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A Love Beyond Worlds - Viatorem

Arceus and his family visit the land of Equestria for a well-deserved break, but things get complicated when Celestia and Arceus star to develop strong feelings for each other

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Chapter II: In The Meeting Room

The Hall of Legends, or to be precise, The New Hall of Legends (the original had been destroyed centuries ago), is located in a small floating island suspended in time and space, that exists between the normal world and distortion world, at the middle of the island, a mountain-size-temple stood, made of the whitest and purest marble.

The temple was surrounded by a forest made of incredibly tall trees, but unlike places like the temporal tower or destiny tower, the forest was simple decoration, and not a defence line or last trial for those who dare to try to enter the temple.

This was done to have a more open place outside the temple, so the legendary Pokémon could have an area to recreate and play, and because Arceus thought that whoever made it this far had already gone through enough trials to deserve entering the hall, and, the white background of this place was kind of unsettling, even for Arceus, in fact, that was the only reason that made him decide to surround the temple with trees.

Inside the temple, multiple rooms cover all the necessities of every legendary Pokémon, but despite all the luxuries that the hall had to offer, the meeting room was, a simple rectangular room with a couple of windows, a gigantic table and 53 seats, one for every legendary Pokémon, was the most important room of the entire hall.

But right now, the meeting room wasn't giving the impression of being that important, the usual highly important discussions that characterize it were not present, instead, the room was full of different conversations, the majority consisting of old friends catching up, the only remarkable thing was the amount of attention Mewtwo, Genesect and Deoxys were getting, as this was the first time they meet face to face with other legendary Pokémon, other than that, there was nothing that relevant happening in the room.

This was due to the fact that the reunion hasn’t started yet, and because Arceus had retired from the room to go wait for Dialga, who was taking too long to arrive.

Arceus not being present in the room helped to create a more relaxed and joyful ambience, as his presence made the room feel more solemn, as all the legendary Pokemon have a lot of respect for him, something that Arceus actually didn’t like that much, he even insisted that they can treat him like Mew does, respecting him, but treating him in a more relaxed and less formal matter.

However, not all the legendary Pokémon were enjoying this relaxed ambience, Mew, one of the most childlike, in behaviour, legendary Pokemon was getting worried for one of her big brothers, Dialga, who as stated before, was taking too long to arrive, but, she also wanted to know why her father had called for this reunion, Arceus didn't mention the reason for the meeting, something that made her wonder what her dad was hiding.

“So, Celebi, why is your dad taking so long to arrived?” Mew finally asked her little niece, Celebi, who had been talking with Keldeo and Virizion since they arrive at the meeting room.

Celebi, Keldo and Virizion turn to see Mew, who had interrupted them; Celebi was about to answer her aunt, but Keldeo spoke before she was able to say anything.

“Mew I don’t want to be rude, but we were talking…” before Keldeo was able to finish, he was interrupted again, but this time by Cobalion.

“Keldeo! Miss Mew wants to talk with Miss Celebi, stay quiet!” Cobalion ordered with a commanding tone, he immediately regretted doing that, because Virizion immediately jumped to defend her friend.

“Cobalion!” Virizion said with an aggressive tone that felt unnatural coming from her, one of the most relaxed legendary Pokémon, a tone that even made Keldeo, her close friend, feel a little intimidated.

“You know that lord Arceus told us that we don’t need to be that formal! And even you have to admit that interrupting us was very rude on Miss Mew's part! You should offer Keldeo an apology and…” once again, as it was becoming a tradition in this conversation, she was interrupted, this time by Celebi, who was starting to feel uncomfortable with the discussion.

“Everypokémon! Please don’t fight!” Celebi said, sounding like a child who wants to stop its parents from arguing.

“S-sorry Miss Celebi”, Keldeo and Virizion said to the young legendary, Cobalion wanted to protest, but he realized that Palkia and Giratina had taken note of the argument their little niece had gotten into, so he decided to play it safe and apologize as well.

“Now,” Celebi turn to see Mew, “what did you want to know aunty?”

“I just want to know why Dialga is taking so long to arrive!” Mew answered with a tone of concern in her voice.

“I don’t know aunty,” Celebi answered with a sad tone, “daddy has been acting a little weird… since…” Celebi lowered her head and closed her eyes and sighed, “…you know…that happen…” she finally said without opening her eyes or looking at her aunt.

Mew, feeling bad for her little niece, and, some guilt for reminding her about the events of the last years, got close to her niece and taking her by surprise with a hug, “I’m sorry for bringing that up,” Mew said while hugging her surprised niece.

