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Doing a lot of thinking as of late. My pm box is always open if you wanna talk ^_^


A normal day at home leads to Flash Sentry having to embark on a simple quest for his girlfriend, needless to say, things get complicated.

Submitted for MLPFan234's Sunset Shimmer contest! Check her stuff out, it's all pretty awesome!

Special thanks to jidbrony, The Wandering Bard, and Turning Gears for proofreading and editing!

Currently looking for the best coverart possible, I'll find it soon, promise!

UPDATE: Made one small change due to a mistake a reader noticed, mistake has been fixed, and story remains unedited otherwise.:pinkiehappy:

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After failing the rodeo, Applejack goes to work with Cherry Jubilee for a while. However, something just doesn't work with her... Family, friends, the town itself, she can't get them out of her head. And she can't focus as long as their there. So after an offhanded remark from her, Cherry offers an interesting solution...Dodge Junction's local therapist, Doctor Tera Ipnosi.

Just a little plot bunny that wouldn't go away, weird way to practice OC writing I know, but I'm glad I got this one out.:twilightsmile:
Special thanks to jidbrony for pre reading and Izanagi for editing! You guys are awesome:twilightsmile:
And a link to the coverart, if the person on DA doesn't want me using it, I'll happily take it down.

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A meeting between the Cutie Mark Crusaders goes awry as they fight over their sisters. Then Luna shows up, and well...Cute things happen.

Submission for the Abyss' Cute One Shot competition. Here's hoping it's good, I've never tried something like this before..

Notice: I just remembered I forgot to italicize and quote Luna's lullaby. :facehoof: Anyway, that's fixed now, please let me know if I made any other mistakes! :twilightsmile:

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Second story and my first attempt at one-shot writing! These prompts are based off of the ideas I had suggested in the comments of Forced memories Forced mothers. Please tell me which of these one shots you would like to see become an actual story, and I will try to make those prompts into a full story. Or write a story about it yourself, after all every writer can bring a new look on the same topic! Please like if you enjoy these ideas and if not then that's perfectly fine! Please comment with your votes for the one-shots that will become stories if you would like to!

Various one-shots involving many different kinds of hypnosis with different characters.

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Very first story on here a little nervous to be starting with such a big project but I figured I needed to start big in order to feel less nervous. Please like the story if you enjoy it so far and Please offer constructive criticism as I'm trying to improve as a writer.

Being trapped on the moon for a thousand years can leave a hole in your heart. Nightmare Moon knows this better then anyone and seeks to finally find a way to have a daughter to love her as a mother. And who better then her archenemies pupil... Twilight Sparkle...

UPDATE! This story, in it's current format, is CANCELLED. I will be rewriting the entire thing from the ground up as I felt my writing back then really doesn't hold up. Expect the first chapter soon everyone!

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