A Love Beyond Worlds

by Viatorem

Chapter I: Sunrise

"It's finally over," Arceus thought as he took a deep breath, “It's finally over!” He said with a chuckle and an amount of joy he hadn't felt in centuries.

He was standing on the edge of the Destiny Tower rooftop, watching over his world while the sun was rising, marking the beginning of a new day, just like he had done hundreds of times before, but this time it was different, there were no threats, no dark forces, alterations in the balance of the world, disturbances in the flow of time and space, a crisis, or anything of that matter… there was only peace.

For a long time, the alpha Pokémon did nothing; he just stood there enjoying the peace that he and his family of legendary Pokemon, some of the normal Pokémon, and even some humans, had made so many sacrifices to restore.

However, after relaxing for a little while, Arceus started to think on what to do next now that everything was back to normal, he began to consider visiting some of the villages and towns scattered around the continents, he actually had a particular desire to visit Treasure Town, not only because he had never been there, but also for the interest that some of the members of his family had developed for that little town, especially Dialga, who spent most of his time in the small town instead of his home, the recently repaired Temporal Tower.

“It would be nice to take a break with the rest of the family”, Arceus said to himself while turning around to walk from the edge to the center of the tower rooftop, “It has been so long since all of us had a break,” he added with a more nostalgic tone of voice.

Arceus stopped walking, trying to remember when the last time all the members of his family did something together, that didn’t involve their respective duties, after going through his memories he then realised that the last time his entire family had done anything together, that wasn’t work, was over 1000 years ago.

At this realisation Arceus started to feel upset, he had been so obsessed with restoring peace and making sure that said peace would never be lost again, that he had, in a certain way, neglected his family; this feeling of sadness was replaced by a strong sentiment of guilt when he remembered how particularly hard the last years had been for everyone in the family.

This sensation of guilt was able to overwhelm him, a single tear managed to escape his right eye. The tear slid down his face until he took it with his right hoof, Arceus stared at the tear but his mind wasn’t there, it was lost going through the events of the last years.

Arceus had lost track of time before he finally lowered his hoof, his mind had shifted from thinking about the past to thinking about the future, more precisely, he was thinking about how to make it up to his family for being so careless. “Well… the first step should be to call them for a meeting.” He said to himself with a tone of characteristic of those who are starting to put a plan together.

“Then… I should offer an apology for not holding a meeting with all the members of the family earlier.” He said while walking in a circle, before suddenly stopping, “that’s right! I almost forgot that Mewtwo, Deoxys and Genesect haven’t officially been introduced to the entire family”.

After that Arceus went quiet, trying to remember if he had missed anything else important, it was at this moment when he realized that this meeting was also the first meeting after the long lost peace was restored, making this reunion even more important than he had originally thought.

Arceus sat down and brought his right hoof to his chin, he was puzzled, wondering what else he could do for such a special occasion, after spending a couple of minutes coming up with ideas and rejecting them almost immediately, he decided to change his angle of approach to this problem, starting to focus on things that he and his family haven’t done in ages.

Then almost out of nowhere a tiny laugh of joy escaped his mouth, he had finally thought of something special to do, something that he and his family haven't done since his family consisted of only 5 members, something that will be as special as this occasion, but most importantly, something that will finally give him and his family a well deserved break.

Arceus closed his eyes and sent a call to all the members of his family to a reunion, but he didn’t include any information regarding his plans for this meeting, he wanted it to be a surprise.

After that, he emitted a white flash, disappearing from the rooftop of Destiny Tower and reappearing with the same white flash in his seat at the meeting room at the Hall of Legends, then he just waited for his family to arrive.

Princess Celestia walked to the balcony where Luna was fulfilling her duty as guardian of the dreams, as Celestia got close to her sister, she smiled at the realisation that Luna had the blanket she had given her as a gift two days ago on her back. Luna also had her eyes closed and was emitting a white light from her horn, both clear signals that she was still in the realm of dreams.

Celestia then shifted her attention to the horizon, her horn started to glow with a golden tone, after a few seconds, the sun started to rise, illuminating the ground with a relatively weak yet warm, orange light covering the snowy fields of Equestria, marking the beginning of a new day.

As the sun rose, its light it started to illuminate the mountain where Canterlot was located, the light then reached the capital city, giving the usually white and purple buildings of the city an orange tone.

The sunlight finally reached the balcony where both princesses were standing, covering them with a relative warm light, something that Celestia appreciated, even when it wasn’t that warm, at least it was warmer than the darkness of winter's night, Luna on the other side, didn’t seem to appreciate the sudden and direct beam of light in her face, an expression of discomfort appeared on the face of the princess of the night before the white light disappeared from her horn.

Luna then opened her eyes, or to be more precise she tried to do it, the sunlight turned out to be too bright for the eyes of the princess that was too used to being in the darkness of the night, this made the princess turn her head to the left, where her sister was standing, she also rose her frontal left hoof at eye level to use it as cover.