“Its OK aunty,” Celebi answered to Mew, while she was hugging her.

Mew separated herself from her niece and asked, “I’m going with your granddad to wait for your dad, do you want to come with me?”

Celebi answered with a simple nod of her head.

Arceus had been sitting in the grass outside of the hall of legends for a while now, he had been playing with some leaves by levitating them around to form all kind of patterns,

“Hi, dad! Hello granddad!” Arceus was surprised by the voice of his daughter and granddaughter, coming from behind him, he was so surprised, that he even dropped the leaves by accident.

Arceus turned to see both of them, he greeted them with a simple. “Hi,” he then asked, “what are you two, sweethearts, doing here?”

“We decided to accompany you while waiting for Dialga to arrive,” Mew said while she got close to her dad, and sat to his right.

Arceus smiled at his daughter. “That’s very considerate on your part honey, it was getting kind of lonely here”.

Arceus then turned his attention to his granddaughter, “Celebi, you can sit next to me if you want to,” Arceus knew that his granddaughter had always, like most of the legendary pokemon, felt a little intimidated by him, and obviously, Arceus wanted to change that, that’s why he acted more friendly and less commanding around them.

Celebi was a little hesitant at first, but considering that her aunt wasn’t nervous next to Arceus, and the fact her granddad had given her permission to sit next to him, made her feel comfortable enough to sit next to Arceus.

“So, granddad, how much time is it going to take for my dad to arrive?” Celebi asked a few seconds after she sat next to Arceus.

“Not that much,” Arceus answered while he started to levitate the leaves again.

“Are you sure he is OK?” Mew asked, with the same tone of concern she had in the meeting room.

“Yes, granddad!” Celebi added immediately, “are you sure that my daddy is OK? He might be in trouble; I mean he has never arrived this late.”

“You two are worried about him, aren't you?” Arceus asked sounding comprehensive, but relaxed at the same time.

“Yes,” Celebi answered, ”aren’t you?” She asked while looking at her granddad in the eyes.

“No I’m not, and you two shouldn't be either,” Arceus said, surprising Mew and Celebi, realizing that his answer was a little rough, he decided to be more precise, “sorry if it sounds a little rude but, Dialga," he then turned to his left to see his granddaughter, "your dad," he then turned to his right to see his daughter, "your brother," he then returned his attention back to the leaves he was levitating, "is one of the most trustworthy and capable members of the family, I can guarantee to both of you, that he’s OK.”

“Do you really trust my daddy that much?” Celebi asked her granddad, surprised that Arceus held her dad in such high regard.

“Of course I do,” Arceus answer, “and you should do the same sweetheart, he’s my second in command after all”.

“HEY!” Mew said sounding outraged, or as outraged as a small cute pokemon can be, that being not that much, in fact, that 'Hey!' was incredibly adorable.

“Sorry, one of my second in commands,” Arceus said to his daughter after a chuckle.

“I just want to know, why dad is taking so long to arrive,” Celebi added after a few seconds of silence.

“Well,” Arceus answer, “why don’t you just ask him?”

“What?” Celebi asked her granddad, trying to know what he was talking about; but she realised what Arceus was trying to say when a dark blue flash appeared in front of the three legendary Pokemon; out of that dark blue flash, Dialga, the pokemon of time, appear.

Celebi flew directly to her father and hugged him in the face, “Daddy! Why did you take so long to arrive?”

“Hi, Celi!” Dialga said to his beloved daughter, he then turned to see his father and little sister. “Hello father, hi Mew".

Dialga lowered his head. “Sorry for arriving so late”.

“Its OK son,” Arceus answered, “but, can you tell us, why did you take so long to arrive?”

“W-well, this is going to sound like a bad excuse, but…” Dialga started to scratch his neck, “well the thing is that... the explorer team that reunited all the gears of time, invited me and one other member of their team to some drinks in Spinda’s Café, and I didn’t want to be rude so I decided to stay for a while”.

“Is that it?” Arceus asked, he knew that there was more his son wasn't telling him.

“Well… the other member of the team, a Lapras, well… she has become a good friend, and I didn’t want to just go suddenly...” Dialga answered.

“So basically you didn’t want to be rude with the explorer team that saved you?” Mew asked.

“W-well, basically yes,” Dialga answered, “s-sorry for taking so long father”.

“Its OK dad,” Celebi said before her granddad was able to say anything, “you didn’t want to be rude to that team; but next time, tell us that you are going to be late”.

“Well,” Arceus had already gotten up, turned around and start walking to the hall of legends; he then turned his head to see his son, daughter and granddaughter, “the others are waiting for us, we better get going”.

