• Published 20th Jan 2013
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Doubly Mared - TheTwerp

Twilight Sparkle uses an experiment on the mirror pool creating an evil counterpart bent on seducing the folks of Ponyville.

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~Interlude~ "Apples?"

======= Music I listened to writing this: Florence + The Machine - You've got the Love =======

She was left prone, head leaning back on the rough stone that was bathed in a sickly pink glow. Everything had been tried from throwing spells, rocks and harsh language at the infernal thing. Still the forcefield held firm against all onslaught and left the depressed unicorn exhausted.


"Ugh, I'm hungry." Muttering irritably she flicked a small stone at the wall opposite. It soared across the expanse, bouncing back to hit her in the nose before it plonked down near her hind hooves.



"It's only been a few hours." A silky monotone voice replied with an almost bored mutter.

Snorting with contempt Twilight brought a hoof to her face. "Uh yeah! But I didn't eat any breakfast!" She finished rolling her one exposed eye.

"Well I did tell you to..."

"Buck off!" Twilight yelled with a flourish.

Silence returned to the tunnel as the irate purple unicorn rubbed at her stinging snout. The rational side of her mind let out a silent sigh as she again returned to counting the number of stones in the wall.

It was something to do.

Her side of the mind was fully aware of what had happened to the mistress even if she remained utterly clueless. She reasoned that it would be very pointless to just out and tell the mare. She had been stripped of too much that any information would just be considered a fragment of her imagination. In a way that was true, which Rational found very annoying.

That was her name, Rational, she had decided and it was a very good name. To the point and no frills, not like "Twilight Sparkle" which Rational considered contrived and silly.


Rational could also of informed the mare that she still had two daisy sandwiches in the pack left down by the tainted pool. However she had noticed that the figure of her mistress was getting plumper what with sitting in the library all day, every day of every week.

"Oh I hope somepony finds me soon." The mare whined.

"Well you did tell Rarity where you were going so I don't think it will be too long."

"Huh? I did?" Realization and a sense of relief washed over her. "I did didn't I! Can't believe I forgot that."

"If she is still alive or not some kind of mental slave of course."

"UGH!" Just like that back to petulant whining mode. "You're enjoying this aren't you."

"I am incapable of enjoyment."


"...I'm hungry."

"...I know."


"...look you do remember what's in the pack down below right?"


"Sandwiches!" Twilight roared in pure fury. "Why didn't you say anything!"

"Well you tell me every week that you're going to cut back, diet and excise properly. I thought it would be best to only tell you when you were really hungry." The monotone responded sounding a little indignant.

"Wh-What! You thought now was a good time to start this?!" She nearly tripped as she found her legs shaking. Sprinting the rest of the way she rounded the path to find the satchel laden with daisy goodness propped open. Moving forward she plopped down next to the pack as the voice spoke up again.

"Oh Please!" The monotone now dripped with sarcasm. "You missed breakfast because you didn't listen to me! Then when your body missed lunch and started growling at you, which by the way you've conditioned it to do, you whine and complain like a small child."

"Wh- How- you can't talk to me like that!" Twilight shouted feeling stunned, twisting around to face an empty patch of cave between her and the red tinted pool

"Shut up you little tramp!" The monotone was gone now, replaced with furious grating anger. "I'm sick of you, stupid, ignorant little tramp!"

Blind with rage the mare raised her hoof toward the empty patch of air in front of her. "You take that back right no-"

The hoof flashed forward and slapped her across the muzzle.


"Owie!" She suddenly whimpered as great tears flushed to her eyes. "Y-you hit me-e."

"Sorry." The monotone was back replacing the anger with bored attention.

"Why?" She sniffled.


"You were flushing the blood stream with anger and I am a part of you, so of course I get angry to."

Twilight just continued to sniffle and whimper as she rubbed her now bloody nose. Rational now felt disturbed, she had attacked her, that meant that if her mistress got angry enough she could hurt herself very easily. They needed to be made whole again.

