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River Road

Writing Comedy, Adventure and Slice Of Life. Desperately trying to keep up with all the crazy stories my brain comes up with.


Trixie is trying to steal Twilight's firewood, Ponyville can't find a unicorn to play the part of Clover the Clever, and Twilight can't help because she has to prepare for her royal duties over in Canterlot.
Can her five friends do the pageant with somepony neither of them really trusts, especially when the pony in question keeps acting so suspicious?

This story was supposed to be done in time for Heart's Warming, but a bad case of writer's block regarding the second chapter, a lack of motivation and what felt like about twenty distractions piling up got in the way.
Thus, I decided to post the first chapter anyway and wait to see how it is received. If it is received better than most of my stories (let's say, 50 Likes) I'll put some effort into getting out the second half of it. If it just gets ignored by people, it will stay On Hiatus until I feel like writing on it again and I'll turn my attention to the dozen other stories on my list in the meantime.

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After a near-death experience concerning a manticore, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are faced with their own reactions, or lack thereof.
But what would their sisters have done in their place? And is it possible that they're not as perfect as the fillies always thought of them?

Disclaimer: This story does have a Happy Ending. I don't do stories without.

Edit: We made it into the Popular Stories Box. A big thank you to everyone who made that possible.

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Based on the Heartstringscomic Tumblr (or at least the comic at the end of Chapter 3.

Rainbow Dash always boasts about how she isn't scared of anything, but it gets even worse during Nightmare Night. Now Rarity and Applejack, with the help of Lyra Heartstrings, want to give her a real scare, and they get more help from some ponies they really didn't expect.

Many thanks to tritestbristle, the author of the comic, for giving me some feedback on this story.
...And for telling me how canonically incorrect this will soon be. heheh...

Also many thanks to my loyal follower Nightmare Nyx for prereading.
"You only asked me because my alias has 'Nightmare' in it..."
Don't be silly, Nightmare Nyx.

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River Road is one of many ponies in Canterlot, leading a more or less normal life.
But from time to time he comes across a special pair of ponies.

First place in the Straight Shipping group's OC-tober contest.

Also 100% approved by Twilight's Library.

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It is quite possibly the most challenging performance Octavia has ever had to prepare for, and a certain DJ seems intent on making her mess up.

VinylTavia friendshipping.

Credit where credit's due: This story probably wouldn't have an awesome cover if I hadn't seen it at the most hilarious VinylTavia story I know. And the story itself would probably only be half as good (or twice as bad), if not non-existent, had I never read this story about violins and fur dye.

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A short story of how a new world is created.

For Lauren Faust and everyone who worked and works to bring us the show that changes lives.

And to everyone who helped and helps shape this fandom, people who write, draw, compose, sing and animate; people who comment, discuss, roleplay and spark new ideas; people who guide others into the fandom, accept those who don't want to join and still try to help them to their best extent, and comfort those who are in obvious need of comfort, whether they know them or not.

Stay awesome

This is 100% Approved by Twilight's Library!

(This story is not meant to somehow mock or imitate any religion, or otherwise offend anyone)
(Also, I have no idea what to tag this story)

Cover Image taken from the MLP fanart wiki. I have no idea who the original artist is and wasn't able to find out either.

Edit: This story actually made it into the Popular Stories box (number 41 in the heat rankings at the time I checked). Thank you so much, everyone.

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Welcome to Ponyville!
...Yes, we're serious.
...No, we're not jokin'.
...Yes, we're aware that– Listen, you get used to it after a while, okay?

A short story on the history of town's names, and of one town in particular.

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That was it. Her last few bits, thrown to a group of travelling actors in the spur of the moment.

Maybe it was just time to go home and face defeat.

The first story for my soon-to-be-announced CrystalVerse.

Motivated by reading Cherry Frostings story "Our Special Way"

Note: Not in any way related to THE Crystal Heart. Stupid thing always misleading my readers...

P.S.: Did you know that the Pony Creator doesn't manage a good shade of pink for the pony's fur? Well, that's the reason why this doesn't have a cover image yet.

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Even years after the final episode of Friendship is Magic, bronies are still around, not just in the USA, but in other countries as well.
So when a German brony starts to turn into a pony on his twenty-fifth birthday, he doesn't just panic. There are more important things to do, after all, like learning magic spells, meeting new people and ponies... and singing.

Note: Underlined text means that it's translated from German, for your convenience.

Awesome coverart was done by the just-as-awesome chasm03, aka Moxie. :heart:

Set in the universe of TwistedSpectrum's amazingly amazing Five Score, Divided by Four, with some inspiration from Rebonack's side story Wonderbolt Down.

Many thanks to DontAskForCookie for prereading the first chapters.

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All Rarity wanted was an opportunity to style that rainbow-colored mane, but–


Not again!

Note: This story does not ignore the Filly-Rainbow-Dash-Flashbacks in the show. It just assumes that those flashbacks are what her friends imagine when she tells them about something.

Many Thanks to Cherry Frosting for being the first prereader I've ever had,
and to Bookish Delight for not only being an awesome prereader, but motivating me to actually finish the story, too. (Yes, I have convinced the Bookish Delight to preread this story. There may have been some whining involved at one point - or three)

Edit: Whoa! This story made it to the top of the Popular Stories box for a moment. This was as much as I could ever hope for...
Thank you so much, all of you.

Why this has not so many views? It's written excellently!

this is cublins approved. this is also my new head canon

Since I'm an eeeevil little pegasus, I figure I should tell you:

The "Popular Stories" box randomizes story placement every time it's reloaded.
-Bookish Delight

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