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Writing Comedy, Adventure and Slice Of Life. Desperately trying to keep up with all the crazy stories my brain comes up with.


Sunset Shimmer has learned a lot about friendship. Probably almost as much as her mentor Twilight Sparkle.
But it takes a trip through the mirror to reveal just how far she has gotten in her studies, and how far she has really followed her mentor on the road of friendship.

Cover art taken (permission pending since half a year ago) from Star of Magenta.

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Starlight Glimmer has successfully trapped and equalized the former Bearers of the Elements of Harmony.
Starlight Glimmer has successfully trapped and equalized Princess Twilight and Princess Celestia.
Now everypony will experience true equality. Nothing can stand in the way of her triumph.


Edit: Made it into the Popular Box. Hooray.

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Poison joke is a naturally magical herb with random and usually annoying effects.
Joxer is a natural teleporter.
The Cutie Mark Crusaders are a natural catalyst.

Written as a birthday present for my surrogate younger brother. Happy belated Birthday, Erik.

(Cover is a teleport vector made by PerfectBlue97)

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A cellist and a DJ walk into a karaoke bar...

If that isn't the start of a joke, it sure sounds like one. And like any good joke, it will probably include a lot of eye rolling and several special love touches knocks on the head from Octavia.
What else can a pony do than sit back and try to enjoy the show.

Inspired by the album Sing When You're Swinging by Robbie Williams.

Cover image by Lustrous Dreams, used with permission (link in source)

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Rarity goes to the spa with her friends.
One by one.
Day by day.
Can there really be something like too much of a good thing?

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Future Pages has been travelling Equestria and its cities for years, doing his best to talk to everypony he came across and write down their stories in his compilations. These are some of them.

This story was written for the Tenebris Dawn forum writing contest. I believe that it can be enjoyed without any knowledge of that forum, but be aware that it will contain parts of OC backstories. I'd also like to point out that according to my art teachers, fragmentation is an art form. XP

Tagged as Completed since all chapters are complete in themselves. More chapters might or might not be written.

Pages' books in order of appearance:

Book 1: Canterlot Stories
Book 2: Equestrian Stories
Book 3: Manehattan Affairs
Book 4: Tour De Equestria
Book 5: The Canterlot Chronicler
Book 6: Ponyville or Pony Won't

Chapters (11)

The magic of friendship that went out from Twilight's castle passed through all of Equestria. and also reached six particular friends of them. And what's keeping a good friend from visiting.

Cover art once again by the great Nightmare Nyy.

Chapters (2)

My name is Octavia Philharmonica and I am in Ponyville to play classical music with two of my bandmates.


Cover image put together just for this story by the ever awesome Nightmare Nyx

Chapters (2)

It's been a thousand years since the portal to Equestria closed for the last time. Now it is back again, and the Breezies hear of the legendary pollen that is supposed to be found in the flowers in the west of the land.
Seabreeze and a group of his friends immediately fly out to search for it - what's the worst that could happen, after all.

Set in the time shortly after the Summer Sun Celebration and the return of Nightmare Moon.

Best Seabreeze picture on the internet by J0kuc

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This story is a sequel to A Crystal Heart

Everypony knows the story of how the changelings under Queen Chrysalis tried to take over Canterlot. But in reality, Queen Chrysalis doesn't exist, and the invasion was intended to fail right from the start.

Things are not always like they seem, especially when they're staged by one of Canterlot's prime actresses and illusionists.

This story might be a little confusing, so if you feel like you're missing something important, feel free to look up the info page.

Set in the CrystalVerse.

This story is my entry to the contest on MLPchan about rewriting episodes from the show. However, the truth is that I've been wanting to write this for over five months before the contest gave me the final motivation.
I wrote this story for myself, not for the contest.

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