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A Love Beyond Worlds - Viatorem

Arceus and his family visit the land of Equestria for a well-deserved break, but things get complicated when Celestia and Arceus star to develop strong feelings for each other

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Chapter IV: An Agreement

Celestia was finally pulled across the portal, making her able to see more of the meeting room, what she saw would have been enough to make any pony scared to death, what looked to be a group of at least 50 creatures of different sizes, colours and shapes, some of which looked somewhat similar to creatures and animals from Equestria, were staring down at her.

But the princess didn’t feel intimidated, she had dealt with inter-dimensional threats before, that being said she wasn’t that sure if there was a threat at all, Arceus and that white familiar pony seem to be old friends for how they talk with each other, and she had heard them talk about visiting Equestria as a sort of vacation, there was also the fact that even when Arceus had pulled her across the portal, he was giving her some sort of feeling of trust.

However this was not enough to convince the princess to blindly trust Arceus and the other creatures, however, the princess had been too distracted in her thoughts to realize that the white pony had bowed in front of her and had called her by her title, basically how most of the equestrian population greeted the princesses, but while Celestia was too busy analyzing her surroundings to notice the pony in front of her, Arceus not only realized that his old friend was bowing in front of this princess, but was trying to figure out why she was doing that.

“Why is Faust doing this?” Arceus thought while looking at his friend. “Faust is the creator of this world, she is not supposed to bow in front of anything… unless,” Arceus stopped his thoughts when he remembered a conversation he and Faust had during one of their last travels.

Back when Arceus and Faust used to travel together, they sometimes would talk about what plans they had regarding their worlds, similar to artists talking about their creations, this time they were talking about how the different gods they have visited interacted with their creations, and how the creations saw their creators. They have seen gods live among their creations as rulers, or simple people hiding their true identity, others chose to be a thing a force, others to just watch, and so on; but there was something in common with all of them, they were worshipped as gods, but Faust didn’t want that.

Faust told Arceus that she wished to coexist among her creations as a normal creature without being worshipped, as she said it: "a world without a god." Arceus saw this idea as a little extreme, but he respected his friend, and in a way, he agreed with her, he also wanted to live among his creations, he wanted his creations to view him as a father, a protector, but not their leader, being seen as a living legend, and apparently just like he had chosen to go ahead with his vision, Faust had decided to go with hers, although he was wondering why Faust didn’t decide to have wings or be taller, just like the princess...

...The princess... Arceus had finally taken a good look to the princess, she looked just like Faust did, just quite taller and with wings, as well as the obvious colourful and flying mane that heavily contrasted against Faust's scarlet and simple mane, the eyes of the princess were also different from the ones of his friend, Faust’s eyes were light blue while the eyes of the princess were pink? No, that’s not right, they had a purple tone? Arceus stared at the princess's eyes, trying to determine the right colour, something difficult as they were constantly moving, it was obvious that she was looking for something dangerous, but finally, her eyes stopped moving, but only because they were looking directly at Arceus, and for some bizarre reason, Arceus started to feel weird, but it was somehow a nice feeling.

Celestia had been busy looking around the room trying to see if there was any danger, she especially put a lot of attention on the creatures; most of the small creatures didn’t seem to be dangerous as they seemed to lack fangs and claws, but she knew that even the smaller creatures can be dangerous if they had some kind of power, as for the big ones, that was a different story, most of them seemed to be dangerous as they had fangs and claws, and the ones that didn’t have fangs or claws had horns or other pointy and sharp looking things, or were big enough to give her a good hit. Howver Celestia had almost forgotten about Arceus, almost, the princess finally looked at Arceus, she realized that he was staring at her, he was looking directly at her eyes, she did the same, looking directly to his green/red eyes, she did this hoping that it would show Arceus that she wasn’t intimidated, but when she looked at his eyes, she started to feel weird, but it was a nice kind of weird.

“Princess, are you alright?” Faust asked Celestia, concerned that the princess was in some kind of shock, this managed to broke the somewhat hypnotic, eye to eye stare between Celestia and Arceus.

