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Taking advantage of the extra snow because of winter, and wanting to spend more time together before they go to celebrate Hearth’s Warming with their families for the first time in years. Double Diamond and Night Glider turn their second date into a small skiing-adventure. However a small accident forces them to not only use mobility aids for a time, but also change their plans for the holiday completely.

Written as a gift for Blueninetails as part of Jinglemas 2023 (FiMFiction’s “secret Santa” event). 

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When Celestia decided to send the CMC six tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala. She did it hoping that the three fillies would invite some friends to “liven the night up a bit”… Fate had a different idea.

Thanks to those tickets and the three fillies desire to do something nice for their friends. Princess Celestia and her nephew, the infamous prince Blueblood, will meet two creatures who managed to make their way into the hearts of the two royals. Gabby the griffon and Zecora the zebra.

IMPORTANT: Because of life and scholl shenanigans, this fic will periodically update, don’t worry I WILL FINISH IT, just don’t expect a very consistent update schedule.

NOTE: Because I’m completely unable to rhyme in my own native language let alone English, Zecoa will speak with the same speech pattern as Yoda from Star Wars (not all the time thought as not even Yoda talks talks that way all the time).

Please understand that this is not me being lazy, it is just that I would rather tell the story I want even though it's not in an ideal way. (if you have more doubts about this please check the writer’s note in the bonus for Chapter I).

Takes place after the events of Season 8 and “The Best Gift Ever.” The events of Season 9 aren’t canon for this fic.

Big thanks to everyone in the FiMFiction discord server for helping me with some edits as well as my nonsense regarding this fic for the last half of the year :twilightsmile:.

I apologise for any grammatical mistakes, I’m not a native English speaker :twilightblush:.

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It turns out Celestia is dating Gabby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Twilight having quite the creepy crush on the solar princess doesn’t take the news very well. Is up to Spike (not to be confused with his past tense counterpart: “Spiked”) to snap Twilight out of it. In the process, Twilight will learn a few truths and facts about her world that flew over her clueless virgin head.

This is a shit-post fic. If you take any of this seriously, please call your internet provider and cancel your service, then hand over your devices capable of connecting to the internet to a sane person. People like you are ruining the internet for everyone. If you can read this fic just to have fun please ignore all this. Thank you 🙃

This fic was the result of a very “questionable” chat I had with a few of the guys in the official FimFiction discord server (go check it out, it's pretty nice, very cool people, lots of nonsense) about Celestia X Gabby and some other crack-ships and what not. The following day (the 21 of april 2021. Don’t believe in whatever date appears in the stats, this was written months ago. I just forgot to hit publish), trying to cure the writer block that has frozen any progress in “A Love Beyond Worlds“. I wrote this entire fic in just one sitting, taking inspiration it that chat and what nonsense I could think of. In the hopes that it would cure my writer's block… Spoiler alert! It didn’t :(.

As to why the chapter is named that way. I wasn’t planning to publish the fic, and instead I just shared the google docs link on the discord server. However, “FireTails” (one of the users that unknowingly helped give birth to this fic in the discord server) complain of the lack of a night-mode option. Being a “night-mode supremacist” myself, I quickly put the fic here and set a password so other night-mode users could enjoy it. In the end this and the positive feedback the fic got convinced me to publish it for good… three months later :twilightoops: …. Anyway, as a thanks for the encouragement, an apology for not providing a night-mode option, and because I can’t think of good titles. The fic’s only chapter is named after “FireTails” (who, to be fair, has contributed to keeping the site running by being a gold sponsor. So he does deserved to have a chapter of a fic named after him, even if its a shit-tier fanfic)

Also, if you are interested in reading a more serious Celestia X Gabby fic go check out “You Will Be Great“. I’m also working on another, longer fic for that ship, plus another crack ship mentioned in this fic.

Enough BS and self promotion. I hope you enjoy the fic ^w^

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Gabby had always admired that title. Ever since she was a hatchling back in Griffonstone, she had heard stories of Equestria’s mythical ruler: “Princess Celestia” and how she had managed to create over 1000 years of prosperity for her little ponies.

Now, years later, Gabby herself had become a princess of Equestria through marriage. Her first day as one was about to begin, and frankly, she was terrified about it. After all, how does a young griffon like Gabby hope to compare to a pony like her wife, the mythical Princess Celestia herself?

This is my submission for: “Official May 2021 Pairing Contest

(This is my first time entering a contest by the way. Yes, I’m a little late but you know what they say: “Better late than never”)

Special thanks to “Nate5700” giving me criticism to improve this fic.

I also want to thank everyone on FimFiction’s discord server, for tolerating every time I mentioned this ship, as well helping to come up with ideas for it, correct mistakes and give me their opinion on the story. You guys and gals are the best :twilightsmile:

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After more than 1000 years of struggles, Arceus has decided that it is time for him and his family to take a break, but what started as a visit to Equestria, becomes a rollercoaster of emotions when Celestia and Arceus begin to develop strong feelings for each other.

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"Misty Dolphin"

Somehow briefly made it to the feature box on Thursday 14 of July 2022 :pinkiegasp: THX A LOT :twilightsmile:


This fic takes place after the events of the MLP Christmas especial ("Perfect Gift") and the entirety of the "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon" saga, this means that I won’t be touching the events of the 9th season of MLP as well as the 7th generation of Pokemon (but I will make a little reference about their existence).

Also, I have taken some inspiration from: "A New World A New Way" a fanfic crossover between Pokémon and MLP, written by: "zeusdemigod131"

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