"I'm sorry." Twilight heard gently in her ear as she felt something wrap around her lovingly. "Forgive me...Mistress."


The cold vice of fear suddenly gripped the unicorns heart. "M-Mistress?" She called out feebly.


Sudden realization blossomed in her tattered mind. The other voice was not a fragment of her imagination but another effect of the botched spell. Her heart raced as she slowly began to devolve into terrified whimpers.

"Ah, ah, none of that." The silky monotone whispered firmly. In a brief moment of clarity it was all washed away leaving only a small tug at her being. The warm presence continued to gently nuzzle her being.

"Wh-who are you?" Twilight whispered fearfully.

"Please I've told you time and again. You only ever listen to me when it pleases you don't you?" Rational uttered feeling the fear her mistress was projecting.

"I'm sorry?" Twilight struggled to remember what had happened and when this thing had begun to talk to her. With all that had happened today she drew a blank.


"I am Rational, the side of your mind dedicated to logic and reasoning." Rational explained while easing her mistress's panic.

"But you hit me!" Twilight rambled rubbing her hooves to her head in an effort to make the voice go away.

"I told you why I did that too. Really Mistress?" Rational uttered sorrow evident in her normal monotone.

Twilight felt a hoof tussle her mane, just the same way her mentor Celestia did when she was disappointed in her. "D-don't do that!"


"This doesn't make any sense! How can you be a part of me? Am I going crazy?" A flash of pure fear blasted forth only to be quashed by the warm presence.

"Mistress please you can't make sense of it. I am the part of you that can and we are not whole."



Here it was, the focal point, Rational had to explain what she knew and hope this tattered being would understand. If she didn't Rational would have to take over until the duration of the spell expired, something she was loath to do.

Wrapping her ethereal hooves around the mares soul Rational let out a sigh as she rested her head against her mistress's neck. To Twilight all she felt was an intense warmth and kindness surround her. She allowed herself to relax, leaning into the heat.

"Look, what is it we tried to do today?" Rational started.

"Create a perfect clone?" Twilight ventured.

"Alexander Colter said there is no such thing as perfect."

"Yes but-"

"No buts, now think on what you did."

"I...I added my blood to the spell to enhance it's power."

"Good. Now what is blood?"

"Uh, well, Blood is a specialized bodily fluid in ponies and animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells-"

"Not the damn medical thing!" Rational nipped at the purple neck causing Twilight to start.

"Whah-" She placed a hoof to the patch that pained her. "Ow."

"What is Blood?" Rational attempted again a little more firmly.


"An expression of your soul and part of your magic! It is why it is the most powerful thing next to seminal fluid."

A series of images flashed across both their minds. Twilight felt heat rise to her face and nether regions.

"S-so?" She stammered trying to erase the pictures before her other half spotted them. Rational merely rolled her eyes at the feeble attempts.

"Yet more proof we are in need of mate soon." Rational uttered while her mistress was distracted. Waiting until she had recaptured the mares attention Rational continued.

"So? So when you placed that fluid in the spell you poured part of yourself into another being. Creating it with your thoughts, memoires and emotions. Chiefly it appears love and lust."

"Oh. Wait! I still have those. Don't I?" Another series of embarrassing images raced around the track.


"No mistress. You only have the briefest touches of love. You cannot pour it all away, but you have been left with mostly the emotions of fear, panic and anger." She rubbed an ghostly hoof down her mistress's navel.

"Wh-What're doing?!" Twilight stammered her own hoofs swatted the spot just above her belly button.


"You are aroused. I was going to take care of it so I can continue this conversion uninterrupted." Rational frowned as she watched her mistress explode in a torrent of panic.

"NO!" She yelled loudly. "No thank you! It's Ok! I'm listening now!"

"Really? It would only take a few moments." Rational was now more confused than ever. The mistress needed a clear mind for this information.

"Yes I'm- WAIT! What's that supposed to mean!" Twilight's yelling became very indignant.