“What? Oh, yes, I’m alright,” Celestia answer, she sounded a little surprise, almost like she had forgotten everything around her, “thanks for asking, misses… Sorry what was your mane?” Celestia asked trying to discover the identity of this familiar-looking white pony, although Celestia suspected that the white pony had already said her name, only that she didn’t hear it for been distracted by looking at Arceus, somewhat beautiful, eyes.

“It’s Golden Feather, princess,” Faust said, this name click in Celestia's head, or at least partially, she was still trying to remember where she had listed that name before, as for Arceus, that name also click in his head

The fake name remind Arceus of some of his travels with Faust, in some of the worlds they had visited, the gods and spirits will live among mortals by using fake identities, the name also made sense base on the image that Faust had on her flanks, an image that Arceus just had notice, that been said the image and name also remind Arceus of Faust obsession with puns and the meaning of names. However while Arceus was remembering things, the anxiety to know what was going on of the other legendary pokemon was growing.

Finally, Mew, trying to avoid making things difficult by asking directly, started to use her psychic powers, to communicate with her dad, “Dad, what is going on? Who is she and why is Faust acting so weird? Why is Faust using a fake name?”

“Relax Mew,” Arceus answer by using his own psychic powers, “I think I have an idea of what is going on, but right now I need you to use your powers and tell the others to stay quiet while I take care of this, alright?”

“Alright dad,” Mew said, knowing that she can trust her dad. “One more thing dad.”

“What is it, Mew?” Arceus ask, knowing that it was probably going to be a joke.

“Put attention to their conversation, it will be rude if you don’t listen to them,” Mew said trying to sound commanding, but just like before she turned out to be cuter than anithing else.

“I will,” Arceus said with a chuckle cause by the cuteness of her daughter, that been said, Arceus had been listening to the conversation between the princess and his friend, while talking with Mew.

“Oh! I know you, you have a small column, behind the coupons, in The Canterlot Chronicle, where you write short stories, and your experience around Equestria,” Celestia said to Faust finally remember where she had listened, or in this case read, her name before.

“Yep!” Faust said, proud to know that the princess knew about her fake identity, but also a little ashamed that the princess knew about her stories because they were that interesting text behind a 25% off coupon for a sandwich, “by the way, is a pleasure to finally meet you, princess”

“Is also nice to meet you, miss Golden Feather, but, I really want to know what is going on here,” Celestia answer, trying to be polite but without forgetting of the situation she was in.

“Fa-Golden, I think it will be a good idea if I take care of things from now on,” Arceus decided that this was the right moment to enter the conversation.

However it was obvious that Faust wasn’t sure that it was a good idea, Arceus almost call her by her real name and not the fake one, but, she also trusted her friend, and that small mistake was understandable, after all, she had lost account of how many times she almost said her true name rather than the fake one, that been said, she was not going to take any risk. “are you sure Arceus?” She asked, sounding obviously worried.

“Yes, but if you see that I need help, or I’m making a mistake, please tell me, Ok?” Arceus answer to his friend, trying to make her feel a little bit more comfortable with the situation.,“anyway,” Arceus turn to see the princess. “We haven’t been formally introduced, I’m lord Arceus, and for what I have heard you are princess Celestia, right?”

“Yes, I’m Celestia, and is a pleasure to meet you, lord Arceus,” Celestia said to the alpha pokemon, one will think the princess was trying to be nice for just for the sake of formality, which was somewhat true, but for some strange reason, she was actually pleased to meet him.

“The pleasure is mine, princess,” Arceus answer, similar to Celestia, Arceus was trying to be nice, after all, he was visiting Equestria for a relaxing vacation, not troubles, and somehow knew that she was a nice pony.

“Please, just call me Celestia,” As usual, the princess was trying to avoid the somewhat annoyance that was the unnecessary formalities that came with her title.

“In that case, you can call me Arceus,” Arceus answer, while a small smile appeared in his face, he was happy to see that the princess appeared to have a similar position to him and Faust regarding titles and formalities.

Celestia saw a smile appear in Arceus’s face, or at least what she thought to be a smile, he didn’t have a proper mouth, just a simple black line that bent to the shape of a smile, but even when it was hard to the princess to tell if there was a smile or not, she was sure that Arceus seemed to be happy hearing that she prefers to be called by her name and not her title.

