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I heard him speak, the silver-eyed man from the land of thunder and hot rain and desert. He said, 'Tell me about the beasts.'

Kid: A star just fell from the sky.

Laughing Bull: That is not an ordinary star, my son. That star is the tear of a warrior.

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Thank you.

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>>2184614 Thanks mate. Always nice to hear from a fan.

It wasn't easy. But I'm stronger for having done it and been through with it. 23 is not particularly a wise age, but I feel a lot wiser then I was when I was 20 and my depression was a problem.

#64 · 47w, 4d ago · · ·

>>2143599 You know, much as I'm glad to hear that The Golden Rule might carry on someday, I'm more excited to hear that you've had some good changes in your life. I'm in Nursing school and we've learned a lot about mental illnesses and had some experience with it (at least, that's what I presume you've been going through based off of context. If I'm wrong then do feel free to correct me). Mental disorders/issues  can be a bear to overcome, especially with mental healthcare still being a relatively unrefined science, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad you're making positive progress in that regard.

Looking forward to hearing more from you at some point, and hopefully reading new writing from you someday. I actually haven't read for pleasure in quite some time because of school (textbooks are such a drag on the desire to read) and other hobbies, so I'll make sure to swing here again over the summer to see what else you have. :) I miss reading good stories.

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>>2143599 Carry on then. And I mean, you just kind of said all the advice I could give you, so... Cheers, mate.

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