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Dare to be Different


Years ago, Lightning Dust was finally accepted to take part in her life's dream to become a Wonderbolt. But her pride and arrogance proved to be her undoing and was kicked out the academy.

Now years later. Lightning Dust meets Spitfire again and tells her what happened after her expulsion, and why she wont reapply to join the Wonderbolts.

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When Mr. Rich gets fed up with his daughter's lack of money sense. He forces Diamond Tiara to work at Barnyard Bargains to teach her the value of money, humility and hard work.

Will Diamond survive working long enough to earn her keep and prove her father wrong. Or will she find having a job too disgusting and will have to find a sugar daddy to take care of her.

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It was Friday night and Twilight Sparkle was at home enjoying the night with a good book and comfortable lounging chair. That was of course until her friends dragged her away for a night of fun. Now its Saturday morning and she has a powerful hangover...And a wife?

Join Twilight as she goes on a quest to discover. What Did She Do Last Night?

I-I don't believe this! I made it in the popular story section on 09/24/12

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Silver Star, protégé of Twilight Sparkle lives in a world where humanity has taken over Equestria, and as a result banned the use of magic. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are locked away and the rest live in plantations created by the humans. Who or what brought them here? Why are they here and what is their purpose? And why cant they remember anything?

The humans wonder those same questions as well.

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Prequel to Button Mash and The Quest to Rescue Sweetie Belle. Its spring time in Ponyville and 14 year old Rumble best friend of Button Mash for five long years and the coltfriend of Scootaloo heads out of town to visit some relatives. While waiting for his train he soon sees Silver Spoon one of the fillies who bullied him and his friends.

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This story is a sequel to Button Mash and The Quest to Rescue Sweetie Belle

Two weeks after Button Mash's escape from Paradise Island and his confrontation with Codex and Rumble. He discovers that Lyra Heartstrings warning came true and now finds himself targeted by the evil known as Dark Force. Now he must find a pony who goes by the name of The Doctor and save his friends before Dark Force changes his world...Forever

No Pony is Safe

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Button Mash and Sweetie Belle decides to spend one of their dates playing video games (Button's Idea) But things go bad when Sweetie Belle gets Fillynapped.
Now trapped in another world Button Mash must battle his way through countless trials, vicious monsters, and rivals if he's going to rescue Sweetie Belle from the Evil Unicorn King Codex!

2/21/2014 Big thanks goes out to hailetheking for being the prologue stage editor

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