“Very well,” Celestia said in response, “now Arceus, can you tell me what do you want with Equestria?” Celestia asked.

“Well, you probably overheard somethings, but we are basically coming here for what will you call a simple family vacation,” Arceus answer.

“Wait, what do you mean with 'a family vacation'?” Celestia asked in surprise.

“Simple me and my family want to see this place, take some time off and relax, you knew the usual,” while Arceus was telling that to the princess, he rose his right hoof to point the table where the other legendary pokemon were sitting.

“Oh!” Celestia said, realizing that she had forgotten about the other creatures. “Wait, so all of these different creatures are your family?” The princess was surprised, not by the number of creatures, she knew of families in Equestria that were probably bigger, like the Apple family, but because how different they were to Arceus.

“The tern is pokemon, not creatures, but yes all of them are my family,” Arceus said, without realizing that the princess had some doubts about his relations to most of the pokemon sitting around the table.

“There’s no way that all of them are your relatives,” Celestia said, trying not to sound rude.

“Well, some of them are second relatives, like Mewtwo (even when Mewtwo wasn’t Mew’s son but instead her clone, he prefered to be treated as her son, as it gave him a sense of belonging, and didn’t remained him of his true origin as a human experiment), and Celebi, who are my grandsons, and we also have adopted some pokemon into the family, like Deoxys and Genesect, but at least half of them are eider, my sons or daughters,” Arceus said to Celestia, who was looking at Arceus with a rather obvious but comical face of disbelieve, reason told the princess that what he was saying was a lie, but how he talked and especially that weird sentiment of trust that Arceus gave her, told the princess that he was saying the truth, most of these creatures, that didn’t look remotely to him, were his sons and daughters or at least grandchild’s.

Arceus noted the face that was making the princess, “Celestia, are you alright?” He asked, extremely worried that something bad had happened to her.

Celestia blinked several times before responding to the question, “Yes, I’m fine, I just… It doesn’t mather” She said, not sounding sure about her own words.

“Are you sure?” Faust aka Golden Feather, asked the princess while getting close to her.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Celestia said to Arceus and Faust/Golden Feather.

“Are you sure that you don't want to at least sit-down?” Arceus asked, it was obvious that he was very worried about her; almost more than Faust was for her, and Arceus knew that he was been a little overprotective, but he didn’t know why he was so worried for her.

“Yes, I think I’m going to sit down,” Celestia said, she didn’t need to sit, as she had told them before, she was fine, she might have a small shock but she was fine, she had gotten used to surprises, especially in the last five years, however, she accepted the offer, but only because she wanted to keep the conversation going, and that will only be possible if they were not worried about her, but the princess had to admit that the concern that Arceus had shown bout her wellbeing, was the main reason that made her accept the offer.

The princess began to close her flanks to the floor, but before he was able to sit down properly, she began to float in the air, like she was lifted by magic, but this wasn’t magic, it was the same force that pulled her across the portal a few minutes ago.

“Hey! What!?” Celestia asked in surprise, she then realised that Arceus was the one who was levitating her, “Arceus! I can walk on my own, I don’t need your help,” Celestia said a little annoyed but also, somewhat happy, she even fell that her cheeks were starting to get warn, she was blushing!

“Sorry Celestia, but you are my guest, and won’t let any of my guest to sit on the floor,” Arceus said while he moved the princess to his personal couch next to the table where the other legendary pokemon where sitting, Arceus sound somewhat happy while he moved the princess.

“Arceus I don’t know how things are in your world, but here in Equestria is very rude to levitate somepony without their permission,” Faust started to lecture Arceus while he gently put the princess on his personal chair/couch.

“No, is ok,” Celestia said before Arceus was able to apologise to her, she didn’t look at him, trying to hide her little blush, however, the princess quickly move her eyes to look at Arceus face, and she was certain that he was blushing as well, it was hard to tell because his dark grey face made difficult to distinguish the light red colour, but she could swear that he was blushing as well.

“Anyway,” Celestia said before clearing her throat, “what we were talking about?”

