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The name's Animatorsnake or short for Anim, welcome to my realm the Living World. I'm a writer and storyteller and I hope you enjoy my content of the world of Equestria & Anim's journey in Equestria.

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Guidance focuses on the stories and origins of those who dwell within the world that I Am (No) God takes place and beyond. Heroes, villains, monsters, mercenaries, vigilantes, civilians, guards, princesses, tyrants, spirits, demons, angels – here you shall see their highs and lows, to when they were most vulnerable, to the journey that made them who they are now.

Bare witness to the many tales of the risen and the fallen.

Follow along their words and feelings, as you might learn something that you never knew about these characters.

(This story is both a prequel and a sequel of IANG, most of the chapters are character-focused on a specific character's origins/lives prior & during the events of IANG. Reading the chapters in this story holds zero to little spoilers for IANG, so reading this before or after IANG won't change anything.)

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Minecraft – or Overworld commonly – is a world like any other, however unlike others, it is mostly cuboid and gravity is a tad wonky, sometimes things fall, other times blocks would float without reason. There is various beings living in this world, but there is only one certain creature of it’s kind.

Steve – the Last Crafter – has been around for a long time, and there have been times he died… but he always comes back. Whether it was appearing from the start, or on his bed, he would just poof, come back and start swinging once more. He fought many creatures, faced the Ender Dragon, defeated the Wither… but he’s never tried this next challenge before him.

A mysterious portal has appeared before him, without warning, said portal suddenly sucks up him and whatever belongings he’s carried. Now in a strange world, he has to find out where he is… and survive.

At least he has his belongings, and the laws of physics – for him that is – hasn’t changed… though the purple pony would disagree.

Inspired by these stories: A Crafter's Dream
My Little Minecraft: At the End

10-24-19 - 10 likes, okay not a big deal, but this story hasn't been out that long, and I've only written two chapters so far, I consider that an accomplishment.
03-11-21 - 1000+ views on the first chapter, sweet! Also 50 likes, awesome!
05-03-21 - 5000+ total views, alright!

[Disclaimer] Based on lore and objects from the game itself, the story will be updated based off the latest version, so newer updates won't be added to the story until the official update is out. Meaning any teasers or trailers of new material won't be used until available in the game.

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It was like any ordinary day in Ponyville - the sun was out, the sky was as blue as ever, and the ponies enjoyed their lives in peace... of course things would change as it appears somepony new has come to town.

At first he may look, odd for a pony, he may act strange, and yes he can be a little insensitive about a couple of things but you can't blame him... can you?

At least he's okay in Pinkie's book, sadly though he may be worse than Pinkie; I mean who doesn't love puns, can appear out of the blue by just mentioning him, does the impossible, carries items of immense power, is wise for his young age, is stronger than your average earth pony, is quiet and collected then raving mad and emotional the next... I mean he seems pretty okay... though he does have an ego problem, much worse than Rainbow's... he keeps on referring to deities and omnipresent beings...

...Oh and he keeps mentioning about him being from a faraway land not known in any maps and sometimes can act very weird if you either lie or assume things about him...

This all sounds like he makes himself to be some sort of god?... Is he a god?...


Story Theme Song: Castle On The Hill

(This story takes place before the actual story begins by a month, around August 1st to August 31st and more.)

(Its not necessary to read this to understand the main story, rather this is further information about Eclipse himself and the changes he's brought to Ponyville before the show)

12-30-19 - 6,000+ Total Views, nice.
17-07-29 (I can't remember the actual date or what I wrote here as the real date, but I'm guessing its, 07-17-20) - 100+ Total Likes, ayeeee.
10-10-20 - 8,000+ Total Views! CELEBRATIOOOOOOON!
06-02-21 - 10,00+ Total Views, Booyah!

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This story is a sequel to I Am (No) God: Month 0

The Summer Sun Celebration 1000-Year Anniversary - an event that would forever change all of Equestria, as six average mares would soon become the heroes of Equestria... Except it isn't about them; this story resolves around a stallion who was present for such an event but not only had a role in it... but just... "appeared".

Destiny is a fickle thing, many believe fate happens, things happen... Some say there's a greater force in play that does the slightest actions to change our lives... So what happens when that very power is living just down the road.

