheepish: She's an interesting character and I'd like to explore her some more as a character.:twilightsmile:

As I said, I'm a cynic. I kept being bugged by the cui bono question - if he's such a consistently oblivious, insuffereable twerp - why is she doing this? What's in it for her? As you point out, there's some deeply funky relationship dynamics between those two. That's part of what makes this story so intriguing.
Off topic - every time I see the cover image for Mission Implausible I think of Vinyl and Octavia as Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues (respectively). There's got to be a fic in there somewhere, but I know I'll never write it.
I have always thought that in some ways Blueblood gets a bit of a bad rap from the fandom. Yes, he's clearly got a long-standing and torrid love-affair with himself, but it's not exactly the crime of the century to be a bit of a douchenozzle. Rarity doesn't exactly cover herself in glory there, either - but I'm veering into thinking-too-hard-about-a-kiddies'-cartoon territory (again)

I was crying. Beautiful plot, wonderful details, and the ending was just fabulous. (God, I sound so gay right now.)

Bad Penny, though. Actual character, or made-up? Either way, she's fantastic. I would not have been able to stand BlueBlood through all those years. Bravo, Penny. :twilightsmile:

Just Bravo to the whole story. It's wondrous. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Just maybe.
He will change his ways.
Such a powerful message.:fluttercry:

This is a great exhibition of your talent. I have to admit, my thoughts on blueblood were always sympathetic, but well done all the same.

Comment posted by Ajax94410 deleted Jun 24th, 2013

That's my own interpretation of the episode, actually^^ Though, upon looking back at the transcript of "The Best Night Ever", I was a little shocked at how fitting the other one was.


sort of like Rarity without any of her good qualities

Actually more than just sort of. After all, like Rarity, he suddenly decided that he's in love with a prince(ss) and wanted to marry her. And unlike Rarity, he had the advantage of at least knowing Cadance! (That, and being drunk at the time.)

I basically set out to make a character that readers would want to strangle by the end of the fic, but still leave the possibility for redemption in the end.

You succeeded, I think. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Yes Fat Bastard. Maybe

I believe you succeeded in your objective. I continually wanted to smack Blueblood upside the head and scream. Maybe, just maybe, he has a chance.

I love how I can enjoy every story you write Johnny, you're one of my top 3 favorite authors.

Simply put, Wow. Just Wow. That was an absolute delight to read from beginning to end. The relationship between Blueblood and Penny was so bittersweet; he's too blind to see what they have, and all the while Penny is sort of hoping that one day he'll realize. He cares about her for sure, but his genuine feelings are so stifled under his snobby nature that they can't surface. It's all just... gah, fics like this always frustrate me, because I can never put into words why or how much I enjoy them.

Frankly, I'm surprised this doesn't have a [Romance] or [Sad] tag; it certainly is both of those. The ending was so perfect. It reminds me of The Final Quest of Star Swirl the Bearded's ending – It's left open-ended, but there's a definite spark of hope that everything will be alright in the end, and it leaves me with a bittersweet smile to imagine what might happen after the words end. And as much as a sequel would be welcome, I think this story's powerful ending would be made trivial by continuing it. It's just right the way it is – a sequel would only spoil it.

Well done, Mr. Perry. I have no criticisms for this story. I enjoyed it with that particular love that only stories like The Final Quest of Star Swirl the Bearded elicit.

2767382 Err, by "actual character" do you mean someone I know in real life or someone from some other work? Anyway, whatever the question is, I think the answer to your question is that I made her up. There wasn't any specific inspiration for Bad Penny.

2781886 Thank you for your kind words! As for why it doesn't have a [Romance] or a [Sad] tag, it was mostly a matter of expectations. When people see [Romance], they expect... well, romance. :derpytongue2: Not a guy so full of himself that he is blind to what he has, deliberately eschews romance for most of the story, and treats everypony he knows like garbage. As for [Sad], I guess when I see that tag I think of something that's going for tears, and I didn't think Blueblood would be sympathetic enough to move readers that far. I'm actually a little surprised at the sympathy many commenters are showing towards him, it's a rather nice sign.


Well, just to clarify, I meant "actual character" as in an actual character from the show. But thank you for clearing that up. :twilightsmile:

Bravo, good sir. You begin with a rude character show him going into madness and douchery and at the end show him to at east reflect on his life. Not redemption, reflection. :moustache:

That's so hard to pull off and you did it marvelously. :pinkiehappy:

Faved and Saved and Watch for Conclusion. :twilightsmile:

JohnPerry, I thought you disappeared off the face of the Earth. It's because I haven't seen any new fanfics by you in a while. My surprise when I found this story. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

Did anyone else feel just a little bit sad towards Blueblood? Sure, his life was mostly his own choosing but it is still sad to watch someone willingly choose that over and over and over again.

Excuse me while I get a mob for my puddle of tears :applecry:

I really enjoyed this story, sort of in a schadenfruedic way I think. Thankfully maybe BB learned something at the end. Maybe? A girl can have hope.

Thought-provoking. You should be proud.

this is good words. very....intense. In all seriousness I enjoyed it, it did provoke thought, as Aegis stated below

A very well written, thought provoking and overall good read. You should be proud of yourself! :scootangel:

:moustache:Bad Penny... I think I'm in love~:heart:

Don't really have much to say other than good story and I liked it very much.

For all the sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these.'it might have been'
-John Greenleaf
I felt that this quote was very appropriate for this story.

I absolutely adored this story. And I want more. Sir, I demand you write a sequel, posthaste! ... There needs to be a Blueblood emoticon.

I didn't come away from the feeling like Blueblood was jerk in need of strangling. I come away feeling like there's something very terrible in his past or in his life, but that we're just not told what it is. He comes across as sympathetic. For all his snootiness, he doesn't actually hurt anybody, but he's very obviously dealing with something that is beyond his ability to cope.

Bad Penny is one of those rare cases of an OC where I feel that they are not only entirely appropriate, but also have a characterization strong enough to make me want to see them in other roles beyond their debut story. In fact, the mutually destructive relation between him and her was what made the story for me. Interesting you never gave him any screen time with Twi, who seems like the most natural foil to him as a modest commoner with a dislike of social situations and a need for acceptance but not attention. :twilightblush:

The moment with Shining proposing to Cadance at the Gala was also quite cute, though it seems strange that they didn't meet up with Celestia or Twilight and her famous new friends if they were in attendance (not that I can fault you for that considering how Cadance and Shining were introduced in-series :unsuresweetie:).

Overall I give it an 8.5/10 and several smiling ponies :pinkiehappy::ajsmug::raritystarry::moustache::twilightsmile::trollestia::yay::rainbowlaugh:

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