"What do you think it means? Never mind, look we need a clear mind for this and I can't convey what needs to be said when you keep pushing images of Male Organs in my face."

"OK!" Twilight whimpered her voice giving out. "Just give me a second."

In a monumental amount of effort Twilight removed all the perverse images and replaced them with images of daisy sandwiches. This in turn made her hungry again but refocused her mental state.

"Right, Ok. Whew." She breathed out in the controlled manner Cadence had taught her. "So, I placed blood into the spell and created a "ghola" of sorts that contains my emotions of love and lust leaving me with only a scratch of its former power. Right?"


"But where did you come from?" Twilight asked pointedly finally feeling like she was getting somewhere..

Rational hesitated for a brief moment before speaking. "I am unsure. All I know is that i have now become a separate entity."

"Oh." Twilight deflated a little.


"Ok, well what do we do now?" She asked perking up a little.


"Wait? For what?"

"For the spell to where off." Rational pulled her hooves to Twilights face and gently pushed her head toward the pool of red liquid. "Look into the mirror pool. I think you'll be suprised."

"Ok." Twilight picked herself up and moved forward. Peering over the edge she expected to find her reflection gone, instead she found a very faint purple pony looking back. It was odd, as if she was a pencil drawing only half filled in.

"See your reflection is returning." Rational sighed gently leaning against the mares back. "At this rate in a few days the spell will wear off and we will return, everything back to normal."

"Oh good!" Twilight let out with a explosive sigh. "I was so scared that this was permanent." She said sniffling back happy sobs that threatened to break out.

As she began rubbing her hooves to her eyes in an attempt at clearing moisture and dried blood, a very heart stopping, stomach churning idea crawled forth in all it's dark and filthy glory.

"...Wait..." She whispered fearful any more volume will shatter the thought. "What happens to you and her?"

Rational could feel the despair rise in her mistress, it flooded the ethereal being with utter sorrow. With a heavy sigh she reached out and caressed the mare's cheek. "Well...we will cease to be."

"...you'll...die?" Twilight choked, her throat closing over.

"Yes Mistress, I guess we will." Rational said solemnly.



"Eat your sandwiches. You're hungry."


Rational was beginning to panic, something she wasn't even sure she could do until it began to happen. Twilight had taken the sandwiches and devoured them before becoming very still and silent. Her mind ragged with emotions of fear and pain.

"What did she expect?" Rational mumbled to herself. "We are just constructs. Ghosts of a pony."

She again tried to calm the mare, placing her ghostly hooves against her chest she hugged her mistress hard hoping for some kind of response. "Mistress?"

Nothing, nothing but silence was found in the corporal, but in the ethereal a soft sobbing began to play. Rational perked her transparent ears trying to find the source.

"I'm sorry." A whisper slipped out from a voice racked with pain.

"Mistress? It wasn't your fault. You couldn't have known. I only deduced this after the spell's effects created me." Rational hugged the mare hard in another effort to comfort her.

"It doesn't matter." Twilight said right behind her. Startled Rational turned around to find herself no longer in a bright blue cave but upon an endless white field under a purple tinted sky.

"What is this?" She spoke clearer than before.

"It is our mind." Twilight responded between sniffles and outright sobs. "Here we share what we are. I've got my reasoning back and you get back some of our emotions."


"It's my fault." Twilight placed a hoof to her face. "It's all my fault!"

Jumping back in a sudden bout of fright. "Mistress please stop." She felt something begin to stream her own muzzle. A strange sound fell out her mouth as she realized in horror she was crying as well.

"Shush, shush." Twilight raced forward and swept Rational up in a loving hug. "I'm sorry please forgive me."

"I don't under-"

"Shush." Twilight stroked the choking mares head.

Petting the trembling mare Twilight began to whisper gently. "Don't you see? I gave you both life. A spark of my soul along with conscious thought. Just with only a few days to experience it."

