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A Love Beyond Worlds - Viatorem

Arceus and his family visit the land of Equestria for a well-deserved break, but things get complicated when Celestia and Arceus star to develop strong feelings for each other

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Chapter VI: At Night

Arceus found himself following Celestia, the two of them were walking down in a big hallway, illuminated by the last lights of the sunset. According to the princess; they were heading to the area of the castle were the sleeping rooms where located.

Suddenly, a dark blue pony, a little bit smaller than Celestia appeared around the corner, causing Celestia to stop.

“Goodnight Luna,” Celestia said to the dark pony, at that point, Arceus was able to see that the pony had wings and a horn, which according to Celestia, makes a pony an alicorn.

“Good night dear sister,” Luna said, without realising of Arceus presence.

“So this is your sister Celestia, she is a little bit taller than what I expected,” Arceus said, as he moved to get next to Celestia.

After a few seconds of silence, in which the princess of the night and the alpha pokemon look at each other, Luna started to talk. “Sister, do thou mind presenting us to our guest”.

“Oh, of course, Luna this is Arceus; Arceus this is Luna, my little sister”. Celestia said while Luna started to walk close to Arceus.

“Nice to meet you,” Arceus said while looking down at Luna.

“Is also a pleasure for us to meet thou Arceus,” Luna answer, she then turned to see Celestia, “Sister, can we talk with thou a minute?”.

“Of course Luna,” Celestia answer.

“In private,” Luna said with a cold tone, trying to not look at Arceus.

“Oh, yes…” Celestia then turned to see Arceus, “can you please wait here, you don’t mind right?”

“Not at all,” Arceus answer, with his usual relaxed tone.

Luna started to walk and turn around the corner where she had appeared a few moments ago, Celestia followed her, only to be dragged to a nearby cleaning closet by her sister, causing a lot of noise caused by some of the cleaning material falling to the floor as the princesses struggle in the small closet.

“Luna, what are you doing?” Celestia asked, before hitting something with one of her wings.

“What art we doing? We art the one who is supposed to make that question, we thought thou said that both of us will have some free time for the both of us, neither thou nor we weren’t supposed to receive any kind of dignitaries, or whatever the hay Arceus is,” Luna said with indignation; indignation that didn’t last long as she hit one of the walls and a bucket fall next to her, scaring both Celestia and Luna.

“Look Luna, it was something that just happened, he is only going to stay with us a few weeks while his family sees Equestria and that’s it, so relax,” Celestia answer, trying to not hit anything.

“Very well sister, but he is thy responsibility,” Luna said, also trying to not hit anything just like her sister; however despite their best effort, they end up hitting and dropping even more things when a nocked came from the other side of the door.

“Celestia, Luna, are you two all right?” Arceus asked at the other side of the door, worried for the two princesses after hearing so many loud noises.

“We are fine Arceus,” Celestia said while opening the door; only to find the face of a very concern Arceus.

“What happened here?” Arceus ask while moving away so the princesses could get out of the closet.

“We kind of under- WOAH!” While Celestia made her way out the closet she slipped doe to soapy water that came from a bucket that eider she or Luna hit while they were on the closet, causing her to fall to the floor the same way a pony who doesn’t know who to used skates.

“Celestia!” “Tia!” Arceus and Luna said while getting close to help Celestia; however, the two of them had different degrees of success, as Arceus was able to get close to Celestia, while Luna, just like her sister, ended falling to the floor after sliding doe to the same soapy water that made her sisterfall.

“Are you all right?” Arceus asked Celestia while using his right frontal leg to help her to get up.

“I’m fine Arceus” Celestia, now standing, answer to the alpha pokemon, she was about to thank him and go help Luna when she slipped again, however this time she managed to stop her fall by grabbing her frontal legs around Arceus neck, basically she hug Arceus to avoid falling to the floor."

“I’m so sorry for this Arceus,” Celestia said while 'hugging' Arceus and ones again trying to hide her light blush.

“You don’t need to apologize” Arceus answer while looking down at Celestia, realizing that she was trying to hide the light red colour of her cheeks.

Celestia began to separate herself from Arceus and therefore, relaxing the grip of her “hug” around Arceus neck, but suddenly her back legs slipped, however this time, due to her weaker grip around Arceus neck, Arceus had to catch her by using his frontal right leg.

“Easy there,” Arceus said while using his right leg to pull her closer to him, even closer of what Celestia originally did, as she was able to hear what she supposed to be Arceus heart, this made it look like Arceus was returning Celestia’s “hug” while Celestia responded to this action with a stronger and tighter “hug”.

