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A Love Beyond Worlds - Viatorem

Arceus and his family visit the land of Equestria for a well-deserved break, but things get complicated when Celestia and Arceus star to develop strong feelings for each other

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Chapter III: Meeting An Old & New Friend

The sun had been out in Canterlot for half an hour by now, the unusual sunlight had increased the general temperature of the city, however this small rise of temperature wasn’t enough to make the inhabitants of the city leave their homes, but this was not the case for a young-looking unicorn mare.

She had left her home a few minutes ago only taking with her a red wool scarf that contrasted with her white fur but combined with the scarlet colour of her mane as well as her blue eyes.

Aside from walking in the streets of the city alone just two days after Hearth's Warming, or the fact that she was a little taller than most ponies, she looked pretty normal, her cutie mark, a golden-toned feather and inkwell, was something normal in Canterlot, as most of the writers in Equestria live in the capital city, however, she being a normal pony was a far cry of who she actually was.

After a few minutes of silence, she started to hum a song to herself while she kept walking, she looked like she was walking to nowhere and that was partially true, she wasn’t walking to arrive at any place, she was only looking at the beautiful scenery that was the streets of the city covered in snow and sunlight, although she was also avoiding the streets of the city with tall buildings, as they prevented the sunlight from reaching the street and therefore were preventing it from warming up, something she disliked as she was trying to enjoy the unusually warm winter morning.

She kept on walking until she arrived at Canterlot’s main park, the park was located behind Canterlot castle and contained the famous Sculpture Garden of Canterlot, as well as the massive maze, known to be the place where the spirit of chaos “Discord” had challenge the carriers of the elements of harmony almost 5 years ago, but the park was also connected to the royal garden, making it a sort of extension to the garden or a mega-backyard for the castle.

She decided to enter the park, she already knew of its beauty and she wanted to see it covered with shiny golden-toned snow, after walking for a few minutes, she arrived at the centre of the park where the sculpture garden and the entrance to the massive maze were located, she then got close to one of the benches and sat down to contemplate the unique landscape.

“Wow!” She exclaimed, “I knew that I did a good job when I decided to make sunlight shine in this way on snow, but I really underestimated how well it would look, I should have made the cloud machine malfunction years ago,” she stopped and sighed, “I only hope Celestia and Luna leave it like this for a few more days”.

Suddenly out of nowhere a dot of white light appeared just a few steps in front of her that was followed by a strong wind, however, she didn’t look like she was interested in this weird phenomenon, in fact, she appeared to be annoyed by it.

“If you want to get in, you better tell me: who are you and what you want!?” She said to the dot of light without looking at it, a masculine voice came from the dot and answered, “Hello there, Miss Faust…” before the voice was able to say anything else, the dot of light increase its size and brightness, so much that the unicorn had to raise her right hoof to eye level to not end up blind, at the same time, the wind started to blow in such a strength that the redheaded mare felt that it was about to blow her away.

Finally, after a few seconds, the brightness and wind stopped completely, the dot of light was replaced by what looked to be a rift in reality, an open door limited by a tight white toned margin of light, appeared where the dot used to be, and at the other side of that door, the alpha pokemon, Arceus, stood.

“Arceus!” The mare said while jumping off the bench she was sitting on, running through the portal and launching herself to hug Arceus; this took Arceus by surprise, causing him to almost lose his balance and fall, however, he was able to keep his balance making him able to hug his friend back.

“I’m so happy to see you again!” Faust said to Arceus while the two were hugging each other.

“I’m also happy to see you!” Arceus answered to the mare unicorn.

Faust separated herself from Arceus.,“where are my manners?” She said to her old friend, “how have you and your family been?” She asked, without realizing that she was in the meeting room.

“I have been fine!” Arceus said happily. “As for the others, why don’t you ask them?” Arceus answered while turning his head to the right.

“Mph?” She said while turning her head to the right, but before she was able to see anything, Mew launched herself to Faust’s face and hugged her, “Faust!” The young said while hugging the unicorn mare.

“Hi Mew!” The mare answered the young pokemon, “Eh Mew… I don’t want to be rude but, can you please stop hugging my face, you are kind of squishing my nose”.

Mew quickly separated herself from Faust’s face, but she didn’t get away from her face that much, “Sorry… but I'm really happy to see you,” Mew said to the mare in front of her.

“It's OK, and I’m also happy to see you little one,” Faust said to the young pokemon that still was a few cementers/inches away from her face.