“Wait, dad!” Mew said while quickly flying to her father.

Dialga was about to start walking when Celebi sat on his back, “Daddy, can you take me there?” she asked with a happy and playful voice, that Dialga was incapable of resisting.

“Of course Celi,” he said while smiling to her.

“By the way dad, can I meet that Lapras, you know, that new friend of yours?” Celebi ask.

“W-well honey, the thing is that... she is very shy... and she is intimidated by legendary pokemon... she actually fainted when I meet her… but I will see what I can do,” Dialga answer, sounding oddly nervous about the idea of his daughter meeting this Lapras.

After a while, the four legendary Pokemon finally arrive at the door of the meeting room, Arceus open the door and let Celebi, Mew and Dialga enter first; Celebi and Mew were received in a playful matter, while Dialga was received in a more serious matter, but when Arceus enter the room, it went dead silent.

After all four legendary had taken their seats, Arceus cleared his throat to call the attention of everypokémon in the room. “Well, now that we are all here, we can finally start, now first, I want to formally introduce Mr Mewtwo, Genesect and Miss Deoxys to the family,” Arceus then rose his left hoof pointing to the three young legendaries.

This took the young group of legendaries by surprise, Deoxys was so surprise that she involuntary changed to her defensive form, luckily for them, Mew began to communicate telepathically with them, telling them to stand up and thank Arceus for accepting them in the family.

Arceus smiled at them, “you are welcome, you can sit now,” he then turned his head to see the entire room, “now, I know that some of you maybe have some doubts about accepting them in the family,” Arceus didn’t move his head but his eyes quickly look at Rayquaza, who had some problems with Deoxys in the past, “if any of you has any doubt about it, I can talk with you after the meeting is finish”.

Arceus then took a deep breath. “Now… now I want to apologize with all of you”.

“WHAT!?” was the only answer that all the legendary pokemon were able to give, all of them were surprised, even Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Mew, who knew him the longest, were surprised.

Giratina managed to ask, even when he was trying to recover from the surprise. “B-but why do you want to apologize father?”

“Well,” Arceus lowered his head, “I realized that I have been neglecting all of you for a while now, we haven’t done anything that hasn’t been work for almost more than a millennium and I didn’t call for a general reunion until now and with the recent events… I realised that I need to take more care of all of you-“ Arceus rose his head. “Can all you forgive me for being so careless?”

For a few seconds that fell like an eternity, no one said anything, until Yveltal, one of the boldest legendary pokemon, although, at that moment, he did feel that bold, spoke. “I-I d-do”.

Arceus looked at the pokemon of destruction, ”You do?”

“Of course I do,” Yveltal answer, he then felt that someone touch him from his right, he turned to see who it was, it turned out to be Xerneas, who simply nodded her head, Yvelta then moved his right wing and put it in Xerneas back, then the two turned to see the alpha pokemon. “We do,” Yvelta said talking for him and Xerneas.

After that, every one of the legendary pokemon, left and right started to say that they forgive Arceus, when all of them finished, the alpha pokemon, was smiling, he was happy, he simply nodded his head and said. “Thank you, every one of you, thank you”.

Arceus then cleared his throat, “well,” he cleared his throat one more time, it was obvious that he had been affected by that emotional moment, “I still want to make up for being careless, as well as celebrate that the balance of the world has been restore, and give a special welcome to the new members of the family; so I have decided that we are going to take a break, but not any regular kind of break, a special one, a type of break we haven’t had since Dialga, Palkia and Giratina were little children, before most of you were born."

These words confused most of the legendary pokemon, but the trio of creation and Mew were not confused, they were excited, all of them, even Giratina, one of the most serious legendary Pokemon, had a smile from ear to ear.

“Dad, please tell me that you are saying, what I think you mean with that!” Palkia finally said with eyes full of excitement.

“Yep!” Arceus said with an incredibly joyful tone, “we are going to another world!”

Author's Note:

And that is all for this chapter, what do you think? It’s bad? It’s good? Do you like that cliff-hanger? Because I LOVE IT :trollestia:

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By the way, the things that important stuff and information were:

Characterisations for Arceus, making him look a family man Pokemon

And a teaser for two of four support couples, that are going to help Arceus to get through some parts of his relationship with Celestia, as well as a fourth couple that I decided to not use in the story, but not to take out completely of the story (you now like Videogame developers that leave conceptual art that didn’t make it past the conceptual part, in places like a museum or a poster in a wall, or something); by the way, I know that making couples with characters that only spoke one time is a questionable writing decision, that’s why I going to write more about them in the next two chapters.

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