She couldn't hold it back. The fear of what was to come, the knowledge she was going to end soon. It had been there before but without the other parts of her psyche it meant nothing.

Now it permeated everything, she was going to end.

"Whah!" Rational was now lost in a torrent of tears. "Puh-please, I don't want to d-d-die!"

"It's Ok!" Twilight shouted burying her head into the others coat.


"It's Ok..." Pulling back she delivered a kiss just below the horn. "...little sister."


"Sis-Si-Sister?" Rational blinked shuddering with every breath.

"Yes. Sister." She kissed her again on the bridge of her nose. "Don't worry I won't let you or her die. I'll complete this spell and save you both."

Sniffling Rational hugged her big sister as hard as she could before a swishing sound brought them both back to the cave. A basket laden with red apples blinked into existence right in front of both of them.

"Apples?" Twilight stammered her voice still straining to not break into more sobs.

"Mu-must be a present fr-from her." Rational said her voice returning to silky monotone again.

A blast of purple magic shuddered from the basket causing both mares to yelp and back away. The magic fire transformed into a string of glowing words floating high above their head.

"Enjoy these Mistress! I'm off to enjoy another type of Apple! :)"



"I'm going out on a limb here but I don't think she is talking about the fruit."


Author's Note:


Another interlude Yay! I'm trying to hit people in the feels but I don't think I'm to good at it yet. It was an idea that another mate of mine had. Try and get the audience feel something for the characters, make them connect you know? Well tell me what you think.

Am I getting better or still about the same?

Feedback from my last interlude effected the length of this one. Peeps said it was to short and needed more info and yeah I agree, it was shockingly short.

Thus more words. A lot more. Hell this turned into more of a chapter than an interlude but meh. I got across more of what I really wanted to say in the previous chapters.

Seems to me that the whole thing about writing is just being patient with yourself, like I started and put out the first chapter thinking that I was on some kind of schedule. But that's not we are after is it? We want a story, I want to tell a story. A silly story but my story nonetheless.

...where the F$%k did that come from?! :applejackconfused:


Anyway...on to something else entirely. Plonked, is a local colloquialism that is used in my parents area of the United Kingdom (UK).

Try to guess which area!

Disclaimer! Due to animal rights activists acting against me I am required to inform you that the three sheep harmed in the next chapters fight scene are indeed still alive. Actual level of alive may vary.

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pretty good so far! just uh, when you say "could of", it should be "could've" or "could have". i know it sounds the same, but reading it just throws me off. just the only thing that seemed off.:derpytongue2:

2234039 Uh Where? I can't find the spot you're looking at.

Edit: Never mind found it.

Well this is getting interesting. :twilightsmile:
Do continue. :duck:

Disclaimer! Due to animal rights activists acting against me I am required to inform you that the three sheep harmed in the next chapters fight scene are indeed still alive. Actual level of alive may vary.
!LoL!.........Dat Disclaimer!

have i ever mentioned i love disclaimers?:moustache:

Well that got different. In a good way mind you, but certainly different

Admittedly, I was at first worried this would turn into something similar to the Princess Molestia or Lunaughty stories. However, especially with this chapter right here, you've turned it into something darker, more complex, and more serious in tone. Impressive work; I hope you continue to work on this. :twilightsmile:

I like the idea of separate entities from the spell. The one thing I don't like is the lack of punctuation in certain areas. Run-on sentences are annoying. :trixieshiftright:

When are you gonna update?

When are you gonna update?

2836672 Soon, I'm still finishing odd bits for Uni. :twilightsmile:

Ok so let me get this straight. Twilight made an evil clone of herself that is pretty much a lesbian rapist wanting to rape everypony? I feel very safe around Twilight now! (<--- Obvious sarcasm is obvious :ajbemused:)

This story hasn't been updated since 2013.

Good stories always become forgotten.

5430627 why not? there's nothing wrong with lesbians.

My guess? A bunch of folks like to think of naughty stuff without parts from other guys swimming through their mind's eye.

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