Just after Faust had stopped talking with Mew, another masculine voice, that sounded familiar to the unicorn mare but she wasn’t able to recognize, came from behind Mew, “Sis, if you don’t mind, we also want to say hello to Faust”.

Mew quickly turned around and answered to the voice, “Oh, yes, sorry Dialga”.

Mew moved to the side allowing Faust to see Dialga, as well as his two brothers, Palkia and Giratina; when Faust saw the three brothers standing in front of her, her mouth opened a little bit, she was surprised by their size, as the last time she saw them, they were just a little bit bigger than Mew, and now they were as tall as Arceus, “Wow! You three have REALLY grown-up”.

"I'm also happy to see you Faust," Giratina answered, a little annoyed.

“Oh sorry… Hello?” Faust said to Giratina, she raised her right hoof waiting for Giratina to do the same

But Giratina surprised her by hugging her with his wings, “I’m so happy to see you”.

Faust started to hug Giratina and said, “I’m also happy to see you big guy”.

After the two had finish hugging, Giratina handed over Faust to Palkia who hugged the unicorn mare, after the two had exchanged greetings, Palkia handed over Faust to Dialga.

It was really an interesting image to see, as the mighty creator of an entire world was being passed like a plushie to be hugged by the three brothers that were also powerful beings, but, all that power to influence reality didn’t seem to matter at the moment, at that moment they were only old friends greeting each other.

After Dialga and Faust had finished hugging each other a female childish voice started to talk, “granddad… Are you going to introduce us your friend, or what?”

“Hum?” Fast said while getting around Dialga so she was able to see who this mysterious new voice was, what she saw surprised her to the point of disbelief, a group of what looked to be over 45 pokemon of different sizes were sitting around a gigantic table.

Before she was able to say anything, Arceus, who had got close to her, raised his right hoof and said, “Faust, I want to present to you the rest of my family”.

Faust quickly turned her head to see her friend, “WHAT!? You have a family of… what… 50 members!?” She asked surprised and somewhat annoyed.

“Well, its technically 52 without counting me,” Arceus answer.

“Wait so there are…” Faust started to count in silence for a moment, “…48, yes 48, 48 members of your family that I haven’t met yet, why didn't you tell me about this before? You know that I love your family!”

“Sorry,” Arceus said while scratching his neck, “I wanted to visit you and the others, and believe me when I tell you that I really wanted to see you again, but we have been really busy since we finish creating my world, I’m sorry”.

Faust smiled at her friend. “Its ok Arceus and I know from experience how hard things can get running a world, I mean at least you were smart enough to create some extra help, unlike me who decided that It wouldn’t be exhausting to do it alone.”

Arceus chuckled, “really? You decided to not create any helpers?” He asked his friend with a smile.

“Yep! And I have been regretting that decision for a long time,” Faust answered her friend, but she didn’t sound angry or annoyed for recognizing her mistake, she actually sounded happy, “I mean, I have created some creatures that help me, as well as some relics, which, by the way, have been a lot of work, especially over the last 1000 years.”

“Ha! Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with a rough last millennium,” Arceus said jokingly to his friend.

“Wait... What do you mean? What happened?” Faust asked her friend, she said it jokingly but also genuinely concerned.

Arceus lowered his head, “Oh well… I don’t really want to talk about it”.

Faust quickly realized that not only Arceus but every Pokemon in the room didn’t seem that excited to talk about what had happened to them during the last 1000 years.

“Sorry for asking,” she apologized, making Arceus turn his head and smile at her.

“It's ok, and you don’t need to apologize, it was my fault for bringing it up,” Arceus answered, making Faust smile at him.

“Anyway!” Arceus said joyfully to his friend. “I’m pretty sure that you want to meet the new members of my family,” Faust nodded her head, “then we better start if we want to finish before sunset.” He said jokingly while guiding her to his personal spot in the meeting room and helping her sit on it, as it was quite a big chair in comparison to her.

Just after Faust sat down Arceus, who was standing next to her, started to talk, “well that little adorable green sweetheart sitting next to Dialga.” This description made Celebi blush and start looking at the floor. “Is Celebi, she’s Dialgas’s daughter and-” Arceus was interrupted by Faust who had grabbed Arceus’s head and turned it around to see him face to face.

“A DAUGHTER! DIALGA IS A FATHER NOW!?” Faust released Arceus and launched herself to hug Dialga on the neck. “OH MY! I’m so happy for you! She’s beautiful!”

Arceus chuckled at the scene that was happening in front of him, "oh, this is going to be fun," he thought to himself with an ear to ear smile.

