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    Multi-gen means multi-gen

    Now that Fimfiction has opened up to G5 stories, I would like to see the site go the whole hog and cater for all generations. True, I wouldn't expect a massive number of fics about Posey and Gusty or Melody and Patch or whoever, but why not? Now G5 fics are here, Fimfiction can't continue to pretend that Friendship is Magic or even G4 in general is the defining factor linking all

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    Tired but happy

    I was at UK PonyCon over the weekend. A real live MLP convention. And you know what? It was fabulous. (You can read that in a Rarity or Steven Magnet voice if you want!) Quite honestly the happiest weekend I can remember for a very, very long time. So to UKPC falls the honour of being the first in-person con of the G5 era, having previously been the final convention of the

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    We could really do with a G5 tag

    Update 29/09: We now have one! Woo-hoo!

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    Hey look, a new blog post!

    And you know what that means...

    EOn the Wrong Track
    The Equestrian Railways network is remarkable. That's the problem.
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    Write something, Logan!

    This is staying my top blog entry until I actually publish something. I mean, it's been over a year. :raritycry:

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Ponyfic Roundup reviews summary, #21 to #30 · 9:43pm Nov 22nd, 2016

Previous: 1-10 | 11-20

Here's the third part of the summary of my Louder Yay reviews of ponyfic. This will cover reviews made between September and November 2014. Among other things, this batch includes my reviews of all 22 finalists (excluding my own entry!) from the EQD Outside Insight contest. The setup here is as before, so let's get galloping. Come past the break with me for full details.

PR 21 -- 3 Sep 14
The Railway Ponies: Highball by The Descendant: ★★★★★
Accolade by Cereal Velocity: ★★
Friends Forever by Doctor Perseus: ★★
Just a Little Prick by Greatodyer: ★★★ (author now known as "Sweet Tale")
The Last Crusade by Paradigm Shine: ★★★

PR 22 -- 10 Sep 14
Tea Time by Einhander: ★★★★
Airshipping is Magic by Blueshift: ★★★
Behind Closed Eyes by memphisgurl: ★★
Flying Hard by terrycloth: ★★
The Nightmare in Ponyville by FluttershyFan5: ★

PR 23 -- 17 Sep 14
I'd Like to be a Tree by electreXcessive: ★★★
Don't Be Too Hasty by yellowstripedflutterbat: ★★★
A Hell of a Time by Aragon: ★★★
Reading Rainbow by Corejo: ★★
Scootaloo's Secret by Alaborn: ★★

PR 24 -- 1 Oct 14 -- Spotlight on Integration
Integration by Raugos: ★★★★

PR 25 -- 8 Oct 14 -- Outside Insight finalists 1/4
Queen of Queens by JawJoe: ★★★★★
Au Naturalligator by TantiMount: ★★
Let Them Eat Grass by Cloudhammer: ★★★
Old friends by Bad Horse: ★★
Pride by InquisitorM: ★★★

PR 26 -- 8 Oct 14 -- Outside Insight finalists 2/4
Rise by Blueshift: ★★★★
I Am Demon by Aquaman: ★★★★
The Last Trumpet's Call by Cold in Gardez: ★★★★
Little Apple by Oroboro: ★★★
What Do Ponies Call Stockholm Syndrome? by CogWing: ★★
Wisp by rockyrobben: ★★★

PR 27 -- 22 Oct 14 -- Outside Insight finalists 3/4
An Outsider's Perspective by Kavonde: ★★★★
Gazebo by NotARealPonydotcom: ★★
Hello, My Name Is by LoyalLiar: ★★★
Not In Bluff Nor Bravado Nor Loneliness by Vivid Syntax: ★★★
That Orange Colt With The Bare Wings by BlndDog: ★★★

PR 28 -- 29 Oct 14 -- Outside Insight finalists 4/4
Moonlight Palaver by Carabas: ★★★★★
Changeling: The Movie by Obselescence: ★★★★
Cranky Doodle Donkey's Bad Asssssss Day by Einhander: ★★★★
Her Scarf Fluttered in the Absence of Wind by ArgonMatrix: ★★★
Sylphidine by RazgrizS57: ★★
Veni, Vidi, Verti by thesecret1: ★★★★

PR 29 -- 5 Nov 14
Our Weary Daughter, Rest by HoofBitingActionOverload: ★★★
Clock is Ticking by InfantHorizon: ★
Sprinkles by Corejo: ★★★
Styx Enterprises by JLB: ★★
Twilight the Book Worm by Derpator: ★★

PR 30 -- 12 Nov 14
A Brush with Beauty by Burruku_Pansa: ★★★★
An Angel Lost by Mayhem Darkshadow: ★★
Every Little Bit by The Descendant: ★★★
Rainbow Dash Watches Clouds by Ezn: ★★★
Sunny Skies All Day Long by PhantomFox: ★★★

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