While Arceus helped Celestia, the cheeks of the princess started to gain an even more red colour, Celestia was feeling so embarrassed, or at least she thought it was embarrassment what she was feeling (as she was also having some kind of problem identifying her emotions), that she began to feel worried that she might end up bleeding for her nose doe to how strong her blush had become.

But, even when she was certain that her blood bezels in her nose were about to explode, Celestia, out of curiosity, turn her head to see Arceus, just to see that Arceus was looking down at her, and “worse” -or best depending on how you see it- of all, both made the mistake of looking at each other eyes, entering in the kind of hypnotic stated they had fallen back at the meeting room on the Hall of Legends that morning.

However, this time, unlike in the morning, Celestia and Arceus minds were able to form thoughts instead of going blank, although neither Celestia nor Arceus were able to move, or do anything for that matter.

H-he is l-looking at my e-eyes… a-again! … W-why d-does it f-fell g-good? Celestia thought while standing there, immobile.

H-her e-eyes… w-why I’m l-looking at h-her e-eyes? ... W-why d-does it f-fell so n-nice? ... W-what is h-happening h-here? Arceus ask himself while looking at Celestia’s eyes.

Fortunately -or unfortunately- they state of trance was broken when an annoyed Princess Luna, who was now flying at a low altitude next to them after many failed attempts of her own to stand up, talk. “We art fine, thanks for the help thou two”

After her “trance” was broken and realising that her sister was flaying, Celestia brooked her “hug” with Arceus to join her younger sister, who gave her an accusatory look.

“We will recommend thou to take this off,” Luna said pointing at her sister's hoof regalia, that’s when Celestia realised that her own hoof regalia, as well as Luna’s, who had already taken them off, and now were floating next to Luna, were completely covered in soapy water.

After Celestia took off her regalia, she and Luna landed right next to Arceus, Luna started to talk, “now if thou excuse us, we art going to rise the moon,” she then turned to see the closet and the mess she and Celestia had done. “And get somepony to clean all of that, good night sister.”

Celestia didn’t respond, she was looking at the floor and with her head tilted to the right side, looking away from Arceus. “Sister, we said, have a good night,” Luna said, annoyed that her big sister didn’t wish her good night.

“Oh? What? Oh, yes, good night Luna” Celestia answer but without putting much attention.

“Are thou alright sister?” Luna asked, worried for her sister strange behaviour.

“Yes, I’m alright, just a little tired,” Celestia answer, however, Luna didn’t believe her, but before she was able to make any question Celestia yawn as she was genuinely tired; is worth pointing out that, for some reason, Arceus found the yawn of the princess to be completely adorable, making a smile appear on his face.

Seen this, Luna was convinced that her sister wasn’t lying, “well, in that case, we will recommend thou to go to sleep, unless thou want to have some kind of problem tomorrow while visiting Twilight”

“Yes, I better go to my room, good night sister,” Celestia said.

“Good night sister,” Luna answer, she then turned around and began to walk down the hallway.

After Luna disappear of sight, both, the princess of the sun and the mighty alpha pokemon, stood there in silence, and with the exception of their chest expanding due to their natural need to bread, or their eyelids quickly close and open due to the need of their eyes to be wet and clean, the two didn’t make a single move at all.

Finally, after the moonlight started to enter the hallway, which meant that Celestia and Arceus had been standing there for over 10 minutes by now, Celestia, without saying a word, turned around and began to walk, Arceus did the same and began to follow her, the two of them walk on silence, without saying anything, however, while the two of them might look like there are relax, their minds were everything but calm.

“What is wrong with me!? Why every time I look at his eyes I lose control of my body? …”

“Why I lose control of my body every time I look at her eyes? Does she have some kind of hypnosis ability? …”

“… and why I get so embarrassed around him? I’m acting worse than a little filly …”

“ … No that doesn’t make sense, maybe It has something to do with magic, I need to ask Faust about this later…”

While the two of them were concentrated in their thoughts, they didn’t realise that they had already arrived at the door of Celestia’s room, Celestia, without putting much attention to her actions, opened the door of her room and entered it, Arceus, who also didn’t realise that he was entering Celestia’s room, follow her.

After Arceus had entered the room, the two guards, who were standing at both since of the door, close the door a few seconds later, after needier the princess of the alpha pokemon made any effort to close it, and exchange confused looks, not so much for Arceus as they were aware of his presence in the castle, but because the princess had taken the creature to her room.

