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Ponyfic Roundup reviews summary, #91 to #100 · 5:27pm Dec 15th, 2016

Previous: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-90

Here we go again, this time with a summary of Ponyfic Roundup editions that I originally published between January and March this year. In this batch of reviews from Louder Yay, I go against fandom consensus by not liking Sweetie Brick. Also reviewed this time around are Life is a Lemon, Cadence in A Minor and The Rose.

By my reckoning, my 500th review is in this batch, too: it's that of The Wrong Side of Tomorrow by Pascoite.

PR 91 -- 20 Jan 16
Rebirth by ObeySaturnGod: ★★
Changelings, Changelings Everywhere by Benman: ★★★★
Fine Print by nucnik: ★★
Dressing Room by GaPJaxie: ★★★
Life is a Lemon by Blueshift: ★★★★★
An Unfinished World by WorldWalker128: ★★★

PR 92 -- 27 Jan 16
The Wind Changed by DaeCat: ★★★
Dinky's First Kill by PresentPerfect: ★★★★
Bomb-Bomb Cake by Garnot: ★★
The Coronation of the Reluctant Princess Fluttershy by A British Gentleman: ★★★
The Haunting in Ponyville by JasonTheHuman: ★★★
Sweetie Brick by shortskirtsandexplosions: ★

PR 93 -- 3 Feb 16 -- Spotlight on Cadence in A Minor
Cadence in A Minor by Isseus: ★★★

PR 94 -- 10 Feb 16
Analemma by Miller Minus: ★★★★
The Stars Will Aid in Her Escape by dragonjek: ★★★
Princess Celestia's Newest Arch Enemy by naturalbornderpy: ★★★★
Letters by Coronet the lesser: ★★
All of It, for Her by Pav Feira: ★★★★★

PR 95 -- 17 Feb 16
Remembering, Mother by IndiBrony: ★★
Sibling Snuggles by The Abyss: ★★
A Lot to Think About by chronicLurker: ★★★
Winning, and Why by 8686: ★★★★
Here's To You by Portable Dingus: ★★

PR 96 -- 24 Feb 16
A Giant Leap Forward by AugieDog: ★★★
The Dragon King by MonsterMasher137: ★
The Golden Daughter by LiamNeighson: ★★★
A Taxing Evening by Admiral Biscuit: ★★★
My Dear by The Poisoned Soul: ★ (author now known as "Suicidal soul and heart")
Ponies and Plinians by PonyAmorous: ★★

PR 97 -- 2 Mar 16
The Rose by Bradel: ★★★★
Nineteen Neighty-Four by Blueshift: ★★★★
Souvenir by TinCan: ★★★★★
The Mating Habits of Equus Pegasus by Juntao112: ★★
The Confessions of Clyde Pie, Prince of Rock by Casca: ★★
In the Lissome Light by Frickadilly: ★★★ (still available on FanFiction.net)
Infernal Machines by Skywriter: ★★★★

PR 98 -- 9 Mar 16
The Liar by ChoppersTopHat: ★★★
The Right Thing by Psya315: ★★
My Personal Hell - Mischief Patchwork by EyesoreForTheBlind: ★★★
Hooves of Clay by iisaw: ★★★
Can We Be Friends Again? by Just A Random Pegasus: ★
A Little Prank. by RainbowDashX12345: ★

PR 99 -- 16 Mar 16
Going Home by GrassAndClouds2: ★★★★
Help! I'm Trapped in a Shipping Card Game! by Belgerum: ★★★
Rough in the Diamond by Sharp Spark: ★★
Where Did Daddy Go? by UniqueSKD: ★★
The Wrong Side of Tomorrow by Pascoite: ★★★
Hatred would be better... by Gabriel LaVedier: ★
Apple Surprise by Derpator: ★★★

PR 100 -- Fics with Under 100 Views Edition
Are you a Robot? by FIMScourge: ★★
Who Could Win A Rabbit by Honeycomb: ★★
Flutterball's Conquest by PlanetKiller: ★
The Second Annual Cherry Hill Championship by Lore-Lei: ★★
Champion; Thy Name Is Angel by Black Hailstorm: ★★
Silver Star and the Temple of Crimson Forest by SilverStarApple: ★

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Did you see that Louder Yay is listed as one of the possible information sources in Bad Horse's Fimfiction survey :twistnerd:

4340902 I did! I took the survey today, actually, though some of it frustrated me a little as I mentioned in my comment on BH's blog. Rather weirdly, though, Loganberry is listed as another possible information source. So I'm in there twice! :derpytongue2:

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