Story Theme Song/Arc 1 OP: Don't Stop
Arc 2 OP: The Shield and the Sword

Timeline: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/825197/i-am-no-god-timeline

Story Artwork: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/894389/iang-art

Character Bios: (Direct Link) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rug4oFgvLCnZxrghCkOe389k3ty5gXa481jWj1SkXqY/edit?usp=sharing
(Blog Link) https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/900300/iang-update-data-inanis

Story Chronology: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1004596/iang-story-chronology

Updates: (08-24-18) Holy banana shakes, its only been seven hours and already this story got twelve likes, several people already added into their favorites, and I haven't even got to reach the third chapter... Who are you people and where is my usual readers?
(08-24-18) I GOT FEATURED! YEEEAAAHAAHAHAHA! And I whole lotta favorites, and one watch too; thank yeah all for enjoying this story!
Update (03-12-18) The new cover of IANG
(07-16-20) DAMN! WE GOT FEATURED AGAIN! Only took two bloody years and we got featured a second time!
(01-13-23) Ay yo shite! I got featured a third time after only posting my latest chapter, and the date too though could not have made it even better! HILARIOUS!
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Milestone: (25-08-18) 1000+ Total Views
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The two year war with the carnivorous Slimes has finally ended, but were they all killed? Deep in the Everfree Forest, a new baby slime is born... alone and cold... but different from the ancient Slimes of old... For it yearns for something else... It yearns...

TO CHOKE YOU, IN ITS SLIMY HOLD! "For Yibble wants huggles!" YIBBLE I SAID NOT TO COME HERE YET! "Sworry..."

Ahhh... Well you're forgiven; here, play with this rubber ducky. "Yeahsy! Wubba duck is best duck!"

Good... anyway; this baby slime shall cross boundaries never crossed before... Can a monster be loved? Well one particular pony is about to prove that... a certain, butterfly-loving pony to be exact!

WARNING! This story is going have the 4th-wall broken a lot (because the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd walls are already broken) by the narrator... If I'm going to write a silly cute story I might as well bring in 4th-wall breaking too.

It shall also have overdose of sugary cuteness, slime everywhere (EVERYWHERE), and copious amount of silly noises! If you are a serious reader or have no soul, then this isn't your story.

The story is an AU story but can be also consider a X-story too, but for now is considered an AU story for now.

Main Character List will extend over-time and be added in the description: Discord

Takes place a month after Luna's return (Season 1); events from future Seasons will happen differently.

I also gotten someone to pre-read for me (thank you for the help); Sanguine Dream

Chapters (7)

After the events that occurred on AAE (Anim's Adventures in Equestria), Twilight goes by life as the new role as "Princess of Friendship"... but she feels... empty. After fighting Tirek, having her old home destroyed, and the elements now gone, she and her friends are now how you say... being normal. However, destiny has a funny way of showing Twilight that her journey is not over... but has just begun. Another strange being arrives to Equestria, and Twilight desperately wants to see her long dead friend... she will do anything... even to go so far as to abandon and betray all of Equestria for the chance of seeing that friend.

Old friendships will die, new friendships will be born. Hate will fester and love will grow... time may pass but, fate will not stand it. Will Twilight truly give up her future... to see a glimpse of the past, one, last, time?

The theme song for the OC protagonist: Unknown Soldier by Breaking Benjamin

There will be ACTUAL gore in this story, it will be sparse, but I will try to be descriptive about it as best I can, when it does come to fight scenes. The "Main Character" tag may change as new arcs appear for the story. It is not required to read AAE, for this story.

Update 30/9/16: ASO now has a cover art, the flag is in spanish and says (translated), "When order is gone, corruption grows. We fly, where ever nightmares exist, and extend freedom wherever we go. United together... we stand." Below the title on the cover, it says:

A number is part of a system... A soldier is part of a organization... I am neither, yet I am both... so what does that make me? A number... or a soldier? The answer is simple... I am all and I am none. I, am, "an idea".

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When the new year celebration is about to start, the Mane 6 decide to bring some beverages for the party, and in the process "somepony" makes a drinking bet. After the supposed bet, everypony woke up to find somepony missing, Anim. The Mane 6 must stop their friend Anim from causing trouble from his drunken state as hilarity, wackiness, and random moments are to happen in this small story of alcoholic references and drunk rampages.

Warning there is as the list follows: Alcohol
Cartoon violence (minimal not extreme)
And a lot of ponies being drunk (especially Anim)

Chapters (1)

Anim is still getting used to the life of a pony, but there are a few things that are familiar to him, exploring Equestria's unique holidays and events he joins in the spirit of the holidays through the colorful season of Fall and the warm season of Summer, meeting new friends and old memories.

Holidays, events, and etc will be mentioned in this story, whether on/near the designated date of that holiday or event at best.

Chapters (18)

Anim has seen many realms in his time as a realm guardian, however a dimension of talking colorful ponies, well that's new.

As Anim joins in the life of six ponies in a town in the middle of a continent called Equestria, he must find the missing pieces of his past life to find out what happened "that day".

(The timeline of this story starts in the finale of season 2 and before the premiere of season 3, so any content not mention after season 3 or beyond won't be shown until, the continuation of the story)

All content based on MLP:FIM belong to Lauren Faust and Hasbro.

The Living World and it's characters belong to myself.

Chapters (26)