“About our vacations,” A male voice said across the room, Celestia quickly turned her head in the direction that the voice had come from, only them the princess realise that she was sitting next to the table where the other legendary pokemon where sitting around, the pokemon that had said this was what Celestia will describe as a massive looking black and red eagle, the eagle had his wind crossed and was giving an accusatory look to the princess with his blue eyes.

Celestia, a little afraid rose her right front hoof and moved it little bit site to site it in a motion similar to a hi. “Oh yes! Thanks for remaining me, mister?” She asked sounding nervous, not only for the eagle looking pokemon, but the rest of the legendary pokemon that were also looking at her, and, as stated before some of them were a little intimidating to the princess, especially a massive flying green snake, that been said, irrational fear to snakes was something common among equines, in fact, according to Shining Armour, during the time that Chrysalis pass as Cadence they had an incident with a snake that made the mighty ex-queen of the changelings look like a scare little filly.

“Yvelta” the eagle looking pokemon said to the princess, he didn’t change his expression or move at all, it was obvious that he was annoyed with the princess, however, his expression quickly changed to one of pain, apparently a blue deer looking pokemon that was sitting next to Yvelta, had hit him under the table for his bad matters.

“Well,” Celestia turn around to see Arceus, she only did that to avoid looking at the other pokemon, for how uncomfortable they made her feel, especially the snake looking pokemon, “so about your vacation here, I have some things to say about it”

“Like?” Arceus asked.

“Well, I don’t think most of the ponies and other creatures are going to feel comfortable around your family,” Celestia answer, she was trying not to offend Arceus or the other pokemon.

“And why will they feel uncomfortable?” Arceus ask.

“Well… to be honest… some of them are… well kind of scary” Celestia was trying her hardest to not be offensive, but she had to be honest.

“True, but I have a plan to make things simpler,” Faust/Golden Feather said to the princess.

“And what is that plan?” Celestia ask.

“Simple, we only use spell that change appetence,” Faust answer with a smile.

“You know that those spells are hard to do, right?” Celestia asked her.

“Yes, but I have been practising the easiest one to do, one that only lasted a little more than 12 hours,” Faust respond sounding certain in her skills.

“I’m not sure,” Celestia answer

“I can give you a demonstration,” Faust said, she then turned to see the other legendary pokemon. “Hey Regigigas, can you please come here”

The massive white pokemon got off his seat and started to walk where the three were discussing, Celestia had to admit that the creature was intimidating her.

Regigigas finally got in front of Faust/Golden, “thank you, sweetheart, now this is going to fell a little weird, but everything is going to be fine, just don’t move,” Faust's horn started to shine in a golden tone, she then directed the light to Regigias who started to shine in the same golden tone, finally after a few seconds the light stop and were Regigigas use to be, appeared a rather big white earth pony with a black main and eyes and a cutie mark that resemble steel, rock and ice.

Celestia was impressed by the abilities of the unicorn, however, that when out of the window when the only thing that came out of Regigagas was his name in a robotic voice.

“Oh! Let me fix that,” A pokemon that resembled a hairless pink cat whit a long tail, got off her chair and levitated towards Regigagas, she placed her hand on the head of the pony and close her eyes, after a few seconds she tucked her hand off the head of the pony, “now, try to say something.”

“Hello,” Regigigas voice was kind of deep but it was better than the robotic voice.

“As you can see princess” Faust/Golden turned around to see the princess, “we have that cover, and before you ask,” she showed her a pocket watch, that Arceus was sure came out of nowhere, “the spell will whore off at 8:00 pm, enough time to see a good part of the city”.

“Ok you have that cover, and for what I overhear, you are planning to be the guide, but I’m still not sure if letting then free in Equestria is a good idea,” Celestia said to Faust.

Just after the princess had finished talking a good amount of the legendary pokemon started to talk in outrage, Celestia had basically call them savages and they were obviously a little annoyed by that, however, they didn’t talk that much, Arceus simply clear his throat and everyone went silent.

“Why is that princess? why do you think is not a good idea for us to visit Equestria?” Arceus ask sounding calm as usual.

