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Changeling nature.

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1941850 Thank you for writing!
And I'm pretty sure I don't quite need to look for it since Calm would write another blog post then anyway :rainbowwild:

Thanks for the favorite. Keep an eye out for the sequal (when I finally get time to work on it :twilightoops: )

1936461 Changelings and clean writing, duh.. Thank you for writing!

Thanks for the two faves! :twilightsmile:

What was so good about the fics that you faved?

1879555 Thank you for writing it! :rainbowwild:

Thanks for adding my story The Grimoire to your favorites :twilightsmile:

1755604 Wow, I don't even know how to respond to this... Thank you for writing, I guess?

I'm glad to see that I Thought I Knew the Sky has found favour with you.

1693907 Well, I'd say I wouldn't be that determined of reading it weren't I that interested. :twilightsmile:
In fact, I've just spent the entire day (starting at 11am and it's 1:30am now) reading it. :pinkiecrazy:
But I read slow, so I'm currently only at 34th chapter (~40% through what there is of it).
Too bad it's against my principle to fav a fic before I read all what's there posted of it... :facehoof:
Just who poured all those cockroaches in my head?...


hehe thanks! i hope you enjoy it!

1693054 Eehee.. I've already started reading the... behemoth :pinkiesmile:
In fact' I'm 15% through what there is of it already :pinkiecrazy:

Your writing is cool, and so that follow is deserved :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the follow! :eeyup:

1677699 Thank YOU for writing!

Thanks for the fave! :eeyup:

Thank you much
For the Watch


*Gasp!* That would be PERFECT. :rainbowkiss:

Oh, uhm, I meant... yay. :yay:

And both of them have (only) one story now..

I haven't got used to fimfiction yet, I found them from your profile page, not from the story... But see, I'll check other your fictions out tomorrow, maybe you gotta have a new follower :scootangel:


Yup. Take a look at my story, I added it to two of them. Though one of them was founded by myself. :twilightblush:

1024649 There already are some Breezie groups? :pinkiegasp:


There's far too few people in Breezie groups stories about Breezies. :twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 3 - 22 of 22
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