The Queen Dress

by River Road


“Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh! She did all that for you?” Princess Sweetie Belle squeed and ran a small circle before pausing and looking back at Twilight with a dubious expression. “But wait… if she made this amazing perfect dress just for you, why have I never seen you wearing it?”

Twilight blushed. “I just thought… it really doesn’t feel like a simple guard like me should wear a dress like that, one that the Queen herself made.” She leaned in to whisper into the Princess’ ear. “So I’m saving it for a very special occasion.”

Sweetie Belle blinked in confusion, then gasped and whispered back excitedly. “You mean–“

“And just what are you two whispering about?” They both froze and turned their heads to see Rarity standing in the door to the bathroom, primped and propered to perfection as she always was after these sessions and narrowing her eyes at them. “Spreading gossip behind your Queen’s back, Twilight? For shame.”

Twilight gave her a sheepish grin, turning to completely focus on the Queen. “Well, technically you were the one standing behind my back…”

Rarity scrunched slightly, or rather she didn’t and it was surely just in Twilight’s imagination since royalty didn’t scrunch, not to mention the wrinkles it would give her (which Twilight thought were usually just in Rarity’s imagination). “That’s completely beside the point. I should- Sweetie Belle, put that down!”

Twilight blinked and whirled around, ready to protect Sweetie Belle (and possibly whatever piece of decoration she had gotten her hooves on) from the greatest threat to the young Princess’ wellbeing: the Princess herself.

…only to see the Princess still sitting exactly where she had been, smiling innocently at her. Twilight had just enough time to realize she had been tricked before she felt the tingle of magic on her tail and was jerked off her hooves.

Rarity turned around on the spot, nose in the air as she stalked back into the bathroom and horn aglow as she dragged her floundering guard with her. “Now, since apparently you don’t appreciate that I shortened my morning ablutions to spend more time with you, I believe I will use the time saved to make you a little more presentable instead. Don’t worry, I promise it won’t hurt… much.

Twilight flailed and scrambled, trying to find purchase on the smooth marble floor with her forelegs, while simultaneously trying not to cause any scratches, scuffs or dents in it as that would truly bring the Queen’s fashionable wrath down on her. Raising one hoof she stretched it out towards Sweetie Belle in one last begging plea. “Princess, help!”

“Trying to turn my own family against me? One might almost think you were putting your own safety above mine. Really, the things I have to put up with from my guard…”

Princess Sweetie Belle watched as Rarity’s magic closed the door on a last fading cry of “Avenge meeeeee!” She watched it for a few moments longer, then giggled and stood up, humming and prancing happily back out into the rest of the castle, with a new story and a secret from Twilight that even her sister didn’t know.