When Luna's eyes finally got used to the sunlight, she took notice of the presence of her sister, Celestia, however, didn’t appear to realize that her sister was no longer in the realm of dreams, she was looking at the horizon, but her eyes were closed to protect them from the direct sunlight, however, the most notable thing was the tiny smile of joy on Celestia’s face,

Luna wanted to clear her throat to get the attention of her sister, but an involuntary yawn managed to escape her mouth before she was able to do anything, Luna decided to go with It, as it appeared that the yawn had managed to get the attention of her sister, “good morning dear sister,” Luna said.

“Good morning Luna,” Celestia answered, but without opening her eyes or looking at her sister.

Celestia then took four steps, this action confused Luna, thinking that something was wrong she asked, “Is everything all right, dear sister?”

“Everything is fine Luna,” Celestia said, she then opened her wings extending them completely, “I just wanted to avoid hitting you with my wings,” Celestia added.

This action confused Luna, even more, she was so confused that she tilted her head to the right, in a similar manner to the one of a confused puppy, “sister,” Luna said, “If it is not that problematic to thou, can we know what exactly art thou doing?”

“I’m just enjoying the sunlight.” Celestia answer, before elevating her head, allowing her neck to be touched by the sunlight, “It's really nice to feel this warm light during the winter,” Celestia then turned to see her sister, she rose her frontal left hoof and started to move it in a way that invited her to get close to her, “you should try it out”.

Another involuntary yawn managed to escape Luna’s mouth, “sorry sister but after spending Hearth’s Warming with thou-” Luna was interrupted by herself with another yawn, “not that we did not enjoy being with thou dear sister, it is just that-” another yawn interrupted Luna.

“I get it, you are tired,” Celestia said with anderstanding tone, while Luna yawned, “do you want to eat something before going to bed? There are some cupcakes, apples, and cake left from yesterday”

“A cupcake would be nice,” Luna said while starting to walk inside of the castle.

Celestia then started to follow Luna, “I’m coming with you, I haven’t had breakfast yet”.

Both princesses entered the castle and sat in front of the table where they always had their breakfast, well more like breakfast for Celestia and dinner for Luna, the table had the remains of a cake the princesses had eaten the previous day, as well as some cupcakes, and apples, the food wasn’t fresh but that didn’t make it less delicious.

Luna took a cupcake while Celestia took a slice of cake and a green apple. “What art thou doing for the day sister?” Luna asked before taking a bite of her cupcake.

“I’m just going to make sure that we can do our visit tomorrow without any problems.” Celestia answered her sister without looking at her.

“Is that the only thing thou art going to do?" Luna asked, after swallowing a bite of cupcake she had taken a few seconds ago.

“Well,” Celestia said while tapping her chin with the fork she was using to eat her cake, “now that you mention it, I think I’m going to go for a little trot in the royal garden, the warn sunlight will make it very enjoyable.”

“Now that we think about it,” Luna said while looking outside through one of the windows, “Is the sky not supposed to be full of clouds for the winter?” Luna then turned to see her sister.

“Yes, I actually received a letter from Cloudsdale before I raised the sun.” Celestia then started to levitate an open scroll of paper, she then started to read it, using her fork as a guide to not lose the row she was reading, “apparently, there was a malfunction with the cloud machine causing the clouds to be of inferior quality of what is stipulated, causing them to not last as long as they were supposed to.”

She then made a pause while skipping a part of the letter, “the engineers are not sure what the problem with the cloud machine is, and the cloud experts are recollecting samples from all of Equestria to know what places were affected, but so far Baltimare, Fillydelphia and Canterlot have lost a considerable amount of their snow clouds,” Celestia then lowered the scroll and looked back to her cake taking a piece with her fork.

Luna, who had finished her cupcake while her sister was reading the letter, got up and looked at her sister, who was happily eating her cake, "so it is just another problem to be solved?” Luna asked.

“Yep,” Celestia said after swallowing the piece of cake she had in her mouth, “but the engineers in charge had said that there is no way they can solve it without interrupting the vacation of many employees, most of which aren’t even in Cloudsdale, so I'm considering ordering them to leave Equestria with a less snowy winter,” Celestia then turned her attention from the empty plate to the apple.

Luna simply yawned, “well good day sister, we shall see thou tonight.” she then started to walk to the door to go to her room.

“Sweet dreams Luna.” Celestia said to her sister while waving her right hoof.

After a few minutes Celestia finished her apple, she took the dishes to the kitchen and started to wash them, something that she rarely did, due to all the servants working in the castle, but now most of them were on their Hearth’s Warming vacations, so she had to do some things that she wouldn't do normally, although this wasn’t a big problem for the princess, a change of activities in her day was welcome and she kind of enjoyed having to do chores, at least they were more stimulating than sitting on the throne signing papers all day.

She then went back to the room where she and her sister ate their breakfast and started to walk towards the door, she was heading to the royal garden looking forward to a relaxing walk, but little did she know, this little walk will mark the beginning of a new chapter in her life.