Celestia’s little walk had extended beyond what would be considered little, she had been walking around the royal garden for an entire hour by now, and she knew that, but she didn’t want to get back into the castle, even with the cold wind that forced the princess to wear a scarf, the rare beauty of the golden-toned snow that covered the garden and the warm sunlight was enough to make her stay out, well that, and the fact that she didn’t want to go back to the castle to work, so she was trying to get at least a bit more free time.

However there was a problem, the princess was getting tired of walking through the same garden, yes it was incredibly beautiful, but, the problem was that she knew this place very well, its small size only made the walk less interesting, and the amount of time she had spent in the place only helped to make it more repetitive, in fact, she had passed in front of the castle door at least 4 times by now.

But as stated before, Celestia wasn’t going to finish her walk yet, because she knew there was a place where she could go to extend and make her walk more interesting, Canterlot’s main park.

As stated before, the park and the royal garden were connected, making the park the perfect place to go for an extended walk, although there was a gate and some protection spells that prevented ponies and other creatures from entering the royal garden without permission or the key, however, it wasn’t like Celestia wasn’t able to go back to the castle and get the key, in fact, she had already done that and was heading to the gate.

After reaching the park and closing the gate behind her, Celestia started to walk again, she wasn’t trying to arrive at any specific place, she was only walking around enjoying the warm sunlight.

She kept on walking without course for almost 20 minutes when she arrived at the park’s center, the place was so open in comparison to the other parts of the park that Celestia decided to stop her walk for a while and go sit on one of the benches.

While walking to the bench, Celestia started to hear a group of voices relatively close to her, but the thing was that there weren't any ponies or other creatures close, or at least she was not able to see them.

Celestia started to walk in the direction of the voices; she had already gotten close enough to make sense of what they were saying.

“Anyway, Arceus, I’m pretty sure that you are here for another reason apart from visiting, do you mind telling me?” A female voice that sounded familiar to the princess for some reason, asked.

“Well, we have been having rough times recently, and we really need a break, so I decided to come here and have a sort of vacation, I mean if you don’t mind,” a masculine voice said to the female voice, that masculine voice captivated Celestia, he sounded strong but compassionate.

The female voice immediately answered she sounded happy and excited, “of course you can! I’m honoured that you decided to come here of all places! Heck, you know what, I’m going with you, I’m going to be your personal guide… but with one condition, you need to show me your world”.

At that point, Celestia had already gotten close to the place where the voices were coming from, a portal, Celestia recognized it immediately, as she had seen thousands of them during her life, and although she had never seen some of the details of it, like it’s a rectangular shape and it’s thin white borders that contrasted with Equestria’s portals with their oval shapes and colourful and thick borders, she was certain that she was going to know what was at the other side of that portal.

The masculine voice that the female voice had called Arceus, answered, “what kind of request is that? Of course I was going to show you my world! In fact, there are some things that I being dying to show you”.

Celestia had already gotten in front of the portal and was looking through it, what she saw made her a little concerned but also confused, a white pony sitting in a massive chair was talking with what looked to be a white and grey pony, but it was a little bit taller than Celestia herself, it also had what looked to be a golden ring around him.

Celestia also saw other massive looking creatures, what looked to be three dragons, one was white and pink, one was dark blue with silver armour and the other one, was grey with black and red and had some strange black wings, were sitting at the left and right side of the chair were the white pony was sitting, she also saw what it look to be a green Breezie, but bigger.

The white pony in the chair started to talk, “like this uninspired windows?” The pony on the chair was the female voice that Celestia was sure she knew from somewhere, she appeared to be joking with the pony-looking creature.

The creature with the masculine voice that the white pony had called Arceus answered, “oh, I actually want to put something more decent there, but I have been short on ideas, perhaps I can get an idea from your world”.

“I hope you do,” the mare pony said to this 'Arceus', “well, before you can go into my world, there are some things all of you need to know,” suddenly the white pony jumped off the chair that she was sitting on, that’s when she realized that Celestia had been looking at them at the other side of the portal.

“Princess Celestia!” The white pony screamed in surprise, this caught the attention of Arceus who turned around to see what had made his friend scream.

When the alpha pokemon saw the princess at the other side of the portal, his eyes started to glow bright and the princess started to be pulled across the portal, Celestia tried to get away but a powerful force was pulling her through the portal mede it imposible, but weirdly enough the princess wasn’t feeling afraid, there was something about this Arceus that made her feel strangely calm.

Author's Note:

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