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Gabby had always admired that title. Ever since she was a hatchling back in Griffonstone, she had heard stories of Equestria’s mythical ruler: “Princess Celestia” and how she had managed to create over 1000 years of prosperity for her little ponies.

Now, years later, Gabby herself had become a princess of Equestria through marriage. Her first day as one was about to begin, and frankly, she was terrified about it. After all, how does a young griffon like Gabby hope to compare to a pony like her wife, the mythical Princess Celestia herself?

This is my submission for: “Official May 2021 Pairing Contest

(This is my first time entering a contest by the way. Yes, I’m a little late but you know what they say: “Better late than never”)

Special thanks to “Nate5700” giving me criticism to improve this fic.

I also want to thank everyone on FimFiction’s discord server, for tolerating every time I mentioned this ship, as well helping to come up with ideas for it, correct mistakes and give me their opinion on the story. You guys and gals are the best :twilightsmile:

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Here is the comment that let's you know I've paid attention to this fic.

This is probably the only story with this pairing! I’ve never seen it before. But hey, we all have our own tastes lol


Well, it is for the odd paring contest, so I had to go with the most out there ship :trollestia:

Wow this is a pretty interesting pairing here but yeah it kind of worked and it is pretty romantic how much Celestia did care for Gabby so much when she doubted herself just like Twilight even though I'm so much wisdom and confidence they needed this was a pretty good story keep up the good work


Thank you :twilightsmile:

Yes it is an odd yet interesting paring/ship, like I explained it stated as a joke but then I realised that it had quite a lot of potential, that’s why I want to revisit it (although later on, at the moment I want to concentrate and finish my other fic).

Eeeeee!!!! Griffon!!!! Griffon griffon griffon!!!!

So much fave!!



Well, glad to know there’s a way to get your attention :twilightsmile:

Please let me know what you think of the fic when you get the chance of reading it

was very good, needs some editing. lots of little errors here and there that were pulling me out of the story. but I LOVED IT!

Gabby and Gilda need more stories where they are naturally themselves. Just good ol feral griffons ^^ (i.e not human, anthro-ed, or some other thingamajig)

We all need a partner like this.

I love my favorite cute griffon

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