“Well, we only meet a few minutes ago and even when you and Golden seen trustworthy, I can risk the well been of my little ponies base on the feeling of trust you give me, or what a small writer tell me, I’m sure that you understand, right?” Celestia answer, she also sounded calm but she was a little scare.

“I understand, I myself won’t let anyone come to my world if I think they are dangerous,” Arceus said. “But we really need this, is there any way we can make an arrangement or something”:

Celestia closed her eyes and sight, “well, if you let at least one of my guards to go with you so they can tell me what are you doing… and, that don’t be enough to let you in, I really want to let your family in, they look nice but, I don’t want to take any risk,” she knew that the guard won’t be enough, but she really wanted to let them in, as they didn't seem to have any altered motives to come to Equestria or any interest in hurting her ponies, but she didn’t have any idea of what to ask for to let them in Equestria.

“What if I stay with you?” Arceus ask surprising everyone in the room.

“But father-” Dialga started to talk, even when Mew told him that Arceus had given them the order to not interfere, Arceus quickly interrupted him before he was able to say anything else.

“Dialga, you and the others can take perfect care of yourself, and you know that this vacation is for all of you, and I’m pretty sure that this will be the only way that Celestia will let all of you in, right?” Arceus said.

“Yes,” Celestia answer. “I think is reasonable to ask that at least one of you stays with me, I’m sorry”

“You don’t need to apologize, is the most reasonable option,” Arceus said to the princess.

“You don’t understand,” Faust/Golden Feather said to her friend, “two days ago was hearts warming, a festivity in Equestria where families get together to pass a good time, I think Celestia doesn’t want to separate a family, especially in this time of the year.”

“But you also don’t want to ruin our vacation, right?” Arceus ask, looking at Celestia.

The princess simply nodded with her head, “yep, that’s basically it.”

“So we are not going to have our vacation?” Celebi ask, whit the cutes voice she was able to do, she was trying to manipulate the princess whit her cuteness just like she had done sometimes whit her dad and granddad

Celestia turn to see Celebi, she had to admit that the pokemon was very cute, and she appeared to be sat over the fact that they were not going to have a vacation in Equestria, however, Arceus knew exactly what his granddaughter was trying to do, making him feel a little guilty for letting Celebi manipulate Celestia.

“Sorry, little one but-“ Celestia answer, starting to feel guilty by the look that Celebi was giving her, the worst part is that she knew that tactic, Cadence, Twilight and Blue Blood used it a lot with her when they were little, “I mean it's not like I don’t want you to have your vacation, is just that I don’t want to put any ponies or you in risks, I mean, is not like I don’t trust or your family or anything, but I only meet to make sure that everything will be fine, but whit out forcing anyone to past the vacation away from the rest of the family, I just that… well,” Celestia knew that she was falling for the cuteness trick, but she was trying to give a fight, a fight that she knew it was pointless but at least she will fight to the end.

“But my granddad just told you that he was willing to stay with you, right granddad?” Celebi turned to see Arceus.

Arceus knew that this was his time to enter the conversation, “yes, it will be good for your dad as well for Palkia, Giratina and Mew to get some practice as seconds in command”.

“Wait, are you sure that we can manage the responsibility dad?” Mew asked Arceus also entering the already confusing conversation.

“Of course Mew, I mean, so far none of you had destroyed something, in purpose,” Arceus answer, it was about that he was joking with her daughter, “So, Celestia, are you going to let us in?”

Celestia, between the extreme cuteness of Celebi, the fact that Arceus family seemed to be very nice, and the simple fact that the plan Arceus had to offer her was very reasonable, finally made her give up, “Ok, you can come to my world, but Arceus has to stay with me, and at least one of my guards has to escort all of you.”

“Yay!” Celebi said while launching herself to hug Celestia in the neck, “thank you so much, princess!”

“Yes, thank you, Celestia,” Arceus said to Celestia, while the princess was distracted with Celebi, who was still hugging Celestia’s neck.

“You are welcome,” Celestia said smiling to the two of them.

Arceus then turn to see the other legendary pokemon, “alright, everypokemon, make a line so Golden can apply the spell on you".

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