In the meantime, Celestia had entered her bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face, in the hope that the cold water will help her stop thinking about Arceus and concentrate in her surroundings.

While Celestia was on her bathroom, Arceus got close to the chimney to get warn as a fire was already burning in it (probably started by one of the few castle employees that weren’t on vacation for hearts warming) he sat next to it, and extended his frontal legs to the fire, he began to look around the room; the decoration didn’t impress Arceus, so he kept looking around it until he stopped and his cheeks started to gain a red colour, as his eyes ended looking at the bathroom, to be more precise looking at Celestia’s flank; the princess had forgotten to close the door of the bathroom and because the sink was literally in front of the door, her rear was completely visible.

Now, despite walking behind Celestia for a considerable part of the day, Arceus didn’t try to look at Celestia’s rear, but not this time, he was taken by surprise and because he was sitting on the floor and Celestia was standing, he was able to see her rear without any problem or effort, to his credit, he tried to not look but his primary instincts made it impossible, he even shake his head, but his instincts made it impossible to stop looking.

While Arceus Was distracted with Celestia’s rear, the princess, began to take off her crown and golden regalia around her neck, she finally, to Arceus instincts disappointment, turn around, and then she screamed, “Arceus! What are you doing in my room!?”

“Oh, w-what? What?” Arceus said in surprise while getting himself off the floor.

“You are in my room,” Celestia answer while trying to hide her blush.

“Wait, this is your room?” Arceus ask while looking around the room, finally realising that the room he had been looking around was actually Celestia’s room.

While Arceus was busy looking around him, Celestia was able to see that Arceus was blushing as well, but she didn’t put that much attention to that at that moment, and began to talk again. “Yes, this is my room, now what are you doing here?”

“W-well to be honest with you, I don’t know, I simply follow you here, and well, I ended up here without realising,” Arceus answer.

“What, you didn’t realise you were in my room?” Celestia asked with an incredulous tone.

“Yes, I’m sorry for that,” Arceus answer.

“No, you don’t need to apologize, to be honest, I also forgot that you were following me, or realize that you were here,” Celestia said trying to hide a chuckle for the ridicules of the situation, as well as a face-hoof as she realised that taking a 'stallion' to her room without realising, will make those nasty rumours come back.

“Wait, really?” Arceus asked.

“Yes, lest just say that just like you, I also had my head on the clouts,” Celestia answer, with a small smile.

Arceus return the smile and ask. “Well, you don’t mind showing me the room were I'm going to stay?”

“Of course, follow me please,” Celestia said while walking towards the door of her room and opening it.

“Is the room just in front of us,” Celestia said pointing ad a door that was right in front of Celestia’s room.

“Thank you, Celestia,” Arceus said as he passed the princess and began to open the door of his room, he then turned around to see Celestia, “Good night Celestia”

“Good night Arceus.” Celestia answer before entering her room and closing the door.

After entering his room, Arceus took a quick look before walking towards a bureau with a mirror, he stared at his reflection while he started to think on what had happened during the day, but his train of thought was broken when he realised that his cheeks still had a light red colour as a result of his “sneak peek” at Celestia’s rear, remembering the incident made his cheeks go from a light red colour to a very dark red colour, and worse of all an involuntary, small smile appeared in his face, seen this Arceus sight before screaming, “What is wrong with me!?”

Meanwhile, Celestia was now sitting in front of the chimney, and just like Arceus was reminiscing of the events of the day, in particular the little incident in her room, she was putting a lot of attention on Arceus blush.

“He looked like a tomato, but why?” Celestia thought to herself while trying to figure out why Arceus had blushed, after a few seconds of thinking, she turned her head to the bathroom, it was them when she realised that she had let the door open the whole time she was there, her mind quickly connected the dots.

H-he he was looking at my… NO, HE WILL NEVER DO THAT!” Celestia thought to herself, then, she sight. “I better go to sleep, I thinking pure nonsense”

Celestia then extinguished the fire of the chimney, got on her bed and turn off the light. “… I mean, I’m 1000% sure that he will never do something like that on purpose, maybe it was an accident … in a way we are both responsible … at least he didn’t say anything offensive about it, he acted like a decent pony … not that I had minded if he had to say…” Celestia, now In her bed stop her thoughts. “… About it…”.

Celestia, realising of what she thought and said, turn around and took one of her pillows, she buried her face in it and scream in frustration, she then separated her face of the pillow, sight and asked, “what is wrong with me!?”

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